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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 1, 1957

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October 1, 1957. No. 160
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, DF, EF
Visit to New Public Library Building
October 19 (Saturday, 1 p.m.) has been set as the date for
the private showing of the new Vancouver Public Library Building to
members of the UBC Library staff.  Sheets will be circulated to
Divisions upon which those who plan to attend may make reservations.
Meeting of Pacific Northwest Regional Group, Medical Library Ass'n
A meeting of this Regional Group will be held in Vancouver
on October 19, with sessions at the Vancouver Medical Association
Building, the Biomedical Branch Library, and the Library on the
Visit to University of Washington Library School
On Monday, September 23, Mr. Harlow and Dr. Rothstein
visited the Library School in Seattle to talk with Dr. Lieberman
and his staff. During lunch with the group, and later at the School,
they discussed both the plans and problems of the University of
Washington school and those relating to the planned establishment of
a library school at UBC  The discussion should prove to be very
In the Washington school, teacher-librarians receive their
library training in the School, with credit being given in their
College of Education. The importance of retaining close liaison
between the Library School and the College of Education was
emphasized. An attempt is being made in'Seattle to integrate the
teacher-librarian program with the degree course in librarianship,
but it is necessary to design some special courses for this group.
Dr. Rothstein expressed some surprise at the amount of
material which is worked into the "quarter" courses at Seattle.
Library School students there use the general reference collection
in the main University Library, and apparently have found little
difficulty in doing so.  Typing facilities for students are limited
to one small room with four or five machines; the relative usefulness of having a regular "laboratory" period during which the whole
cataloguing class prepares its cards, compared with the Washington
system of assigning work to be done on an individual basis, was
f?nSi  ed* Tile t^313 requirement is being discussed there, since
n 5eavy course work and the comparatively short time which students
ri???- i? the Sch°o1 (4 quarters, September through August) make it
s pa ui  t0 secure work of adequate quality. Whether UBC will grant
Bachelor's or Master's degree is yet to be settled. /3
In the past, Toronto and McGill have tended to require an
Arts degree for entrance to Library School, while Washington shows
a tendency to accept any Bachelor's degree which comprises a sizeable
amount of liberal arts training. The schools mentioned do not give
entrance examinations, and Dr. Rothstein asked whether it would not
be useful to ascertain the general background, and capabilities of
the applicant. A psychological examination might be useful in screening out unsuitable personalities.
Every student at the University of Washington School spends
several weeks in actual field work, and this is believed to be very
desirable there.  Dr, Rothstein suggested the usefulness of having
field men interview out-of-town applicants for entry to the School.
In general, the staff at Seattle are thinking seriously about the
problems of library training, and changes in course work are being
planned. The visitors were impressed by their enthusiasm and drive.
While in Seattle, Mr. Harlow and Dr. Rothstein visited
Hartman's new book store and the University book store, both in the
University area.
New Term
Mr. Harlow reminded staff that the winter term is under way (if
anyone had any doubts on this point) and that
—all service rooms must be opened promptly and schedules
maintained precisely from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (don't
keep public or other staff waiting when you are
expected to be on duty).
—telephone in advance or as soon as the telephone
exchange is open if absences are necessary.
Loan Desk
Miss Lanning reported that some students apparently do not
read the signs at the new Desk and try to use the wrong windows.
The Reference staff lectures to freshmen will emphasize the proper
procedure for students.
Large zipper notebooks may be taken into the stack but must
be opened for inspection on exit. Briefcases are to be left outside
the stack.
There have been a few complaints about the new stack
directories, but Mr. Harlow observed that the area is much better
marked than before the shift, and he congratulated the Loan Division
on this condition. The locations of all books have been changed and
users will need to know how to use the bookstack themselves.
Miss Smith noted that the "J" classification is difficult to find,
and Miss Lanning will check to see whether the materials are in call
number order, starting at the lower level and working up. /¥
Serials Desk
Fir. Lanning reported that the public seem to be using the
facilities as intended.  People bringing journals out of the stack
charge them out at the stack exit. Unbound issues are to be turned
in to the Serials desk.  It was noted that after journals have been
in the Library for one month, they may be borrowed for overnight use
by 3rd and 4th year as well as graduate students. Bound journals may
be borrowed for up to a week by graduates and overnight by 3rd and
4th year students. The re-location of the Kardex at the desk seems
to have improved arrangements there. Mr. Lanning commented upon the
strong draft which at certain times blows through that area, and
Miss Lanning asked whether double doors at the main Library entrance
might not cut down this current of cold air.
Two reporters for the Ubyssey have talked to Mr. Harlow
about the discipline and noise problems in the Library, and it is
hoped that this is a sign of student interest in improving conditions.
Library Instruction
The Reference Division will give instruction to 59 sections
of freshman English this year, starting on October 7 (there were
48 last year). Miss Fraser has given two lectures on library use to
the Nursing class, and will give two to Pharmacy students this week
and another to Medical students (the 5th) on  Saturday.  Reference has
given instruction to fourth year Chemical Engineering students and
third year Commerce, and will continue with fourth year Home Economics
students on Friday. Fliss Dwyer is giving two or three lectures to
classes in Planning and Architecture.
