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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 13, 1956

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M      IN       U      T       E       S
Flarch 13,   1956.       No.  122
Reporting Division Heads Fieetings and Other Matters of Interest
to Universitjr of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:    NH,   SR,   AMS,  MML,  RJL,  EBM,  F1AA,  EF.
Minutes No.  121
P. 4.  The donor of the Flanitoba Gazette andn Trade
Review is Miss Isabel Bj^k_ojrj3ki.
High School Counsellors and Librarianship.
In addition to "Career Day" on March 16, when Universit3>-
students will be invited to learn about Librarianship as a career,
the High School Counsellors group of the B. C. Teachers Federation
are being invited to the Librae on April 3 for an afternoon tour
of the Library, a briefing session, and talks on librarianship.
It is important that this group be informed about librarianship
because its members have a considerable influence in planning the
careers of high school students and in the past the attractions of
librae work have not been presented to them.  A similar program
is being planned in Victoria.
Library School
The B. C. Public Library Commission has included library
education in British Columbia in a ten-year plan which they are
proposing. They have written to the President of the University
asking for the appointment of two members to a joint committee to
consider plans for a library school.  It is to be made up of
representatives of the Public Library Commission, the University,
and the British Columbia Library Association.
Delivery Service
Faculty are very greatly pleased with the new service,
but some new problems have arisen in providing it.  Interlibrary
loans are being returned by this means and, when the books are
classified by the L. C. system, they are easily confused with
material intended for the stacks.  It was proposed that faculty be
asked to leave a note identifying interlibrary loans and all
material to be picked up for return to the Library. Miss Fiercer
will hasten the preparation of a list of official delivery stations.
Fir. Harlow suggested that the responsibility for distinguishing material being returned was probably ours and that
Fliss Scott be asked to glance over the incoming volumes after each
delivery, segregating the various types.  The delivery room attendant can very likely be trained to take care of this operation. /f
As expected, some requests by author and title are not
represented in the public catalog, and an involved search might be
called for to locate the material.  The Reference staff will hereafter ask whether items are known to be in series, but Fir. Harlow
pointed out that such reference service Is not necessarily a part
of the new delivery program. We should be as helpful as practicable
but we are not proposing to make it unnecessar]/ for borrowers to
come to the Library: we have only added pick-up and delivery, not
full automation.  Likewise, items which are not normally available
for use outside the building will not necessarily be lent more
freely than before, and Divisions receiving requests for restricted
volumes are to notify the faculty member by telephone. Books will
not be picked up or delivered unless the person making the request
identifies himself.
Bound Government Documents
It was agreed that bound government documents should be
loaned on the same terms as bound periodicals, i.e., to faculty
for one month, and to graduate students for periods up to one week;
for others, Library use only.
Reserve Book Room
During the last few days the Reserve Book Room has sent
out 340 lists to faculty, requesting revisions for the 1956/57
Session. Miss Babcock's work in preparing the lists was particularly commended by Mrs. Tucker.
Cataloging Division
When it is recognized that for many months now the
Catalog Division has not had a full professional staff, the output
of the Division has been a remarkable achievement.  The typists
have learned readily to handle the Library of Congress cataloging
and have done an excellent job,, meanwhile surpassing even themselves in keeping up with the regular typing work. Fleeting the
new and more varied demands has proven both interesting and
stimulating and the backlog has been markedly reduced (leaving
only original and more complex cataloging for the professional
staff). The Librarian congratulated Fliss Alldritt and her staff
on this successful operation, and she in turn expressed her very
great satisfaction with the way the staff have accepted responsibility and risen to the challenge.
Rush Cataloging of Books for Class Use
Normally when books are given 24-hour Rush Cataloging,
cards do not go immediately to the public card catalog.  However,
when books are wanted for class use (:hn the "Reserve Room or
stacks), cards in the catalog are essential, and a temporary card
will hereafter be provided and filed immediately by Cataloging. 7f
3   r     .
Anglican Theological College Library Q^deaas-
Cards are now appearing in the public catalog for
material being added to the library of  the affiliated Anglican
Theological College. Miss Doreen Fraser will provide two cards,
one being for the Authority File. The Catalog Division, in return,
will supply a main entry the College for material added
in our "B" classification.
Opening Public Rooms in the Library
It is the responsibility of staff, not of the janitors,
to unlock the reading rooms in the morning.  Keys may be obtained
from the Loan Desk, Reference, or Catalog Division for adjacent
reading rooms and the rooms should be opened at 3 a.m. daily.
