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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 15, 1953

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Array II
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1953, at 10 a.m
No. 45
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Mercer, Miss O'Rourke,
Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Miss Lanning was absent on holiday. Miss Smith, having
accepted an appointment to the staff of the Japan Library School,
University of Keio, left Vancouver on September 3 to take up her
new duties. We shall expect to hear something of her experiences
The Catalogue Division has devoted a good deal of time
and energy to coping with a large backlog which has been accumulating during the past few months.  There are still arrears, but
they are in far better order than heretofore and may be said to be
under control.
Mr. Harlow reported that he and Dr. Hawthorn had represented the Dean of Arts and the President respectively at the
Council meeting of Victoria College on Monday evening and that he
had had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Spratt and to discuss
his work as the new Librarian of the College. Dr. Hickman, the
Principal, indicated that he is very much pleased with Mr. Spratt
and Miss Cramb. Mr. Spratt gives evidence of ability to cope with
the problems with which he is faced.  The Council includes representatives of the Victoria School Board, the Department of
Education, and the Board of Governors of the University, plus the
Principal of the College.
Mr. Harlow and Dr. Hawthorn met in Victoria with
officials of the Provincial Museum to discuss a proposed joint
publication scheme between the Provincial Museum and the University.
Much of the work published by the Museum is done by University
staff, but the University does not receive the same credit it
would if it were  its own publisher nor does it have a stock of
publications for exchange purposes.  At present there are four
Provincial Museum series: Anthropology in British Columbia (an
annual); Anthropology in British Columbia, Memoirs (published as a
monographic series); Occasional Publications (in Biology); and a
Handbook series.  There are many problems involved in combining
University and Provincial funds and imprints and the University
may offer to cooperate with the Provincial Museum, or, perhaps,
undertake to publish independently.
The Library recently obtained a sizeable stock of
University publications from the Extension Department and the
Faculty of Forestry, and the Editorial Committee, including the
Congregation and Lecture Series, MacMillan Lectures, the old r
Biological Sciences series, and the Research series.  These will
be used for exchange purposes. We have long received useful items
from a number of institutions and have sent little if anything in
return, and it is hoped to improve this relationship by providing
material for exchange.  A list of UBC publications available in
exchange has been prepared and mimeographed,
The cards for the 1953-54 session are in hand and will be
mailed this week to all persons on the official faculty list.
Cards may also be had upon request by full-time University staff.
This yellow card (finely printed by Bob Reid) or a salmon-colored
card (mimeographed), which will be issued to graduate' and final year
students, will be required to gain stack access.  (The regular
extra-mural reader's card stamped with a :'B:! is required for this
The revised edition of "Know Your Library1' is available.
The Multilith staff of the Extension Department undertook this job
on very short notice and delivered it on time although they had a
heavy schedule of Extension work to deal with also.  Their
cooperation has been of the greatest assistance to the Library, and
the Librarian expressed his appreciation of it.
Mr. Harlow would like to have all members of the Library
staff read Know Your Library, 1953/54.
Dr. John Friesen, the new Director of the Department of
Extension of the University, called on Mr, Harlow last week.
Dr. Friesen is a very friendly person, with wide experience and
interest in adult education work.  Among other things, they
discussed the scope of service of the Extension Library.
The new call slips, referred to in "Know Your Library",
are in the printer's hands and it is expected that a stock will be
delivered on Wednesday or Thursday. The}?- are to be somewhat
revised and will provide two slips for "Serials" and "Home Use"
instead of combining them as before (as discussed in earlier
The Reference Division is preparing an exhibit to illustrate the use of the Public Catalogue.  The exhibit is referred to
in "Know Your Library" and Mr, Harlow is anxious that it should be
on display promptly and permanently.  He hopes that improvements
will be made as they are suggested by staff so that it will be of
most use in teaching the use of the catalogue.       .  It may
also bring out unnecessary complications in the catalogue itself.
The instructions must be as simple and direct as possible, avoid I
the use of jargon, and abet, not discourage, the use of the catalogue.
This has been increased from three cents a day to five
cents, as stated in "Know Your Library." New books for the collection are arriving and more are to come.
