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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 19, 1951

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1951, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Mr* Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Miss Mackenzie, Miss Fugler,
Circulation of book catalogues was discussed. Miss Mercer suggested
that items which the staff recommends for purchase should be marked in the
catalogues, after which the Acquisitions Division will make out the order cards.
Mr. Harlow would like tbohave the Library order material which the Librarian and
staff judge should be in the collection, and send requisition cards to the
Departments likely to be most interested. If the Department does not authorize
the purchase out of departmental funds, the Librarian will do so as far as his
fund permits. The Librarian has recently handed on catalogues dealing with
serials to Mr. Lanning, those on bibliographic material to Miss Smith, and has
tried to see lists of Americana and Canadiana himself. Miss Smith said her Division
has been started on the job of scanning catalogues and that the staff find it
interesting* After consideration, it was decided that offerings of periodical
material and lists in the field of music should go first to Mr. Lanning. Music
will be sent on by him to Mrs. Sinclair. Miss Jefferd said she would like to see
Canadiana and English Literature, and added that Miss Lanning would be the person
best qualified to recommend orders for replacements etc. Mr. Harlow will see the
catalogues first and will then send them to Acquisitions, whence they will go to
faculty members. It is easier to get prompt replies from faculty by sending them
requisitions cards for specific items rather than catalogues, and it is important
to get orders off promptly, particularly for periodicals. Publishers' lists are
to go direct to Acquisitions. It was decided that no attempt should be made at
present to deal with auction catalogues.
Responsibility for locking the back door after 5 o'eloek was considered,
now that Mr. Lanning's office is in another part of the building, and it was agreed
that Miss Mercer should be responsible. If Miss Mercer can not see to it herself
she will notify the Librarian's office.
Mr. Harlow announced that the University is to hold Open House on
Saturday, March 8, 1952. A student-faculty committee is being formed to plan the
affair, and Miss Smith was appointed Library representative. The first meeting
will be held on Wednesday, October 24.
Mr. William H. Foley, in charge of the UCLA Binding and Printing
Department, will visit the Library on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to make a
survey of the Bindery, its needs and possibilities, and to make recommendations
regarding its operation. The Librarian wishes the staff of the Library to give
every possible assistance to Mr. Foley while he is here.
^        Mr. Harlow reported that the proposed increase in the fines to be charged
for overdue books had been approved by the Finance Committee and would be presented
to the Board of Governors at its next meeting. The Accountant and Mr* Harlow have
worked out a new bill form to be put into use If the Board accepts the recommendation
of the Finance Committee.
The Student-Library Committee is being organized and arrangements have been
made by Alan Fraser for the members to visit the Library next week, meet the Librarian,
and make a tour through the Library. 2.
Many requests for stack access have been received from undergraduates
during the past few weeks, and the question of stack permits is to be reviewed
by the Library Committee when it meets next Wednesday. Mr. Harlow has received
a number of suggestions from students and faeulty; some of them would be difficult
for the Library to carry out, others seem to be useful. It is hoped that the
present rule can be extended to permit another 100 or 150 students into the
stackroom, possibly on a departmental quota basis, Suggestions from the Library
staff in this matter will be welcomed by Mr. Harlow. Miss Smith said that first
consideration should be given to honours students in English and History, for whom
the Library is a laboratory. Mr. Harlow pointed out that if the students who really
need stack access eannot get it, the demand for departmental libraries will be
substantially increased.
A directive regarding centralization of book purchases made from
University funds through the library has been sent out from the President's office.
Mr. Harlow said that the library Committee, in approving this as policy, emphasized
that there should be no undue delay in getting books because of the departments
having to order them through the library. He had pointed out that there was more
delay inherent in spending large sums than in disbursing small amounts, but had
assured the Committee that the library would make every effort to give prompt
Miss Mercer has received a suggestion from two librarians in British
Columbia to consider the usefulness of a pre-library club to promote interest in
librarianship as a profession. The two librarians were both formerly on the staff
of the Library as student assistants and are interested in furthering the cause.
It is supposed that the plan would involve having meetings, hearing speakers
on library work, visiting libraries, and similar activities. It was generally
believed that such a club would be a good thing if it were well organized and
properly run, but that unless people were willing to help it along, to spend time
and take trouble for it, the club would not succeed. Such an organization would
probably make demands upon library staff time. The advisability of helping to form
a pre-library club will be considered at a later meeting.
Miss Smith asked whether the staff could leave the library on Saturday
afternoon, October 20, so tjaat they eould see the royal tour. The bjhilding will
elose at 2 p.m. because of the football game. After brief consideration it was
decided to permit staff who are regularly scheduled to work on Saturday afternoon
to leave at any time after 3 o'clock without having to make up the time. Information
regarding the route of the procession on the campus was obtained from the Information
Office, to be sent to all divisions.
The librarian reported that in a recent discussion about the Faeulty Club
by the Faculty Association, the suggestion was made that a small library be provided
in the Faculty Club quarters. The library has no funds at present for the purchase
of the kind of books that would be suitable, but the mattter will receive further
The library's current acquisition program was considered, a matter which is
to be discussed at many future meetings. Mr. Harlow referred to the Survey which
had been made early in 1950, when the library Committee, with the assistance of the
Librarian and the Library staff, had worked out a carefully weighted scale of
departmental needs. Mr. Harlow reviewed this schedule, followed by a brief survey
of the actual funds available to the departments ..and to the library for the purchase
of Library material. The Librarian said he would like to see a study made by the 3. U
Library and faculties of the different fields in which the university is interested,
in order that special funds could be requested to build up the collection where it
is weakest. There is faculty awareness of the need for adequate library resources
if the University is to attract research people* The Commerce holdings were
reviewed by a senior Commerce student last year, and he has promised to send the
library a list of recommended purchases. Dr. Maslow made a report on Philosophy,
and Mr. Rothstein did some work on the French collection before he left* The
librarian asked Miss Mercer to review atirthe next meeting the surveys which have
already been undertaken and he asked the Division Heads for recommendations
concerning the development of the library^ resources with these in mind.
Miss Mercer hopes to have a monthly statement of balances in departmental funds
henceforth, and Mr. Harlow asked if a copy could be provided to circulate among the
Divisions* This information will be useful In making suggestions to departments
for purchases from catalogues, etc. The trained librarian who knows bibliographical
sources and takes time to review material can do an essential job of selection which
most members of faculty will not undertake*
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


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