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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 21, 1953

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TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present:  Mr. Harlow,MisS Jefferd; Miss Smith,"Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Miss Jefferd reported that the first batch of Armed
Forces Medical Library catalogue cards have arrived, about thirty
drawers of them.
Miss Fraser will decide which volumes
inserted and the,slip will be put into the book
"Bio-Medical Branch Library". A
are to have slips
and stamped
SPRING May 1: $  a.m. to 5 p.m.'
May 2 (Saturday): 9 a.m,'to 12 noon.
"May 4- : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday;
9 a.m, to 12 noon, Saturday.
SUMMER SESSION" Monday and Tuesday, S a.m. to 9 pirn,;
Wednesday through Friday, & a.m, to 5 p.m.  Closed Saturday,
Following last week's discussion, Miss Jefferd reported
that BMB and BMRR books are put in boxes in her office, whence they
go to BMRR with the cards in them. From there Miss Fraser
distributes them to BMRR and BMB, removes and sorts the cards.
Books for the Library stacks go on trucks in the usual way.
The destination of material going into the bindery is
indicated on the binding slip. Miss Fraser puts a coloured slip
into a volume to indicate that it should go directly from the
Bindery to the Branch, The slip remains there throughout the
binding process and goes with the volume to Cataloguing, The
Catalogue Division is responsible for seeing that the book goes
on as indicated, BMB material should go from Catalogue to the
trestle in the receiving area for shipment to the"Branch. The
final checking of marking is done by Miss Liggins,
If Mr, Neal should by mistake get volumes in the main
stacks with this colored slip in them, he will know that they
should go to BMB. Volumes for BMRR have lozenges (lifesavers,
doughnuts!) to mark them, In the case of bound volumes of Medical
serials going to the main stack, Cataloguing should remove the
short shelf list cards and"send them to BMRR, while the books
themselves go to the stack. With each set of a serial title from
the Bindery, there is a slip giving the number of volumes in the
set, and this is to be checked by Cataloguing before the volumes
are sent on their way. -2-
All orders dated prior to 31 March, 1951, have been
' segregated for cancellation and Acquisitions is still working on
the sum of orders outstanding since that date. Serials will do the
same, A form will be provided upon which to list cancellations to
the dealers, reporting that quotations will still be welcome, if
such is the case,
Miss Jefferd, Miss Mercer, Miss Alldritt and Mr. Lanning
met the Librarian in a meeting to consider the feasibility of using
multiple forms. They plan as follows:  Cards similar to the present
order and requisition forms will be printed in strips of 5 or 6,
with strips of carbon to be inserted. The order form will be white.
Forms for carbon copies will be the same size, unprinted, in one or
more colors. The same card, printed on yellow stock, will be cut to
3" x 5?', to serve as the requisition card. Acquisitions will type
an order card and one carbon, both of which will remain in the book
when it goes to Cataloguing,  The carbon will go into a receipt file
in Cataloguing, the order card to remain in the book as a "rider"
card during processing. When a serial monograph goes from Serials
to Acquisitions, Acquisitions will make 1 white card and two carbons,
'~one)-.cay>te^a to remain in Acquisitions, the other two to go with the
serial to the Catalogue Division. For gifts there will also be three
cards: the process or order card (which may be a plain one) and two
--carbicHrs*'j~"TJneo*««sd3«i will remain in Acquisitions, two will go to
Catalogue Division (one for its receipt file, the other as a "rider").
New periodicals going from Serials directly to Cataloguing
will have a routing slip, and Serials will make in addition two
3" x 5" slips for Cataloguing to accompany it. When the issue is
returned to Serials, the receipt card will be removed from
Cataloguing's file and sent back to Serials with the newly catalogued
Since this procedure is new and experimental, there will
be no effort to include government publications at present.