Turnstile in Reserve Book Room
A new one-way turnstile will be installed at the entrance
to the book stack in the Reserve Book Room when examinations are
over and the noise of installation will not be so serious.
Visit to Normal School
The Librarian and Dr. Rothstein visited the Normal School
last week, inspecting the Librae and talking with the Librarian,
Fliss Shopland, prior to the move to the campus.  The library has
about 8,000 volumes, of which perhaps half are individual titles,
and it appears to be heavily used.  There is little that would
add to the permanent resources of the University Library, but much
of it will continue to be useful in the College of Education. We
are now very inadequate in the elemental school field, in
children's literature, and in material related to the school
curricula, and the Normal School library will improve that
situation. The survey indicated how much of a venture the Library
will undertake in meeting the requirements of the new College.
Senora Rossi, a Medical Librarian from Valparaiso, Chile,
arrived in Vancouver on Flarch 12 and Miss Fraser met her at the
ship and took her to the Bio-Fledical Branch.
Mr. Elwood Maunder, Executive Secretary of the American
Forest History Foundation, also visited the University on March 12.
The Librarian and Mr. Ireland are members of a Foundation
committee which also includes Dean Allen, Dr. H. R. MacMillan,
Fir. Foley of the Powell River Company, and others interested in
the history of the forest indust^.  The Committee plans to aid in
the collection of business papers relating to forest history in
British Columbia, and it may become an important part of the
collecting program of the Library.
Dr. Truman, Head of the National Film Board, also visited
the University last week. 4
UBC Librae in Perspective
In comparing ourselves with the recent "Princeton
Statistics" for thirt3>--eight of the largest university libraries in
the United States (ranging from Harvard with about 6,000,000
volumes to Iowa State with  451,000), the University of British
Columbia, with 320,000 volumes, is of course well below the salt.
However, there are seven institutions in the list which added fewer
volumes during the year 1954/55, and there are fifteen below us in
the amount of money spent for Books, Periodicals, and Binding.
The staffs of ten of the libraries are smaller than ours.  It
would seem, therefore, that the UBC Library is as healthy and
active at least as many of its more well known associates.
Handbook for Future Teachers
Dr. Rothstein distributed copies of a new Handbook for
Future Teachers Clubs in the High Schools of British Columbia,
being issued by the B. C. Department of Education. On pages 23-34
the program of the new College of Education in the University is
set forth.
Request for Teacher Training Graduates to Return Books
Fliss Lanning asked that a notice be sent to those
graduating in the Teacher Training course asking for the return of
library books before they leave on their practice work.  The notice
should reach them before the end of lectures, preferably immediately
after the Easter weekend.
Fliss Smith drew attention to a note in New Zealand
Libraries, November, 1955, which mentions Fir. Harlow's suggestion
(made in a jocular remark published in the UCLA Librarian and
picked up by UNESCO) that an international library card be
provided which would give access to libraries all over the world.
The proposal has been approved by the New Zealand Library Association.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
Mrs. Sheila Lugtig will resign from her position in the
Catalog Division at the end of Flarch.
New subscriptions:
American Library Annual
Ffusicologica ff
Annali di Matematica Pura et Applicata.  Series 4, v. 2-24,
Historische zeitschrift. V. 62-I65, 1889-1936.
Dominion Bureau of Statistics.  Survey of Libraries, 1952-1954.
Ottawa, 1956.
United States Department of State. Flos cow's European Satellites.
A Handbook. Washington, D.C., November 1955.
Bishop, Olga.  "The High School Graduate's Knowledge'of his
Library." Ontario Library Review, XL (February, 1956), 52.
The results of a questionnaire on library knowledge given
to the freshman class at the University of Western Ontario.
Results are '''appalling" or merely "to be expected"—depending
on your point of viewJ
Frame, Paul N. and Frame, Florence K.  "Learned 'Fish' or Clerical
'Fowl'". Library Journal, 31 (February 15, 1956), 485-487.
Librarians as our patrons see us (with a useful bibliography) .  The results are a little depressing but make good
Munn, Robert F.  "The Bibliographic Responsibilities of State
Library Associations." ALA Library Periodicals Roundtable
Newsletter 3 (January, 195&), 7-3.
Brief and to the point. Don't publish 3rd rate "scholarly"
articles for which there is space elsewhere anyhow.  Do
publish: proceedings of State conferences, statistics,
personal news, State library developments, indexes for State
documents, journals, etc.
Murray, Florence B.  "Reference and Cataloguing in the Last
Quarter Century." Ontario Library Review XL (February, 1956),


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