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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 9, 1962

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N  U  T  E
January 9, 19*52".—No. 260
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, RJL, BSS, GGT, IB, NTK, AMS, JO'R, MD, AL, JS,
EBM, DP and HM.
Closing Bells
Closing bells now ring at 9:30 p.m. and 9:45 p.m.
First reports indicate that the new arrangement has been
effective in clearing the stacks before the building closes
at 10:00 o'clock.
The public pay telephone will be removed from
the main lobby and two telephones installed in each of the
new entrances. This should diminish the noise in the main
entry caused by students waiting to use the telephone.
Dr. Rothstein has not yet been able to contact
Mr. Hunter of the Bookstore to see if a night line can be
put through to the Loan Desk to take care of calls for
renewal of books after hours.
Biographical Notes
Dr. Rothstein requested that members of the
professional staff complete a vita form, available from the
Librarian's Office, to serve as a record of academic and
professional experience.
Mr. Branko Blazicevic has completed an official
count of the seats available in the Library. Breakdown is
as follows:
Faculty Carrells
Individual study desks
Seats at tables
"Library Journal"
Dr. Rothstein pointed out an interesting and
critical article in the January 1, 1962, issue of Library Journal
35 36
entitled "I Love Librarians!"  Copies will be circulated to
staff members for their interest.
Library School
About the end of January, students of the
School of Librarianship will spend some time at the Information
Desk to observe the type of questions asked by students and
the service given by the regular professional staff members.
Later, possibly in March, the students will man the Desk
under the observation of a staff member.
Nine students are taking Dr. Rothstein's course
on university libraries. As part of their work, they will
survey and assess actual problems In the operation of the
University Library. Some time and effort on the part of
division heads will be necessary to assist In these projects.
They were asked to suggest topics on which the students might
Appraisal of Collection
Mr. Nordahl of General Appraisals Ltd. visited
the Library to appraise the Biomedical collection for
insurance purposes. The estimate for the collection is
$12.50 per volume.
Student Assistants
Dr. Rothstein reminded division heads that
money for extra student assistants would probably not be
available next year.  It may be necessary to close some of
the stack exits at some periods.
Student assistants should not expect to' be
carried on the payroll through examination and holiday
periods. Mr. Bell will prepare a statement regarding the
period of employment for student assistants.
Miss. Leith requested a statement of Library
policy regarding periodical files to be held in the Library
at all times. Formerly one set of the publication Nature
has been available for circulation while a second set< was
"anchored" in the Science Division.  This second set has now
been discontinued. The division heads were asked to submit a
list of serials used so often as to warrant being "anchored";
second sets may need to be acquired in such cases. 37
Rush Binding
Occasionally there is need to have materials
bound within 48 hours. Mr. Lanning pointed out that such
rush binding imposes considerable difficulties in the operation
of the Bindery. Dr, Rothstein will discuss the possibility of
special provisions for rush binding with Mr. Fryer.
Extended Loan of Periodicals
The Library has received a request to have
certain periodicals placed In the Applied Science Reading
Room for the rest of the term for the use of students in a
Civil Engineering course. On Investigation, it was found
that the particular items requested are also heavily used by
other departments.  If journals are sent to campus reading
rooms they would not be available at all times since such
reading rooms are generally closed at 5 p.m. and on Saturdays.
Upon discussion of general policy regarding
such requests, it was decided that periodicals could be
sent to campus reading rooms for a specific period--one
month or perhaps longer--if they are not in heavy demand in
the Library. These must be made available to all who wish
to consult them and circulate only under supervision.  Such
loans would be subject to the approval of the division head
concerned and the Librarian.
A very fine portrait of Miss Lanning, painted
by Mrs. Heather Spears Goldenberg, a former member of the
Library staff, has been presented to the Library on indefinite
loan by Mrs. R. F. Morrison, Mrs.Goldenberg's sister.  It will
be hung in the Staff Lounge.
The Edmonton Public Library News Notes of
December, 1961, contains an article on "The Public Library
and the Immigrant",  the thesis submitted by Mrs. Eleanor
(Cock) Hoeg, Head of the College Library, for her degree
of Master of Arts in Library Science at the Graduate Library
School, University of Chicago.
Library Tour
Miss Smith has arranged a tour of the Library
on January. 26 for members of the Future Teachers Club who
will be on campus for their annual conference. Students
from the College of Education will act as guides. 38
Miss Lorna Goossen has been promoted to
Clerk II in the Catalogue Division as of January 1, 1962.
Miss Arlene Chase, as Clerk I In the Circulation
Division on January 3, l9b2.
Miss Anne deLotbiniere-Harwood, as Library
Assistant in the Circulation Division on January 1, 1962.
Miss Lori Jasper, as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on December 27, T$6l.
Miss Diane Blair, as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on December 31, I961.
Mrs. Hertie Bottinga, as Clerk I in the
Circulation Division on January 15, 1962.
Mr. Mark Mealing, as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division on December 31, 1962.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.


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