If it is ever decided to put temporary cards in the public
catalogue as soon as a book is received, before it is catalogued,
an additional slip can be made in Acquisitions for this purpose,
It is present practice to put volume numbers In the call
number instead of dates. Both volume number and date are to appear
on the spine. For material going into the Bindery this must be
indicated in the Bindery slip; if it is omitted, in error, it will
need to be lettered on the spine afterwards in ink. Volumes^of
periodicals received as gifts sometimes do not have all the information on the spine and in this case, too, the omission should be
lettered by hand. If there is any quantity of material now in the
stacks lacking such information, it should not be rushed through at
the moment. ~3~
A pasting machine has arrived and ife in use in the
Acquisitions Division. It is reported to be fast and efficient in
operation and to save much time. It is also unnecessary to insert
blotters for drying purposes. Miss Mercer has a "Glu-pen" for
tipping in date-due slips, and if it proves satisfactory it may be
wise to provide others for Serials, Loan and BMB.' Mr. Harlow
emphasized that the painting over of call numbers, providing new
lettering, etc* on the spines of books must be done with great care
and neatness in order to present a good appearance in keeping with
the attractive binding being done.
Mr, Harlow asked if the Loan procedure would be simplified
if books were made returnable on selected days of the week, rather
than"on dates which are two or four'weeks from the date borrowed:
e.g., books would be due on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays,
or on Tuesdays and Fridays. It might make due dates easier for
borrowers to remember, and it might simplify Loan Desk records. It
would increase loan periods a few days in some cases and there was
some feeling that more copies of books would be needed.  In Summer
Session, particularly, making the books available to borrowers at
frequent and regular intervals is vital. It was decided to reconsider
and discuss the matter at another time.
Miss Lanning said that she would like to consider having
one standard loan period of two weeks (except during Summer Session),
There are far more fines against the long-loan books than against
short-loan materials,
Mr. Harlow asked if the Division Heads thought it a good
plan for the Fall to have students sign up voluntarily for tours of
the Library, perhaps offering one or two a day for a period of two
weeksv Students who sign up voluntarily might be more interested
than those who come by assignment. It would be very useful to
students, particularly to new people to whom the building itself
is a maze. It was agreed that the practice might also convince
students that librarians are human beings whom they can approach for
help, something about which many are extremely timid. For this
reason, the staff at the public desks should conduct the tours,
although students should be shown the processing as well as the
service areas of the Library. The tours should be open to anyone
who wishes to join them, and it would be interesting to,, see how
much interest there is among students in learning about the Library.
Miss Smith said that not more than eight or ten persons
could be satisfactorily handled at a time and that an hour is needed
for a moderately useful tour. It was agreed that forty minutes would
need to suffice, between 20 minutes before the hour and 20 minutes
after. The group should be warhed at the beginning that time is
limited, that they must keep up with the leader, and that questions
about special interests should be asked at the end or on another
occasion. It was decided to plan two tours daily for ten days -4-
early in the Fall Term, and to precede them with publicity in The
Several members of the staff plan to attend the Conference,
the chief deterrent being the expense of going to Kelowna for a
three-day period. Those planning to go are: Miss O'Rourke, Miss Smith,
Miss Mercer, Mr, Spratt and Mr. Owens, and possibly one or two from
the Catalogue Division.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 noon.
Mr, Spratt has been appointed Librarian Of Victoria College,
and will commence his duties in Victoria in August, Congratulations
to Mr, Spratt, and the best wishes of the Library staff for his
happiness and success in his new post.
Miss Geraldine Dobbin joined the staff of the Serials"
Division on April 21 to fill the new Library Assistant position.
As previously announced Mr. Rothstein will return to the
Library at the beginning of.January,'1954,"and Miss Smith will
become Assistant Librarian on July 1, 1953. Miss Mercer will,
continue as Acting Head of the Acquisitions during the 1953/1954 year.
There are two-Clerk-1 positions to be filled: one in
Reference and one in the Catalogue Division, the latter requiring
good typing skill. The First Assistant positions in the Serials and
Circulation Divisions have not yet been filled, nor has the Junior
Librarian position in the Fine Arts Room, to which Miss Thompson
has been temporarily assigned.


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