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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 22, 1952

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TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present:  Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. lanning, Miss Fugler.
Work has commenced on the conversion of the men's locker room into
quarters for the Bindery. The new oversewing machine has been shipped by the
manufacturer, and it is to arrive in Vancouver before May 12, when it will be
installed. By the Winter session the Bindery should be in full operation, at
which time the faculty will be advised concerning its enlarged and revised
The staff should remember that there will be no janitor on duty at
night until the fall, and that careful attention should be given to closing
windows, locking doors, etc. when the building is closed. Division Heads are
asked to mention in their monthly reports any undesirable condition arising
from the inadequate janitor service and, if it is warranted, Mr. Harlow will
report them to Buildings and Grounds, asking that more satisfactory service
be provided. Miss Lanning reported that one of her staff had gone round the
main reading room this morning, tidying up the tables.
The Librarian said that he was in the Library at 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoon recently and wondered whether students in the reading rooms had
any sure way of knowing when they should leave. In the evenings the lights may
be dimmed as closing time approaches, by way of warning; but during bright days
this method is not feasible. A buzzer sounds in the stack room a few minutes
before closing time, but there is no similar warning given in the reading rooms.
A bell in each of the main rooms would seem to offer the most effective means
to give notice. After some consideration of the problem, it was decided to
ask for an estimate of the cost of installing a bell system.
Mr. Harlow pointed out, in&entally, that any member of the staff who
hears a bell in the stackroom should at once investigate the stack fire stair
exits to discover the cause. Miss Lanning said that her staff had done so on
the occasion when the bells were being tested.
Mr. Harlow feels that whatever the policy regarding public use of the
University library may be, it should be applied uniformly. There is no official regulation at present, other than the statement in the University Calendar,
(1952/53, p. 36), and the Librarian plans to suggest a definite set of regu-
lations to the President for his consideration. The use of the Extension
Library is one aspect of such service, and there seems to be some confusion
between Extension Library and extra-mural facilities. Miss Smith said that
she had always refused to give service to high school pupils, bull Ww*m'«fcl«i*
Until the matter is clarified, Mr,
Harlow is willing to deal with inquiries, but he will also ask other senior
members of the staff to act as his deputies in this regard, using the Calendar
statement as existing policy. He will draw out a form to be filled out by
applicants for extra-mural borrowing privileges, giving certain essential data
and indicating proposed use of the Library.
The annual business of receiving a postage depeo-it of #1.00 and of
mailing books out for summer reading will begin as soon as term ends. Books
are not loaned for all summer, but for a month, or for shorter periods if a
whole class is expected to read the same material. No fines have been levied
for keeping summer loans over time. Mr. Harlow suggested asking Mr. Hunter for
a list of paper-bound books available at the Book Store, and encouraging students
to acquire their own copies, although much of the suggested material for reading
is probably not available in this form.
The acknowledgement of gifts, upon which monthly reports are made
to the Dean of Administrative Affairs, is to be discussed by the Librarian and
Dean Gage. The Dean is particularly concerned about the acknowledgement of continuations, e.g., gifts of continuing files of periodicals. There is no accession
card now made for gifts, and as a result some items cannot later be identified
and located. These occassions may be few, and it is a question how much time
and effort should be spent to prevent a few difficulties arising. Mr. Harlow
favors a fairly strict accounting of gifts, and in order to assess the present
situation, he asked for a statement from the Heads of Serials, Acquisitions,
and Reference concerning the manner of acknowledgement in their respective
Divisions, to be available for next week's meeting.
This discussion brought up the question of Library policy regarding
gifts, and the Librarian said that it was.not essential to accept anything and
everything that was offered, but that suggestions might be made as to other
places that would welcome the material in question. It is also Library policy
to make it clear, in accepting gifts that the Library is free to decide what
use to make of them, on the assurance that it will make the best use possible.
A good deal of judgement must be used in receiving or rejecting gifts,depending
upon the material, the donor and his relation to the University, and other
Miss Lanning has worked over this problem in its relation to the
physical set-up of the Loan Desk, and she submitted to Mr. Harlow a sketch
of the several traffic routes which might be followed. The difficulty of
identifying some persons, such as assistants, who state that they are members
of faculty, continually besets the Loan Desk staff, and Miss Lanning asked
if some identification could be provided to faculty who are entitled to stack
access. Mr. Harlow expects to do so for next session. Miss Lanning said that
perhaps we should consider using the stack door on level 3f  for a stack entrance,
leaving a full-time staff member established there. Unless books are to be
charged out there, students would still need to go to the Loan Desk; and this
door is a long way from the public catalogue. Some discussion followed regarding the re-location of the Loan Desk and the public catalogue, and some
hopeful plans for possible future relocation of these service areas,
A draft outline of the procedure and instructions for inventory was
submitted by Miss Lanning and reviewed paragraph by paragraph. A few amendments were made, and the Librarian asked that any further suggestions be handed
to him within the next few days.
In planning Inventory, Mr. Harlow said that it should be assumed
that members of the staff who attend the B.C.L.A. Conference will be on duty
in the Library on Tuesday morning. As the cost of returning on the night
boat is not greater thaii the cost of hotel accommodation in Victoria, this
ruling should not create a hardship.
Dr. Mountford, Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool University, is a visitor
to the University, and on his arrival at the Library, the meeting adjourned
at 12 noon.


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