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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 18, 1952

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 NO. 21
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer, Miss O'Rourke,
Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Mr. Harlow stated that Miss Smith is quite seriously ill and cannot be
expected to return to the Library for some time yet. He added that this should
be a warning to any other 60-hour a week members of the staff to take things a
little more easilyl
The celebration of Book Week is under way and printed programs for the
week's activities are available and will be distributed in the Library and elsewhere .
This brings up the plan to have Dr, Birney read poetry in the Sedgewick
Room during some noon hour, Since he will be away from the University for a year
after Christmas, and there is only one week left during which he is willing to
have engagements of this kind, the Librarian has asked him to read on Wednesday,
November 26. If the Sedgewick Room is inadequate for the number of people who
attend, the program will be transferred to Room 852.
Miss O'Rourke asked if the doors to the bookstack behind the Reference
service desk might now be left unlocked. They have been locked for several weeks
to discourage their use as means of stack access, and most people should have
become accustomed to using the Loan Desk doors by now, Mr. Harlow agreed that
they should be opened as soon as possible. The exit lock.:has not yet been put on
the door in the partition on floor 2, and some faculty members and others still
go and"come by that route, Mr. Harlow has not abandoned the idea of keying the
elevator except for access to the public floors, but he has not been able to get
specific data on the cost.
The annual request has been received from the Administration for preliminary budget sheets, the information to be in the Comptroller's hands by the end of
the week. There is no indication yet of what the 1953/54 University budget is
likely to be, and it is not known whether the Government's plan to cut costs of a
number of departments by 10% will affect the University, Mr. Harlow reminded the
Division Heads that they must make recommendations regarding salary increases for
staff at this time. Salary steps are not automatic but must be recommended in
each instance by the Division Head and the Librarian, upon a merit basis.
A now series of identification cards has been mimeographed and is now
available on application to the Librarian's office: for full-time non-faculty staff
of the University, full-time employees of Dominion and Provincial organizations
on the campus, the wives of faculty members, and others who do not aualify for
faculty cards, Mr. Harlow said he would recommend a time limit of one month on loans
to all who come within the non-faculty category, renewable for cause, -2-
At present, books and periodicals are usually marked"For. Use in Library
Building Only" if they are not intended to be circulated, Mr. Harlow suggested
that the lack of a book pocket or card in a volume should be evidence that it is
not intended for circulation, and that a stamp may not be necessary; if we are
going to lend "non-circulating" material to faculty and graduate students, the
presence of a contrary note in the volume is confusing and, perhaps, not good
practice. At present there are a few volumes without pockets or cards, which
should circulate. Miss O'Rourke pointed out that the stamp saves much argument;
without it the staff will have to argue the case with every undergraduate who wants
to take out a bound periodical. It will become known that suck books can be taken
out by special permission. The Librarian pointed out that many of the books in
faculty offices probably have this stamp in them, which gives a misleading impression. Miss Mercer believed that exceptions should be possible for faculty and
graduate students as a general rule, Mr. Harlow asked the Division Heads to give
the problem consideration and be prepared to discuss it at a later meeting.
Some special problems will arise regarding Medical and other material and
will have to be worked out as they develop. Sets of a few Medical periodicals will
be duplicated in order that one can remain in the Library at all times, the other,
also bound, to be available for loan.
At present, notices are sent to departmental contact men when volumes are
ready to go to the stacks. By the time the person who requested the book, gets the
information, it may be on loan and unavailable to him. This has created discontent
among faculty from time to time, and the Librarian asked whether books ordered on
departmental allocations could perhaps be held for one week at the Loan Deak, This
would give the persons most interested an opportunity to see the book first anfl to
borrow it at once. Acquisitions will know which books should be held and can put
a coloured slip in each one ordered on departmental funds, It was suggested that
books might be displayed at the Loan Desk for a week before they are available for
loan, as was done when the accession list was issed, but Mr. Harlow believed that
this would only create a greater demand for the particular titles in which faculty
were interested and aggravate the present difficulty. Miss Mercer said that many
faculty members had liked the old arrangement because, although they could not
take the books out, they could see what was coming into the Library in their own
and other fields; but it was brought out that the selection had not been systematic
or comprehensive.
Cards for the new books to be held at the Loan Desk would normally go
into the catalogue, and inquiry about the books will consequently be made at the
Loan Desk. Instead of filing the cards at once, .it was asked whether the shelf list
card would be filed and the process slip be pulled and mailed to the faculty when
the truck goes to Circulation. It was pointed out that there might be some lapse
of time between sending the advice to the Department representative and its receipt
by the person directly concerned: e.g. all advices for English orders go to Dr.
