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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 28, 1950

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MARCH 28, 1950, at 9:30 a.m.
Present:  Dr. Dunlap, Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning,
Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
Dr. Dunlap welcomed Miss Jefferd back to the fold
after operation HARMAC, with warmest thanks for the job of
cataloguing she and her staff had done.
Miss Smith asked what arrangements should be made
about holidays and Dr. Dunlap replied that these were in the
hands of the Division Heads, who should make what arrangements
they can to meet the needs of the Division and the wishes of
their staff.  It is understood that vacations must be taken
before the end of the calendar year.
Each Division Head received a copy of the section of
the Library budget relating to his or her division.  There was an
increase of $7,000 in the basic budget over last year, of which
$3500 was already committed to salary increases.  The needs of
the bindery were so urgent that there was no choice but to
assign the remaining $3500 to increase the staff of the bindery.
A small surplus of $250 was allotted to the Extension Library for
the purchase of books.  Some positions have been transferred from
one division to another.  A few of these re-arrangements are
temporary.  Salary increases and promotions which have been
provided for will take effect as of I July, 1950.  Four new
professional librarians have been engaged, to join the staff
during the summer, and the acceptance of a fifth is pending.  The
Division Heads were advised to fill all positions in their
divisions for vrtiich the budget made provision.  The position now
occupied by Mr. Armitage will be transferred to the Acquisitions
Division.  Those members of the staff whose appointments expire
on May 15 may be continued on the staff if the Division Head
concerned wishes them to do so and has positions for them in that
division's budget.
Dr. Dunlap said that the fate of his estimates did
not encourage him to believe that a map room could be provided
during the corning year.  Another probable result of the budget
was that the record 1'oan service would be abandoned.  He felt
that if the Library has not been able to get more money for books
it is not likely to get money for additional staff.  Dr. Dunlap
asked the Division Heads to let him know which members of their
sessional staff they wished to keep.
Dr. Dunlap announced the formation of a Serials Division,
He said he had found a great need for re-organization in this
area and had discussed the problems involved with Miss Smith and
Mr. Lanning during the past several months.  The Serials Division
will keep track of material which is to go to the bindery.
Both Miss Smith and Mr. Lanning had offered some objections to
the new plan, but they had both agreed that some change was
necessary and agreed to give the new arrangement a trial. Dr. Dunlap did not believe that Mrs. Fraser was qualified to supervise
the staff which would be needed in the new Serials Division and he
proposed to appoint Miss Doreen Fraser to that job.  He remarked
that he felt there had been a great deal of unjustified talk and
feeling about the proposed change.  The working of the new division
will depend upon how much hard work some individuals put into it.
Dr. Dunlap said he would rather devote staff to getting the Serials
Division properly under way than for almost any other purpose.
Mr. Lanning will have, in addition to Miss Fraser, three library
assistants for the Serials Division.  Dr. Dunlap hopes that by the
autumn the new Serials Division will be off to a good start.
Miss Jefferd mentioned the additional requirements for
cataloguing which will result from an increase in binding.
Miss banning asked what was to be done about periodicals
which are wanted in the evening, and Dr. Dunlap replied that the
Periodicals Reading Room would not be open in the evenings unless
additional staff could be provided, which he did not expect to
happen. Miss Smith pointed out that this would probably result-
in heavy, unauthorized borrowing of periodicals because it is not
possible to close the periodicals stacks.  Dr. Dunlap stated that
the problem of controlling access to the stacks was one which the
Library ought to face resolutely.  Commencing in September, only
graduate students will have stack permits, and it will be up to
the Library staff to check often on everyone found in the stacks.
The Division Heads were requested to report to their staff
that the changes about to take place in the organization of the Library
would mean that the job classifications already completed would no
longer be valid.  The statements of duties will have to be done
over again.  Dr. Dunlap has spoken to Mr. McLean about this.  Staff
members involved in new work will not know for some time exactly
what their new positions involve and the job descriptions cannot
well be done until then.
Miss Lanning asked whether the Library was to close during
inventory and it was decided that it should and that the job should
be done during the first week in May.
Miss.Jefferd noted that the whole picture had changed since
last meeting's discussion of in-service training, and she would
prefer to be spared this extra difficulty.  The suggestion was made
that the period of orientation in each division be reduced from
two weeks to one week.  A majority of the meeting were unwilling to
give up the plan, and it was decided to try the one-week plan,
commencing July 1st.
Miss Lanning asked if a letter should be sent to faculty
members asking for the return of books for inventory, and Dr. Dunlap
replied that such a letter should go out.  Miss Lanning also asked
if she should, now send a list of large, outstanding book fines to
the Registrar, and this is to be done.
Dr. Dunlap reported that the President's office had asked
for names of persons who should receive invitations to Congregation
as special guests.  The following were mentioned: Mrs. R. L. Reid
Mrs. J. Ridington
Mrs. G. G. McGeer
Mr. E. S. Robinson
Miss Julia Stockett.
Suggestions for other names should be given to Dr. Dunlap promptly,
Mr. Rothstein asked if the practice of posting notices
of vacant positions in the Library could be adopted.  This would
give everyone an opportunity to apply for transfer to a different
The meeting adjourned at 11:30-a.m.


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