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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 14, 1952

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MONDAY, JANUARY 14, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mereer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler,
Supervision of Stack Access
There is now a sign at the Loan Desk asking students to
show their stack permits on entry into the stackroom. The exit
from stack level 2 has been equipped with the new lock, and the
other levels will be similarly treated as soon as the locks can
be obtained and installed* New exit lights indicating the exit on
level 2 are being put up to meet the requirements of the fire
regulations. Any material now stored on the fire stair landings is
to be cleared away so that the stairway is perfectly clear in case
of emergency. The problem is to enforce stack access and exit
regulations at the Loan Desk, and the Librarian asked how much
check can be maintained on stack access, particularly at night.
He asked that students leaving the stackroom be ehecked quite
carefully, including during the evening hours.
The Library Committee had asked that students be required
to sign in and sign out of the stackroom and this may have to be
enforced. There is also the matter of having students leave their
briefcases before entering the stackroom. The signing in and out
might be taken care of by having students leave their identification
cards at the Loan Desk and pick them up on leaving. If a student
leaves the card at home or loses it, the staff can verify his claim
to have a stack permit from the records kept at the Loan Desk.
One difficulty will be that most students will want to leave at the
same time to attend lectures, and this will mean a line at the Desk.
Miss Mercer suggested that if the student's card is taken from him
at the Loan Desk, he has no way of justifying his presence in the
stackroom if he is questioned there. Another suggestion was that the
identification card be taken from the student on entry to the
stackroom, that he be allowed to take his briefcase with him, and
that when retrieving the card on leaving he also have his briefcase
inspected. The care of briefcases at the Desk, if they are taken
from the students, would be another problem. The Division Heads were
asked to give thought to the problemsinvolved in the whole stack access
situation, to be considered at a later meeting. In the meantime,
Mr. Harlow asked Miss Lanning to remind her staff to be particularly
vigilant about stack access and exit.
Mr. Lanning mentioned that access to the stackroom was
being gained by some students going down to level 1 from the
delivery door entrance and through the door between the Museum store
room area and the open passage. Mr. Harlow asked that Dr. Hawthorn
be requested to keep the Museum store area door locked. He added
that the old wood, etc., stored on level 1 will be cleared out by
Mr, McGlashan's instruction.  The storage area at present occupied
by the Museum is to be enlarged.
There has apparently been a plague of tardiness among the
Library staff recently. The Librarian said that a snowy period
should not be made an excuse for getting to work late: everyone knows what the conditions are and should prepare to cope with them. If
staff members expect to leave on time at the end of the day it is
their duty and responsibility to arrive and be prepared to start work
on time. The University pays for a full day's work from everyone,
and the attitude of staff should be a willingness to work a full day.
There is also abuse of the fifteen-minute break period. Mr. Harlow
feels that this is a problem which the Staff Association ought to
deal with, and he hopes it will* However, if the Staff Association
fails to do so, it will become the duty of the Division Heads and
the Librarian to enforce the regulation.
Requests for reclassifications should show clearly the
grounds for reclassifying a person or a position.  There has to be
something definite upon which the Library can build its ease when
making application to the Personnel committee which deals with the
matter. For example, if there is a senior position available, the
Library must show that there is a person in a junior position
qualified for it; and if a person is doing senior work on a junior
salary the Library must show in what respects the work is senior.
Massev Money
There is still no assurance that this will be forthcoming
in the current fiscal year.
Travel Grants
The availability of University funds to aid professional
staff in attending conferences at a distance from Vancouver was
mentioned, and the Librarian will undertake to find out exactly
what the situation is regarding library staff applications.
Librarian's Trip
Mr. Harlow said he would be leaving to-night on his trip
east; his plans include visits to as many Canadian university
libraries, from Edmonton to Quebec City, as the time allows. He has
already received replies from some of the librarians he expects to
Delinquent Borrower
Miss Lanning has had difficulty in getting return of
books from a borrower who has been classified as a "visiting
scholar" for several years, and Mr. Harlow read out the letter he
proposes sending to the delinquent. It had unanimous approval.
The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.


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