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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 5, 1960

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April 5,  I960. No.  214
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest ^
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, EBM, ML, DF, MAT, BSS (for RJL who
was ill) and HM.
Work (done during the night after the Library closes)
has been started on the stairway from Level 1 to the new
Processing area in the existing Reserve Book Room. A partition has been erected in the RBR and holes drilled through the
floors, and the present stairway will shortly be moved. A
passageway is also being installed at the south-east corner
of the new Processing area, connecting the future Cataloging
space with the typing room (in the present Reserve bookstacks).
It is planned to have the Reserve books moved to a new,
temporary place behind the Loan Desk before April 30 in order
that Cataloging and Acquisitions divisions may move by May 2
as scheduled. Some new additional lighting will have been
installed before May 2 as well. A more specific schedule will
doubtless be available next week.
The practicum for students in the College of Education
will not be finished until May 13 and the problem of returning
the books to the Curriculum Laboratory will then arise. A
temporary return desk may have to be set up at the main Loan
Graduate Students
"Graduate students" are those who are registered in
the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and the Registrar's office
will endeavour to provide them with library cards of a distinctive colour next term. Students registered in the School
of Social Work are in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and are
defined as "post-graduate students", having already obtained
a B.A. degree; they will not carry Faculty of Graduate Studies
library cards but are in general entitled to the same library
privileges as graduate students.
There has been an increase in the bindery output
during the past fiscal year to a new all time high. During
1959/60, 11,797 volumes in full buckram were processed, plus
other types of work, including "flush" (storage) bindings. UNESCO Conference
The library meeting in connection with the UNESCO
conference on its East-West Project was held on April 2 under
the auspices of the BCLA, the CLA, and the Association of
Teacher-Librarians of the B.C.T.F. It was ably organized and
chaired by Miss Smith. Several lists of books were available,
one, by Firs. M. Brunette of the Vancouver Public Library, a list
of titles on Asia intended primarily for the use of new-comers
to Canada, and books which should be in all public libraries.
The Teacher-Librarian's Association compiled a list of books
on Asia for school libraries. Mr. Sant Ram Bhatia, Editor of
The Indian Librarian had also sent in a list of important books
on India.'
Mr. Lewis Perinbam, Associate Secretary of the Canadian
National Commission for UNESCO spoke at this meeting, outlining
the East-West project of the Commission. Fliss Edna Hunt
(Assistant Librarian, National Research Council), who is also
a member of the Commission, spoke on the proposals and objectives of the library group. One specific recommendation was to
encourage the Department of External Affairs to appoint professional librarians to their embassies to build up collections
of Canadian material which will be of interest to people in
Asian countries and to assist embassy staffs with their
information problems.
An extensive list of Asian publications for Canadians
is being prepared by Dr. W. A. C H. Dobson (Head of the Asian
Studies Department of the University of Toronto). This list
will be sent to libraries in Canada to be used as a guide for
collections in public and school libraries.
Ilsley Commission
The Ilsley Commission on Patents, Trade-marks and
Copyright has now published its report. The newspaper comments
all related to patent provisions.
Miss Smith reported that the University of British
Columbia Library is now the depository for publications of the
Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East. This is an
organization under the United Nations, with headquarters in
ALA Executive Board Meeting
Mr. Harlow attending meetings of the ALA Executive
Board in Chicago (arriving in a snowstormI) on March 26 and 27.
It was reported that the health of Mr. David Clift is progressing
very well. He has been granted leave of absence until the end
of June and will not be back to work until after the Flontreal
conference. NCCUC Meeting
After the meetings in Chicago, Mr. Harlow went on to
Ottawa to attend meetings of the Committee on University Libraries
of the National Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges,
which were held on March 30. Dr. Kaye Lamb is Chairman of this
Committee and other members are:
Father E. Desrochers, Librarian of the Jesuit Colleges.
Father A-M Morisset, of the Library School, University
of Ottawa.
Dr. R, R. McLaughlin, Dean of Applied Science,
University of Toronto, and member of the Library
Committee of the University.
Dr. Joyce Hemlow, of McGill University.
Dr. A. W. Trueman, Director of the Canada Council
Mr. J, E„ Brown, Librarian of National Research Council.
Mr. Harlow.
Dr. George Whalley, of Queen's University (not present
at the meeting
The subjects of undergraduate facilities and research
facilities in university libraries were discussed. A committee,
to be composed of Father Desrochers, Mr. D. Lochhead, and
Dr. Rothstein will study standards and lists which will be useful in judging the calibre of college libraries.
University and college libraries will be asked to
identify and describe their chief research collections, both
in scope and extent, after which some pattern of responsibility
may be established. A report will be made by the Committee to
the NCCUC at the June meeting.
Mrs. Louise H. Sorensen as Library Assistant in the
Acquisitions Division on April 30.
Mrs. Christina Read as Library Assistant in the
Biomedical Library on May 4.
Miss Marilyn B. Smith as Library Assistant in the
Cataloging Division on Flarch 28.


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