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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 13, 1958

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Flarch 13 ,~T95C"    No.   170
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and  Other Flatters of  Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH,   SR,   AMS,   ML,   RJL,   MAA,   PS,   EF.
Miss Scott attended in place of Fliss Fiercer.
Minutes of March 4, 1958, should be number 169.
Minutes No. 168: On p. 3, it should be added that Dr. Rothstein
attended the Academic Symposium upon which he reported.
Minutes No. 169: On p. 3, Gifts and Bookplates: add (1955) after
"recently" in line 3.
Academic Symposium
Dr. Rothstein has received the official report of the
Academic Symposium and will make it available to anyone who wishes to
read it.
Open House
Miss Smith added to suggestions for next Open House: that
there be fewer items in displays and that staff be provided with
fuller information about the material shown.  It is believed that
the public would get more out of the displays if some commentary
were given. Dr. Rothstein had suggested the adoption of a central
theme  (e.g., the development of dictionaries, of encyclopedias,
or the history of books, etc.) which would focus interest and permit
staff to be'well informed in the particular area.
Western Board of Music
The Provincial Departments of Education and the Universities of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have maintained a joint
Western Board of Music for many years, to the annual meetings of
which the President of UBC is invited.  On Wednesday Fir. Harlow
attended the meeting in Regina, as chairman of the University Committee on Music, representing the President. The primary function of
the organization is to serve as an examination board for the western
provinces for grades prior to university entrance.  It is active in
facilitating examinations in music in the smaller centres as well
as in the larger communities. The University of British Columbia is
not at this point interested in extending its activities to groups
outside the university but in developing"training at the university
level. The Board serves also as an association of western schools of
music, and the University is interested in this part of its program.
The new head of the expanded Department of Music here, Dr. G. Welton
Marquis, will very likely attend future meetings. /o
Flr. Harlow visited the Legislative Library, where Mr. John
Archer is in charge, and attended a session of the Saskatchewan
Legislature.  He also visited the Provincial Library, where
Miss Mary Donaldson is the chief Librarian.  It performs substantially the same functions as British Columbia's Public Library Commission, providing travelling library and open shelf service and
does a good deal of public reference work.  Like all other libraries,
they are having difficulty in obtaining trained professional staff.
BCLA Career Day
A meeting was held in the Library on  March 12, attended by
about 50 persons, of whom 15 were professional librarians and about
20 were other library staff and student assistants; the others were
students from outside, probably chiefly from Education, The College
of Education cooperated"in publicising the event and in making it
easy for its students to attend. A short talk by Miss Beth Gillanders
was followed by the film, "The Librarian", and then Firs. Brunette led
a question period. Dr. Rothstein was called upon to answer a number
of questions regarding standards of professional training in different
Fliss Scott, who was responsible for the arrangements, felt
that it was on the whole quite successful, both in developing interest
and in providing information. Dr. Rothstein thought it was a
livelier session than last year's, but would like to see more people
attend. There was good publicity in The Ubyssey, but perhaps a noon-
hour program would attract a larger audience. Mr. Harlow expressed
his appreciation of the work done by Fliss Scott and others concerned
in arranging for the Career Day. A similar effort was made in .
Victoria College a few daj^s earlier.
Article in ""
Attention was drawn to Mr. Bernard Ower's comparative study
of standards of professional library training in Britain, the United
States and Canada in Vol. 3, no. 6 of Feliciter, February, 1958,
pp. 17-41.
Plans for Library Building
On Monday last Fir. Harlow conferred with the architects on
the campus regarding the library addition and, while there is yet no
official approval from the Board of Governors for the construction,
the architects are ready to go ahead with plans. They have requested
additional detailed information regarding the requirements for the
new wing, similar to the "Tentative Program" for the College Library
already circulated by Mr. Harlow to members of the Library Building
- A full inventory of the library will be made as soon as
examinations are over. By starting on  the lower levels it will be
possible to avoid disturbing medical students whose classes and examinations continue after those of other faculties are ended.
Fliss Lanning suggested reading the shelves section by section ahead of
the checking teams. Plans for inventory will be discussed further at
a later meeting. -3- 7/
Stack Access in Evening
Some time ago it was recommended that, beginning on
February 1, stack access be granted to all students after 6 p.m.,
when the stackroom is not crowded, but the experiment has not been
fully carried out.  In general, any student who has a valid reason
for going into the stack is granted access.
