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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 9, 1962

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  October 9,   1962.    No.  276
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to the University of British Columbia Library Staff
present:     JR,  JS, EBM,  EH,  SR, MD, AL, DP,  JO'R, NG, AMS,  IB,
Time Off for Holidays
The policy regarding time off for holidays announced
last week has been rescinded. Under this plan, it will be
recalled, employees scheduled to work a day on which a holiday
fell would have been excused from their duties and would not
have been required to make up the time; employees not scheduled
to work the same holiday would have received no additional time
off. Although this arrangement had the attraction of being
simple to administer, it resulted in employees working varying
numbers of hours during weeks in which holidays occurred. Accordingly, the Library is reverting to substantially the same
policy that has been in effect for several years: when a holiday
period falls within a week, the number of hours to be worked
that week by each employee will be correspondingly shortened;
Division Heads will determine when and how the necessary adjustments in hours are to be made.
Course Examinations
For years the Library has collected and made available
to students copies of pastij course! examinations. This has become
a sizeable ehore and, although much appreciated by students, Is
probably a marginal activity for the Library to be engaged in.
Reports are that last year one enterprising student group, the
Bigineers, duplicated selected examinations and sold copies to
their colleagues for a small profit. In light of the Engineers1*
apparent financial success, Mrs. Hoeg suggested that the Alma
Mater Society might be interested; In assuming full responsibility
for providing students witfrcqpies of past examinations. She
was encouraged to approach.ftie Society with her proposal.
New Commissionaire
Mr. Patrick O'Rourke hap been retained as Library
Commissionaire, effective this date. He will be attached to the
Circulation Division and will work from a location near the Main
Loan Desk. Calls for Mr. O'Rourke should be directed to the
Circulation Office. Mr. Bell is attempting to work out a schedule
so that Mr. O'Rourke»s approximate location in the building will be known at all times.
campus Book Delivery
Mr. Bell announced that a circular has been sent to
all members of the faculty requesting that they call the
Circulation Division, Local 711 * for campus book deliveries,
gr. Bell suggested that for the next several days Subject
pivlsions use their discretion in referring telephone calls
to local 711; after October 22, however, he asked that all
requests for campus book deliveries be made through Local 711.
Friends of the Library Meeting
On October 11 at 8:30 p.m. in Special Collections,
Friends of the Library are promised an evening of "many books
and few words". Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross will accept for the
University a gift of three hundred Chinese art reproductions
from Mr. Lee Kong Chian, Chancellor of the University of Malaya,
Following this, President John B. Macdonald is scheduled to be
introduced to the Friends. Finally, Dr. Rothstein will direct
the attention of our guests to several displays of rare books
prepared by Mr. Stuart-Stubbs and Dr. Ian Ross. These books
will, in large, be drawn from notable collections acquired in
recent years through the intervention of the Friends.
Mr. Patrick O'Rourke, as Library Commissionaire,
effective 9 October 1962. "
Miss Beryl Thompson, as Stenographer II in the
Biomedical Library, effective 10 October 1962.
Miss Leslie Marie Coutts, as Clerk I in the
Biomedical Branch Library, effective 9 October 1962.
Mrs. Marion E. Johnson, as Librarian II in the
Science Division, effective October 31 > I9^2.


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