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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 4, 1956

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 M  I  N  U  T  E  S
Septembe"r~4, 1956. No. 135
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, EBM, MAA, AR, EF,
Know Your Library
The 1956/57 edition of the four-page "Know Your Librae"
has been multilithed and will be available for use shortly.
PNLA Conference
The UBC Library was represented at the conference in
Pullman, Washington, by Fir, Harlow, Miss'O'Rourke, and Miss Dwyer.
Mr. Harlow's main concern at the meeting was the Pacific Northwest
Bibliographic Center, of whose Board of Flanagers he is Chairman.
The Center is to be included in the study of library operations in
the Northwest which is to be made under a recent grant from the
Ford Foundation, and the Board of Flanagers of PNBC discussed the
nature of the survey and made a series of proposals to the Ford
Project. There was a good general session of the Conference devoted
to the Ford project, and a number of special meetings.
Fliss O'Rourke and Miss Dwyer will report later upon some of the
meetings which they attended.  There were sessions on recruiting,
documentation, building, and on faculty-library relations, and
Fliss O'Rourke and Miss Dwyer attended one meeting of the Staff
Organizations Round Table. Fiost of the meetings were held in the
new student union building, a very fine one containing both residential accommodation and public rooms. It is one of several handsome new buildings on the Pullman campus.
Central Serials Record
Fir, Harlow discussed the centralized serials record with
staff of the Washington State College Library at Pullman,  Such a
central record is no longer maintained there, the handling of
serials having been divided among the several divisional reading
rooms. Since all books are on open stacks, students seeking journals
get the call numbers from the card catalog and look for the issues
themselves before asking for.assistance from divisional librarians.
Friends of the Library
Invitations to the inaugural meeting of the Friends group
have been sent to about 350 persons, according to a mailing list
compiled by the President, Dean Andrew and the Librarian.
Additional suggestions of names for future mailings will be welcomed
from staff. A printed statement about the organization and its aims
will soon be distributed.
In connection with the meeting of Friends of the Library
there is a display of notable gifts which have been presented to the Library during the past few years. Fliss Smith has arranged
the display with the assistance of her staff and Fliss Scott.
Russian Fisheries Delegation
Fir. James Sinclair, Canada's Flinister of Fisheries (and a
U.B.C. graduate), will bring a delegation of Russian fisheries
experts to the University on Friday, September 7.  The party is
inspecting fisheries across Canada, and a large display of Russian
material will be arranged by Miss Smith and Fliss Mercer for the
information of the Russian members of the party.
Japanese House of Representatives
The Speaker and members of the Japanese House of Representatives will visit the University on Thursday, September 6, and in
anticipation of their coming to the Library a display of Japanese
material is also being arranged by the Reference staff.
Library Identification Cards
Cards for 1956/57 are being typed for distribution to
faculty. Yellow cards, for faculty and equivalent status, will go
to: teaching members of the University departments, senior administrative staff (e.g., Registrar, Chief Accountant, etc.), full-time
research associates, research staff of government agencies on the
campus (e.g., Dominion Forest Products Laboratory, 3. C. Research
Council, etc.), laboratory demonstrators, and professional members
of the Library staff.  Grey cards will go to employees of the University other than those mentioned above, wives of faculty members,
extra-mural borrowers, non-professional members of the Library staff.
etc. All of this second category will normally be able to borrow
for one-month periods and will have stack access. Journals may not
be borrowed by them for home use except by special dispensation.
The position of the borrower will be indicated on the card.
Fliss Lanning and Fliss Smith asked what procedure should
apply to members of business firms who may borrow either directly or
through interlibrary loan. After a brief consideration of the
factors involved, the Librarian asked the two Division Heads to work
out a method of handling loans of this kind.
If a part-time instructor applies for a card, he should
receive a yellow one after checking with his Department to ascertain
whether he is also registered as a student.  In every case, student
rank supersedes other qualifications.
For Use in Library Only
The advisability of continuing to stamp' certain books and
periodicals, "This Book is for Use in Library Building Only," was
questioned. In practice such material is occasionally loaned to
faculty and others for home use, and this tends to discredit the
rule. Mr. Harlow did not believe that the practice need be discontinued; in general such material is to be used in the Library
building, but there are exceptions. Recognizing exceptional circumstances and occasionally granting special privileges does not
invalidate the general rule. Curriculum Laboratory
Fliss Mercer reported briefly on progress in establishing
the Curriculum Laboratory. Books not to be kept in the Laboratory
have been put through for processing or discarded. Multiple copies
of text books have been stored in boxes below stairs, and discards
on the ramp.  The catalog is as Fliss Alldritt and Fliss Mercer
arranged it. Fir. Harlow asked that Fliss Shopland be given a cop3'- of
the statement of policy regarding the Curriculum Laboratory.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.
Fir. Herbert Klassen, formerly a Library Assistant in the
Reference Division, has been appointed to a teaching position in the
Department of History of Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana.  This
College has a remarkably strong library of material relating to
Fledieval and Renaissance Church History.
The CLA Bulletin for August, 1956, has the following
"The 1956 Fiarjorie Jarvis Prize for reference work has been
awarded by the University of Toronto Library School to
Miss Geraldine Fitzmaurice Dobbin of Vancouver. Fliss Dobbin
was first in her class at the Library School and has been
employed In the University of British Columbia Library."
Fliss Flancy Flacdonald joined the Reference Division on
1 September, following completion of her library course at the University of California in Berkeley.
New subscriptions:
Utah Geological Society. Guidebook to the geology of Utah.
CaElers internationaux de sociologie.
Gynecologie et obstetrique.
Archives d'"o^FhltlmoJLb'gie"."
Archives des maladies de i'appareil digestif.
Revue d'immunologie.
Annales d'oto-laryngplogie.
Revue de chirurgie orthopedique.
Annales d'anatomie patliologique.
Jahrbucher fffr geschichte Osteuropas.
ZeitschrfitTSrmathematische logik und grundlagen der
Journalism quarterly.
Science teacher.
Journal of teacher education. 4
New subscriptions (cont.):
World affairs.
School progress.
Childhood education.
.Advances in chemical
e ngmeenng.
Institut fttr Osterreichische
Pall Flail Magazine, v. 13-33, 1397-190A.
Hispanic American historical revietf.  v.l, 1913, to date
Revue universelle.  vTT^fO, 1920-1940.
Northwestern Universit}*-. Medical School.  Institute of
Neurology. Publications, v. 1-18, 1929-1946.
Handbuch der neurologie (Bumke-Forster). v. 1-17 and
supps., 1935-1940.


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