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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 12, 1950

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SEPTEMBER 12, 1950, at 10 a.m.
Present: Dr. Dunlap, Miss Jefferd, Miss Mercer, Miss Rendell,
Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Miss Lanning was absent because of illness and
Miss Smith was out of town.
Dr. Dunlap informed the meeting of the special
Congregation which is to be held on September 27th and at which
honorary degrees will be conferred on three men eminent in
Medicine.  The ceremony will be held in the Gymnasium , and the
procession will form in the Library. The Librarian's office
will accommodate the Chancellor's and President's parties, the
Fine Arts Room the members of the Board and Senate, and the
Reserve Book Room the members of Faculty. The Reserve Book Room
will be closed to student use for a few hours during that afternoon.
In connection with Congregation, Dr. Friedman suggested
a display in the Library having Medicine as its subject. He has
offered to provide some of the material for such an exhibit.
Dr. Dunlap thinks the occasion provides an excellent opportunity
for the Library to furnish an exhibit of this kind and he
requested the Reference Division to give it consideration.
The new Medical Sciences Reading Room is now under way
and will probably be ready by the end of the month.
The question of flowers for the Library on the day of
Congregation was considered and it was decided that inquiry should
be made about getting them from the greenhouse.
Dr. Dunlap reported on the progress made in converting
the Fine Arts Room into the Sedgewick Memorial Reading Room.
Requisitions have been made for the flooring, which is to be dark
blue rubber tile, and for the indirect fluorescent lighting which
has been chosen. Dr. Dunlap gave a brief outline of the problems
encountered in providing adequate and appropriate lighting and
fixtures, but said that they had now been solved and that what he
believed would be a good arrangement had been settled upon.
Professor Morgan of the Faculty of Applied Science had given
considerable time and attention to the matter and had been of
great assistance.  The next step will be to choose furniture, in
which task Miss Rose of the Home Economics Department will assist.
The fireplace is to be equipped for use, and it is Dr. Dunlap's
hope that from time to time a suitable occasion may be provided
for having a fire there.
Miss Jefferd mentioned that the lighting over the L.C.
catalogue was poor.  It was agreed that the lighting in many places
in the building was far from perfect.  Dr. Dunlap asked whether it
would be feasible to move the Reference service desk forward about
six inches to improve the situation there. • Miss Rendell undertook
to investigate the problems involved. Dr. Dunlap informed the meeting that he had been
notified by the President that the Board of Governors had made
$1100 available to the Library for a heat converter, valves, etc.,
for the improvement of the heating in the stackroom. Miss Mercer
said that the stacks needed ventilation rather than heat.
Dr. Dunlap said he did not know at the moment what had been
planned, but he would endeavour to find out from the Superintendent
of Buildings and Grounds how the money was to be used.
Dr. Dunlap noted that the annual reports of the Division
Heads were much more informative than those of last year. There
were a few inaccuracies which he wished checked.  He commented on
Miss Smith's remarks about the time spent on the Revolving Account
for interlibrary loans. Dr. Dunlap stated that he did not believe
an attempt should be made to keep the account accurate to the cent,
but that a close approximation to accuracy should be the aim.
He feels that the Revolving Fund is well worth while in that it
keeps the interlibrary loan account out of other accounts, where it
causes confusion.
The meeting was informed that the Library Committee would
meet on Wednesday to consider the matter of periodicals being sent
from the main Library to departmental libraries.  The Faculty of
Medicine had sent in a list of periodicals which it wished to have
available in the Medical Sciences Reading Room, some of which are
now regularly sent to other departments on the campus, and this had
raised the question. Dr. Dunlap said he welcomed the opportunity
to get this problem before the Library Committee. Mr. Lanning
mentioned that Pharmacy would not ask to have periodicals sent to it
this year, but would be content to leave them in the main building.
It was agreed that the periodicals sent to faculty members were for
the most part used by the faculty and were not for the convenience
of students. Material on dairying sent to Dean Eagles is probably
used by only two or three faculty members in that field, and the
same situation Exists in other cases. Miss Rendell gave an example
of the difficulty of doing reference work without the periodicals.
She had been asked for information about asphalt material and had
found that one source was a journal which was in the Applied
Science reading room.  Attempts to reach the reading room by
telephone proved unsuccessful and the information which the journal
might have provided could not be obtained. Dr. Dunlap requested
Mr. Lanning to give him information on the titles of journals being
sent out and the places or persons to whom they go. Dr. Dunlap
asked whether there was any middle ground upon which consideration
of the circulation of unbound periodicals could be based, to which
Mr. Lanning replied that the methods of dealing with the various
departmental libraries were so different that a middle ground would
be hard to find. Mr. Lanning also stated that he did not think the
practice could be eliminated altogether: to do so would be to
encourage the already growing tendency of departments to spend
departmental funds on books and periodicals and to develop their own
reading rooms.  It was agreed that this problem of departmental
expenditures for books and magazines will require investigation.
Dr. Dunlap said he believed the sensible attitude to take was that
a copy of any book or periodical regularly kept elsewhere on the
campus should be in the main Library. Miss Jefferd remarked that
if the money spent all over the campus by individual departments for
books and magazines could be directed to the Library it would be to
the advantage of everyone concerned. Mr. Lanning said that some departments return to the
Library the old issue of a periodical when the latest one is sent
to them, but that other departments keep the material indefinitely.
Dr. Dunlap asked whether it would be good practice to keep the
latest issue in the Library and to send it to the department
requesting it only when a later one has been received. Miss Rendell
asked whether the habit of wanting to take periodicals out of the
Library developed during the very crowded period when there was no
proper place in the building where faculty members could read
periodicals. Miss Mercer added that some faculty members do not
seem to be familiar with the building and the various facilities it
Miss Mercer brought up the matter of stackroom permits.
The Library Committee had decreed that only graduate students could
have access to the stackroom, and "graduate student" was taken to
mean any student in his fifth year. It is now evident that the
fifth year students in all faculties make up a very large number,
and Dr. Dunlap will ask the Library Committee to reconsider the
Miss Rendell expressed the wish of the Reference Division
to have a loose-leaf sheet, preferably on colored paper, containing
basic information about the Library for distribution to new students.
Dr. Dunlap said he would be glad to see a draft of the proposed
Sheet, but he was not convinced that it would achieve its purpose.
It is known that many students appear to have difficulty finding
their way about the Library, and the service divisions feel that
perhaps information of the kind referred to would partly solve the
Mr. Lanning stated that the Serials Division will work a
five-day week. The periodicals reading room will be open till 5 p.m.
during term. Miss Rendell asked for a statement regarding the use
of unbound periodicals during the hours when the service desks are
operating and the periodicals reading room is closed. Dr. Dunlap
said he would make unbound periodicals available to faculty at such
times, and to other persons only in cases of very special need.
The Reference staff should exercise discretion in deciding which
requests deserve special consideration. Miss Rendell asked if a
notice to thi* effect could be posted before term opens, to which
the Librarian figjtied that he did not believe a notice would
accomplish mugh* Miss Mercer stated that she believed a notice
would be helpful, she prefers to have notices posted about such
matters because doing so sometimes rescues the person on duty from
an awkward situation.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 noon.


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