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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 15, 1949

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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1949, at
10 a.m.
Present: Dr. Dunlap, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Stewart, Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler
(as secretary).
Some days ago an inquiry had been received from
Dr. Talman as to whether this University Library would like to
display a group of British books which is being sent to Canada
by the British Council. The general opinion was that the University
should participate in this venture and should do so x^ithout accepting
the monetary assistance offered by the Council when extra staff is
needed to deal with the books.  Posters and catalogues will be sent
by the Council and publicity will be the responsibility of the
Library displaying the collection.  The unpacking and packing of the
books will fall upon the Library staff. After discussion as to
suitable means of displaying the books it was decided that a large
table in the Ridington Reference Room, so placed as to be under
supervision of the staff at the service desk there, should accommodate the exhibition. Dr. Dunlap felt that it ought to be in a reading
room which was open for the maximum period daily. Publicity for the
exhibit will be discussed with Mr. Perrault in the Extension Department.  The number of catalogues we should distribute was considered
and it was decided that 1000 should be an adequate supply.
Dr. Dunlap reported that Mr. Lee had asked whether the
Library wished to submit a restricted list of persons who should
have parking space in the area on the north side of the wing.  The
matter was examined from all angles.  It appeared that the space was
not sufficient to accommodate all the cars now used regularly by
library staff, and it was felt that space for one or two cars should
be available from time to time for visitors. Mr. Rothstein
suggested that the Library ask Mr. Lee to allot to it some 30 feet
or so of parking space along the road immediately behind the building.
This addition to the present area would provide for all normal needs
of staff and an occasional visitor. Dr. Dunlap agreed to do this,
and if the space can be provided the problem will be settled.  If
Mr. Lee can not allot any more space to the Library Dr. Dunlap will
submit the names of the seven or eight persons on the staff who
should be assured of parking space in the present area.
Miss Morrison of the Department of Nursing has requested
that a group of students who will be in the Library on Wednesday
evening, November 16, for an illustrated lecture, be given a tour
through the building.  It appeared that none of the staff on duty
in the evening could be spared, and after consideration of the
problems Involved Mr. Rothstein offered to do the job after the
Staff Association supper.
Mr. Rothstein reported that Dr. Cowie of the German
Department had requested a set of Kindermann, H. (ed.) - Deutsche
Literatur in Entwicklungsreihen, in 109 vols.  The set ordered at
that time had been sold before our request reached the dealer, but
another has now been offered by Stechert for the sum of $354.25.
Mr. Rothstein pointed out that the original order is still an
order outstanding, and presumably the Library has a credit for this amount carried forward from last year. The request for the
purchase of this set was made in the first instance to the Library
Committee and approved by them.  It was decided that the set
offered by Stechert be purchased.
Dr. Dunlap said that Mr. Winspear had visited him and
should be considered a visiting scholar. Mr. Hebden Taylor, a
student from Cambridge,, also called on Dr. Dunlap. He plans to
attend Union College next j^ear.  In the meantime, Dr. Dunlap believes
he should pay the $1 fee for extra-mural readers.
Dr. Dunlap outlined briefly the request made by the
President for an overall survey of the campus needs in library
materials and stated that Mr. Rothstein was working on the project
now.  The result of the survey will be presented to the Board of
Governors for their consideration.
Miss Lanning mentioned that some of the student assistants
in the teaching departments were third year students, and that this
fact would create difficulties in enforcing the regulation permitting
only graduate students to have access to the stackroom.  This is
just one of a number of problems which will have to be dealt with
next year when the new regulations go into effect.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


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