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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 10, 1949

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HEADS Held in the Librarian's Office
on Tuesday, May 10, 1949, at 2:15 p.m.
Present: Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Mr. Rothstein,
Miss Fugler (as Secretary).
Mr. Lanning is still convalescing.
The question of having numbers put on the ends of the
shelves in the stackroom was discussed.  It was agreed that
this ought certainljr to be done before ALA in August, and, if
possible, before the opening of Summer Session in July.
It is a job that properly comes under Mr. Lanning's department,
but not yet know when he will return to the Library.
Some small sections of books have to be moved, and it would be
advisable to have the moving done and the stack arrangement
settled first.  Miss Lanning will be going on holiday shortly,
but it was decided that Mr. Neale would be asked to do the
necessary shifting of books and that Miss Mercer be asked to
supervise and direct the numbering.  It is hoped, in this way,
to complete the job before the end of June.
The matter of dealing with the duplicates on Floor 2
came up.  It was agreed that, in the long run, they should be
sorted into three groups, as follows:
1. To be held for replacements and second copies.
2. To be discarded.  Some of these may be suitable for
the March of Books.
3. To be kept for exchange purposes.
While Miss Lanning will not have time to give to
the sorting job between now and her vacation time, it was agreed
that Mr. Rothstein should use the Circulation Department slips for
missing books and with these do as much sorting for group 1 as
he could.  Sorting for discards would follow, and the final
inspection could wait until more time was available.
Mr. Rothstein asked if definite holiday plans could
be made now in his department, and it was decided that a schedule
should be drawn up and acted upon.  The Acquisitions and Catalogue
Departments may take holidays at any time during the summer
except during the week of August 21 to 27, the period of the ALA
Conference.  It is not necessary for them, as it is for the
Service Departments, to have all staff on hand for Summer
Miss Smith reported having received a note from
the President informing her that the Library Estimates as submitted in their final form had been accepted as the Budget for
Miss Smith also reported that she had been present
at a meeting to discuss the question of Union demands.  Any
increases which the Union obtains for its members will have to
be met out of the budget, and it is not yet known what the
demands may be.  The depletion of staff is already quite serious
and it does not appear possible to continue Library services
on the 194^-49 scale for the coming session. All reading courses, correspondence courses, etc.,
offered by the University are to be under the Extension Department
in future.  There was no information regarding the effect on
the Library of the new policy, and this aspect of the matter has
apparently received little attention.
The Department of Buildings and Grounds has been
informed that the floor of the lean-to has broken through, and the
carpenters have inspected the damage.  This situation has made it
difficult for the Extension "Library, and it is hoped that repairs
will be effected promptly.
The sum of $200 has been allotted for extra help during
Summer Session.  Even so, it will be difficult to give anything
like the same service as was given last year, because of the
serious reduction in the staff that has lately taken place.
The whole question will have to be considered and worked out carefully before Summer Session commences.
The meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.


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