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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 2, 1952

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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Mrs. Sumpton, Miss Fugler.
The Librarian announced that on January 3 the new fines
scale and the new Reserve Book Room overnight lending system would
go into effect.  The latter has been worked out in an attempt to
meet the wishes of the students expressed through the
Student-Library Committee.  At any time during the day a student
may reserve a book of which there are multiple copies, to be taken
out at 4:30 p.m. for overnight use.  If there is only one copy of
a reserve book it may not be taken out for overnight use until
9 p.m.  Material hitherto marked for use in the Library only will
continue in this category and will not be loaned overnight.
The possibility of reserving a book for some days in advance was
considered but no action taken. Miss Mercer pointed out that to
permit reservations for one or more days ahead of time would give
an unfair advantage to the student who can come to the Library the
first thing each morning.  Bills for fines will be made out in
triplicate, the originals made ready for mailing and sent to the
Librarian's office together with the duplicates.  It is important
that the Accountant should have the duplicate in his hands before
a student goes to the Accounting Office to pay a bill, and by
sending out bills and duplicates from one office it is hoped to
avoid confusion in this timing.  The possibility of using window
envelopes was mentioned and it was agreed that it would save much
time in typing envelopes.  The cost of the different kinds of
envelopes will be compared.
The Serials Division finds the Intercom noisy and
asked if its use in their Division might be discontinued.
It appeared that the Reference and Acquisitions Divisions find the :
Serials station indispensable, and the Librarian's Office would be
most unwilling to do without it. Mrs. Sumpton said it was
occasionally a disturbance in the Reserve Book Room.  More
telephones would be the answer to the communications problem and
Mr. Harlow has asked the Comptroller to keep in mind the needs of
the Library in this respect when a new switchboard is installed in
the University.  In the meantime, the intercoms help meet the need.
It was suggested that persons speaking into the intercom lower their
voices somewhat and not stand too close to the machine.
The new fire alarm exit lock is being installed on the
stack door on level 2, and similar locks will be installed on
other stack doors.  These can be opened, without: sounding the alarm,..
only with a key. FLASHLIGHTS
New flashlights have been delivered to all divisions and
service desks, and are to be kept in a place known to all members
of the staff of each division and out of reach of the general
public.  Batteries should be checked at intervals of six months or
so, and if new ones are required they should be asked for at the
Librarian's office.
The Librarian reported that his request for special funds
to provide more equipment for the Bindery had been favourably
received by the President and that the machinery and tools would be
ordered immediately.
Mr. Harlow said he had advised the President of his
stand regarding the request of a local.religious organization to
have a list of the books ''authorized^ by the organization put
inside the cover of each of such books in the Library.  The President had approved in writing the Librarian's refusal to do so, and
the local church leader had likewise concurred by letter with the
ruling.  The list of "authorized'' titles is available for information at the Reference Desk.
Miss Mercer reported that her Committee had examined
samples of handbooks of other libraries and was ready for a
meeting with the Librarian.
About 325 blocks have been taken from the stacks and
will be sent to the Catalogue Division promptly.
Mr. Harlow said the Bindery was getting under way, and
that an experienced sewer had been engaged to teach the two
permanent women staff members a new method of sewing. Mr. Fryer
himself had converted the secondhand perforator into a sewing
machine.  The location of the binder}/ is the next problem for which
a solution must be sought.  It would be better to keep it within
the library building, but there does not apoear to be a satisfactory
place for it here.  The possibility of using the ramp has been
considered, but this could only be a temporary solution and the
problem of permanent quarters would crop up again.  Any suggestions
regarding accommodation for the bindery will be welcomed by the
Librarian. Jj' LIGHTING
A request has been made for improved lighting in several
areas in both the old and new parts of the library building, and it
is expected that something will be done in this regard before very
The Library Committee has requested that Senate define
its jurisdiction, whether it relates only to the Main Library or
whether it embraces all library material and facilities provided
by the University.  Senate, in turn, has referred the question of
interpretation to a Committee of the Deans, which is to meet this
month.  Since the point at issue at the moment relates to the
status of the Law Library, two representatives from the Faculty of
Law will be on the Committee, and the Chairman and Secretary of
the Library Committee will represent the Library.  Although the
immediate decision will have to do with the Law Library, its
implications will be far-reaching.
In order to save bound volumes of periodicals from undue
wear and tear when they contain articles to which large numbers of
students are referred year after year, the Circulation Division
has had photostat copies of the articles made and these, rather
than the volume, are loaned to students.  The first photostat
copies of this kind were catalogued and later ones not, and
Miss Lanning asked what procedure should be followed.  After some
discussion it was agreed that they should not be catalogued, but
that it should be the responsibility of the Circulation Division
staff to bear in mind which articles are photostated and to lend
them instead of the bound volume.  There are not a great many, and
Miss Lanning agreed that this could be done.
Except for the Z's, reference books have been marked with
a dot on the spine; the location of the Z's is self-evident and
they do not need a distinctive mark.
Mr. Harlow inquired about the operation of the Desk
under the plan which proposed that one person receive call slips
at the Loan Desk and have them checked and paged by others, so
that there will always be one professional librarian at the Desk.
Because of the vacation period, there has not yet been ample
opportunity to put it into effect.
Mr. Mawer, a member of the Doukhobor Consultative
Committee, has told the Acquisitions Division that he will purchase
books in the field of Doukhobor history and relations and he has 4
asked whether such material would be treated as a special
collection and given special attention.  It is probable that trio
Library will eventually receive all the papers of the Doukhobor
Commission, which is now writing its final report.  Mr. Harlow
said that Mr. Mawer should be advised that if the Library is
likely to get the manuscript material of the Doukhobor
Commission, a special collection would probably be established
to which the books might be added.  It was said that the
published books on the subject might well go into the general
stack; but if the material develops into a special research
collection, it might be better to keep it all together.
The meeting adjourned at ll:30'a.m.


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