It has been agreed (Minutes No. 36, April 21, 1953) that
the Reference Division will arrange for two tours a day, for which
students will sign up voluntarily.  Since only ten can be handled
satisfactorily on each tour, it is proposed to post sheets, each
with ten numbers, giving the date and hour of the tours, and let
students sign them.
Small labels bearing this information will be here shortly.
They will be used in lieu of a rubber stamp, perhaps for everything
in this category except bound periodicals, but further discussion
of this will be necessary.
The total number of volumes missing is 450, about half of
last year's figure. Of these, 66' have been found to be missing from
the Bio-Medical ranks since the last tally was given, mostly from
the BMRR in the Library, a few from the Branch; these are nearly all
volumes of serials, and the loss is somewhat alarming,
Dr. Lunn, of Canadiana, has found that the titles of
UBC theses as they appear in the Congregation program are not
always complete, and she has asked that we send copies of our
thesis catalogue cards to her before they go to the Union catalogue
(or that we provide her with a separate set),
Mr. Harlow requested the Division Heads to have their
annual reports ready by the end. of this week so that he can begin
to work on his own report to the President.
Divisions which asked for student assistants in their
budgets for 1953-54 have been granted their requests and in some
cases a little more.  Some money may be. available from lapsed
salaries for additional hours, and a Division Head who reqxiires
more help of this kind should write a request to the Librarian,
indicating the need and providing full justification. INDEX TO MINUTES OF DIVISION HEADS MEETINGS
Only selected indexes have been prepared by the various
divisions for their own uses, and Mr, Harlow recommended that this
be continued for operational purposes,  A general index will be
prepared in the Librarian's office,
The proposed receipt slips for the Catalogue Division
are now being used by Reference and Serials and will be appearing
in Cataloguing shortly.  The new multiple forms are also in use in
Acquisitions; all new material going through Acquisitions will be
accompanied by the new slips, but no attempt will be made to
backtrack in the use of the form,
Last week Mr, Harlow asked on behalf of Dr, Tucker to
have some of this material, particularly that which has to go to
the bindery, catalogued promptly so that it can be made available
for class use in the coming session. This was done very
expeditiously and about 30 volumes are now in the bindery.
Miss Mercer asked if the Library staff could have reports
from Miss Doreen Fraser and Miss Doreen Taylor on their visits to
medical libraries, Columbia University, and the Library of Congress
during the summer. Mr. Harlow said that either he or the Staff
Association would arrange a meeting for this purpose, and he added
that very substantial additions to the medical and map collections
are being made as a result of the trips.
This accumulation on floor 2 has been arranged in a
useful order.  Current material is of course still coming in, but
a very good job was done in sorting and arranging the backlog, and
Mr. Lanning commended Miss Marguerite Stewart and her cohorts for
their energetic handling of the work. Mr. Harlow noted that the
President, in his report for 1951-52, recently issued, mentioned
the necessity of planning for a dental school at the University;
some of the new medical receipts will be very useful in this connection when the plan is carried out.
Miss Diana Priestly has recently arrived to take over
the work of Law Librarian in the Faculty of Law, She is a graduate
in Arts and of the Law School of the University of British Columbia
and has completed her library course at the University of Washington. She called on Mr. Lanning, the Librarian and others last week
and discussed law library affairs.  She is very pleasant, intelligent, and cooperative, and should be a very useful member of the
library and campus community. OPERATION OF REFERENCE DIVISION
Mr. Harlow has called a meeting of the Reference Staff
for this afternoon, to discuss the operation of the Division during
the coming year.  He emphasized that the Division must carry on as
successfully as possible in Miss Smith's absence.  After much
thought and discussion, he is ready to make the following proposal:
That Miss O'Rourke continue as First Assistant and as ranking head
of the Division.  Since the rest of the staff (excluding Bio-
Medicine) are Junior Librarians, because of their short term of
service, there is no intermediate group to perform normal "line" or
"staff" functions, and Mr. Harlow proposes to set up a 3-man
advisory committee, with Miss O'Rourke as a fourth member and
permanent chairman.  The other personnel of the committee will
change, gradually, on a monthly basis, so that in the course of the
year all of the professional staff and the Library Assistant will
have the opportunity to serve. Miss O'Rourke will be responsible
for the Division and will report directly to the Librarian, and she
will necessarily have the final decision if agreement cannot be
reached on arguable points.  The committee will advise on matters
of policy formation, serve as an intermediate group between the head
of the Division and the staff, and provide an opportunity for the
staff to take an active and responsible part in the administration
and operation of the Division.