1957 Return of Books for Annual Check
As of the end of August, about 89 members of faculty had
not yet returned all the books charged out to them. A second notice
has still to be sent to them. Fliss Lanning remarked that Library
staff members sometimes leave without returning all their books, and
it was recommended that the Loan Desk staff advise Division Heads of
outstanding loans to staff members known to be resigning.
Professional Staff Meeting
A meeting of the professional library staff will be held in
Room 857 on Wednesday, October 2, at 4:30 p.m. Agenda: Report by
Dr. Rothstein upon PNLA meeting in Bozeman, Montana; report by
Miss Dwyer upon buying art books in Britain; discussion of proposed
Library building program.
Undergraduate Essays
Some faculty members of the English and History departments
have asked the Library to accept selected essays by Honours students
t?k the B,A* Tlie ma't'ter of selection will be discussed by the
Librarian with Dean Soward and Dr. Daniells, and the essays accepted
by the Library will be catalogued. /2
Truckloads of New Books
It is most important that trucks of new books should not be
delayed en route from the processing divisions to the shelves of the
Library, and this means that a truck should not be kept longer than
24 hours in any one division (Librarian's office and Reference).
Student Work Sheets
Mr. Harlow asked that each Division Head delegate-some
responsible member of staff to check and sign student work records
when the Head is absent or unavailable. This will avoid delays in
sending the report to the Librarian's office on Tuesday morning, and
in making weekly payments to assistants.
Periods of less than one-half hour are not to be entered on
work report sheets.
New Information Officer
Mr. Jim Banham has been appointed Information Officer,
replacing Mr. Ed Parker who is at the University of Southern Call- .
fornia to study communications. Mr. Banham, a graduate from UBC,
'has recently returned from England.
New University Courses
Beginning in January, 1958, the University will offer non- ,
credit courses in communications, dealing with radio, television and
film, under the direction of the Extension Department and supported
by the private broadcasters of British Columbia. Funds will be
provided to purchase books in this field (to be approved by Mr. Alan
Thomas), and some kind of identification will be reouired for these
special students.
The Ford Foundation has also provided funds towards a
liberal arts centre at UBC, and a beginning will be made with the
"Study-Discussion Program in the Liberal Arts", a non-credit adult
education course.  It is not anticipated that this will affect the
Library to any extent.
The University is also ready to offer graduate work in
Adult Education, to the Master's degree. This will be handled in the
College of Education.
Friends of the Library
There will be an annual meeting of the Friends either this
month or in November. The association is now a little over a year
old. Fir. Harlow had lunch and talked recently with Dr. Wallace
Wilson, the President, and Fir. Walter Koerner, one of the Council, and
they are, eager to promote the organization and its usefulness.  Copy
xor a newsletter to the members is in the hands of the printer, and
membership cards for the coming year are being printed.  The newsletter will be sent to faculty of the University, who were not
canvassed originally but some of whom have expressed interest in the
organization. J(f
Exchange of Chinese Government Publications
The University Library is trying to arrange for exchange of
publications between the Peking government and this Library. A list
of Chinese publications has been received and an invitation to
indicate which we wish to have and what we will send in return. An
effort is now being made to secure Canadian government documents for
this exchange.
Mr. Alan Pifer of the Carnegie Corporation spent an hour
in the Librarian's office on September 24, talking about the French-
Canadian program here and other matters of library interest.
The Deputy   Director of "Technical Assistance of the
United Nations, Sr. G. Martinez-Cabanas,was brought to the Library by
Dr. Segal of the Medical Faculty. He "tested" the use being made of
UN documents, for which this Library is a depository, and was much
impressed by the competent manner in which Miss O'Rourke produced the
items requested. It is reported that Dr, Segal also spoke highly both
of the service and the librarians at the UBC Library.
Dr. Carl W. Hintz, Librarian of the University of Oregon,
visited Vancouver on September 18, and Fir. Harlow and Dr. Rothstein
discussed the PNLA-Ford project with him.
Next Meeting
Mr. Harlow asked staff to be ready to discuss the handling
(1) of newspapers and (2) of miscellaneous items of monographic series
to which the Library does not subscribe.
Serge (Katarinich) Millan
Mr. Millan, formerly in the Serials Division, has written to
say that he has enrolled in the Library School at Berkeley, adding
that his interest in librarianship was developed while he worked at
Fir. and Mme. Pantelis Papafingos have announced
the birth of their second son.
Stack Pa.q.qps
The Librarian's office has issued 1553  stack passes,  to
9:30 a.m. today.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m. 17
Curriculum Laboratory.  Miss Eleanor Cock has left the Library to
enter the Graduate Library School of the University of Chicago, and
Firs. Anna Bertsch is replacing her in the Curriculum Laboratory,
working under the direction of Mr. Walter Lanning.
Mr. Roger Harrison.  Mr. Harrison has completed the first six
months (probationary period) of his apprenticeship in the Bindery and
his appointment has been confirmed.
Resignation.  Mrs. Stella Carney has resigned from her Library
Assistant position in the Circulation Division.
Appointments. Mrs. Sheila Hoen has joined the Biomedical Library
staff as Library Assistant, replacing Firs. Barnes.
Fir. E. 3. Hurt has started work as Library Assistant
at the Loan Desk, replacing Mrs. Carney.
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other arrangements of herbs, flowers and shrubs grown in the
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in 6 (elephant folio).
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d'Art, 1942-
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