The disarray of the shelves resulting from the extensive
stack use now permitted and the absence of the Stack Supervisor for
a considerable period was discussed. Fliss Lanning suggested that if
material cannot be found by other divisions on a first search, the
request be given to her.  The Serials Division, with its new open
stack arrangement, has had trouble with some students taking unbound
periodicals away from the Division without charging them out; the
inventory will show how serious this situation is.
Certain items which may be flimsy but valuable and difficult to replace should have special attention in binding and not be
sent through with material for standard treatment.  Some publications,
from the Howay-Reid Collection, for example, should perhaps not be
bound at all, but should be provided with boxes, be inserted in
envelopes in pamphlet covers, or be given other special treatment.
Miss Alldritt said that items with a delta are so marked on the binding slips, for special attention. A regular means is needed whereby
some responsible person may review such material before it goes to
the Bindery and mark it for special treatment.  Acquisitions and
Cataloguing should Indicate whatever-they think is rare (on the basis
of cost and other special knowledge), and whenever doubt exists,
Fir. Lanning's attention should be called to it.
Careful consideration must also be given to whether anything now being sent to the Bindery as a matter of routine is
actually worth binding and permanent preservation.
Flaps in Books
Mr. Harlow recently met Dean Gunning and Dr. Mathews of
the Department of Geology and Geography to discuss the matter of
removing maps from books. Although in the past it has been a library
policy to remove to the Map Room maps in books and periodicals which
were loose or presented in multiple folds, there have been many
exceptions in practice. For Canada and the Pacific Northwest region
an attempt has been made to obtain a duplicate set to use as
separates. Except for maps in series it is difficult to know
whether these are received. Because of lack of time actually many
other maps remain in the original publications.  In general, it is
agreed that maps be left in publications and that duplicates be
obtained when possible. Fir. Harlow recommended that the Geological
Survey maps be checked carefully to assure that a duplicate set is
received .  Dean Gunning has offered to write to the Surveyor-
General supporting the Library's request for the duplicate set if
this would be useful.
Fiany problems relating to the binding and preservation of
maps in books remain. All maps should be stamped to indicate ownership, preferably in the middle of the map on the back.  If this is
not done elsewhere, the Catalogue Division will do so. Serials will
check supplements and major maps in material going through its hands
and stamp them. "7-1
-4- z-2
Mr. Lanning will bring some examples of different kinds
of map handling problems to a future meeting.
Community Planning Theses
Students in the final year of Community Planning are not
required to complete a thesis as a Calendar requirement, but they
nevertheless prepare one as part of the 3rear's work. Fir. Oberlander
believes they are equivalent to M.A. theses in calibre and worth
preserving.  In order to avoid confusion with M.A. and Ph.D. theses,
it has been agreed that they will be sent to Miss Dwyer instead of to
the Librarian's office, and she will see to it that they are bound
and catalogued as part of the thesis collection.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.
Firs. Roberta Brigden will resign at the end of June and, since
Miss Fugler will be absent from April through June, it is planned to
engage Mrs. Brigden's successor from April 1.  If a person without
sufficient experience for a Clerk II rating is appointed, it will be
at the Clerk I level, with a promotion to Clerk II status when
experience and competence justify it.
New Subscriptions:
Journal of molecular spectroscopy
International social work
International journal of bioclimatology and biometeorology
Industrial and engineering chemistry. Chemical and
engineering data series.
[Real] Academia Espanola.  Boletin.
(Real) Academia Espanola.  Boletin. v. 1-36, 1914-1956.
Annee politique, 1944/45-1956.
Skandinavisk aktuarietidskrift. v. 1-33, 1914-1950. 73
University of Saskatchewan
Fledical Library Saskatoon, Canada
Flarch 6, 1953
Mr. Neal R. Harlow,
Chief Librarian,
University of British Columbia Library-,
Vancouver, B. C,
Dear Mr. Harlow:
Your library staff has been very kindly assisting us
with a considerable number of Interlibrary loans. Please find
enclosed a money order for f>3.16 to pay air express charges on
a loan received today.
I would like you to know how much we appreciate the
fine cooperation and efficient service we receive from your
library.  If at any time we can lend to you we will be most
happy to do so.
Yours sincerely,
"Grace Giles"
Grace Giles,
Fledical Librarian


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