Mr. Rothstein is expected to return to the Library at the
beginning of February, and from then until Miss Smith returns he
will act as Assistant Librarian in charge of Reference and Information Services.  The advisory committee should probably operate
during the whole period of Miss Smith's absence.  Mr. Harlow has in
mind that the committee should meet regularly, perhaps weekly, for
discussions, much as do the Division Heads, and that discussions
should not much exceed a pre-determined period.  The proposal will
be discussed in fuller detail with the Division staff.
Mr, Harlow has been wondering whether the Library should
not perhaps increase the amount of committee work in order to give
more staff an opportunity to get their teeth into some of the
problems that affect the whole Library.  The Library is perhaps not
large enough to afford full committee organization, but studied
advances in this direction might be very useful.
Mr. Harlow drew attention to a recent gift from
Mr. Lester W, McLennan of a two-volume work by Ackermann, History of
Cambridge University, and a single volume on the Public Schools of"~
England. The History of Cambridge, a companion to the Ackermann
History of Oxford which he gave to the Library some time ago, is a
very handsome set, as is the volume on the Public Schools.
A large collection, about 250 volumes, of general literature has been received from Mrs. R. H. Mullin, of which many will
be very useful in the Library. 6
Mr, Lanning drew attention to a gift of University of
California publications from the U. C. Press which was received
during the summer.
Miss Mercer commented that there was a shortage of space
to store gift material, which keeps pouring in.
Miss Mercer reported new book acquisitions of interest:
Harrisse, Decouverte et evolution cartographique de Terre-Neuve,
1499-1901-176^". Paris, 1900. Unbound, with fine illustrations and
plates of early maps.  For the Howay-Reid Collection.
Ri chard son, Ichthyology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Erebus and
Terror.  London, 1844-48.  An early voyage of considerable interest.
The Nonesuch Press edition of Shakespeare, 4 volumes, a very nice
Weltforstallas. Berlin, 1952. For the H. R, MacMillan Forestry
Interesting new acquisitions of serials files are:
Geografiska Annaler. v. 1-26, 1919-1944.
Maitre phonetique, 1886-1951•
Royal Meteorological Society Quarterly Journal, v. 51-73 (less
v. 59), 1925-47.
Le Sang, v. 1-18, 1927-1947-  For the Medical collection.
Schweizerisch Anstalt fttr das forstliche Versuchswesen, Bd. 1*21,
1891-1939.  For the H. R. MacMillan Forestry Collection.
Schweizerische mineralogische und petrographische Mitteilungen,
v. 1-30, 1921-1950.
Schweizerische Zeitschrift flir Forstwesen.  Jg, 26-75, 1875-1924
(less. v. 36, 1885 and v. 38,"1887). For the H. R. MacMillan
Forestry Collection,
Transition. 1-28, Apr. 1927-Sept.l938. A complete file of this
"little magazine."
Mr, Peter Steckl, a graduate of this University in 1951,
and who has just completed his library course at the University of
Michigan, joined the Catalogue Division on September 8.
Miss Kathleen Gubbins commenced work in the Circulation
Division as a Library Assistant, and Miss Evelyn Peters joined the ;
same Division as Junior Clerk on September 14. Mrs. Josephine
Pollock will start in Circulation as Junior Clerk on September 17,
and Mrs. Beverly Sinclair as Library Assistant on September 21.
Miss Suzanne Vabre will leave the Librarian's office at
the end of the month to return to Montreal. Miss Runjeet Kore
resigned from her position at the Loan Desk in order to attend Uni
versity this session.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


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