Daniells, who then has to distribute them to the members of his department who have
ordered the books, a procedure that may require several days. It was agreed that
any member of faculty who brings an advice slip to the Library may borrow the book
at once; after the first week it will go on the shelves and become generally available.
Mr, Harlow said that he hoped to issue another number of "Notes" soon, -3-
and asked the staff for any suggestions regarding the contents. Miss Lanning
asked if he would explain there that bound periodicals could be borrowed by
graduate students for a period of up to one week,
She also pointed out that faculty still send students to the Library to
borrow periodicals for the faculty member, but that the student often has no
evidence of his authorization to do so, Mr, Harlow showed the Division Heads a
draft form of authorization for this purpose which he suggests the Library mimeograph and send to faculty. The present practice of having secretaries, research
students, and others, come to borrow in the name of faculty must be either discontinued or regularized. The proposed authorization would be for one session, Mr.
Lanning said that he would prefer the borrower to have a separate chit for each
application. Miss Jefferd said that a general authorization was too much like
issuing a blank cheaue, it will give the student the right to borrow anything for
his own use in the name of the faculty member. Mr. Harlow pointed out that the
faculty member will have lent his signature for the purpose (it would appear on the
form) and that he would be responsible for the return of the material. The faculty
member and the person taking the book could both be reauired to sign the call slip
for it.
The authorization could be intended to cover bound periodicals only or
could be made to include books. The Library can send books to faculty members by
campus mail if necessary, but it is not yet prepared to give delivery service for
bound volumes of periodicals. The Librarian said that he would like to try the
sessional authorization plan until the Library is able to provide a prompt
delivery service,
Should the continuing inventory be tackled again during the Christmas
vacation? The Librarian said he understood that the last full inventory had been
made with the intention to pursue it on a continuing basis henceforth, during
slack periods. As the Library grows, a single overall inventory such as has been
carried out in the past, will become an enormous job, and the only hope of an
inventory may perhaps be to have a continuing one. A general discussion of
inventory followed. The need to do a careful job was emphasized, and the necessity
to have someone in charge who is thoroughly familiar with the requirements. Miss
Lanning said that she has many jobs lined up for her staff during the Christmas
slack period, but that she is willing to proceed with the inventory, starting early
in December when the work at the Loan Desk begins to fall off. Mr. Harlow asked
Miss Lanning to discuss it with the people who would be most concerned and report
at next meeting.
Time for inventory will be available chiefly during spring and summer,
and it may be possible to complete the work then. It was reported that an inventory
of the Sedgewick Room is made about every three months; since the summer, 9 books
are missing,
Mr, Harlow announced that new steel stacks for level 2 are now on order
and should be in Vancouver in about 12 weeks. They will fill up the whole area
extending northward from the south wall past the temporary partition to the wall
beyond the new elevator, providing a capacity of about %$,**&  volumes. This will
bring up the matter of re-shelving the collections% Estimates are also being
obtained for stacking five to seven levels of the well, butthere is no way of ^ -4.
knowing at present when money will be available to carry out this project.
If possible one level of the well will be left free to be used for some
years as a Bio-Medical reading room, with the medical material shelved in the
Completing the new stack area on level 2 will necessitate finding another
place to accommodate some pre-binding material, which now occupies part of that
space. Much of this material may have to be held for a considerable time before
it will be bound, so that the new accommodation will have to be available for a
considerable period.
The Librarian stated that Miss Edith Stewart will accept a simplified
form of cataloguing for Extension Library plays and asks that such a procedure be
Mr, Harlow recounted the difficulty of trying to keep the seminar rooms
locked and said that it had been decided to leave Rooms 851, 854, and 856 open
from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. Faculty using the language rooms, 857-858, will
be provided with keys and will be responsible for keeping these rooms locked when
not in use; rooms 852 and 859 will be opened by the Office staff when required. It
is important that any library material used by classes in the seminar rooms be
taken from the rooms at the end of classes.
'■"        'Wll   ■""       ■■ ■■■■■Illll ■ I,   LllllilHWPilllll    ■
Mr, Harlow said that time off at Christmas in addition to the regular
closing hours could be granted under special circumstances, and that the time would
come off the annual holiday allowance'Ta^ the summer of 1953. In general, the
University specifies that holidays be taken during the months from June through
August, but because of the Library's extended operating schedule some leeway is
The meeting adjourned at 12:05 noon,


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