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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 10, 1951

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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1951, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Donis, Miss Fugler.
Mr. Harlow said he was trying to work out something in
black and white which would cover personnel regulations for all the
library staff. He and Miss Smith had visited Mr. McLean, Personnel
Director, and gone into several matters with him in an effort to
clarify the rules.
The basic work week on the campus is 38 hours, to which
schedule the Library must conform. Likewise, the 5s day week is
standard for the University, but the Library has the approval of the
Personnel Director to schedule the 38 hours on a 5 day week when it
will operate to the best advantage of the University. Mr. Harlow
therefore wishes it to be known that the 5 day week is not a right
of employment but is adopted by Division Heads in individual cases
to facilitate the operation of the Library throughout its extended
time schedule.  Commencing with the fall term, the staff of all the
divisions except the Librarian's office will in effect operate on a
5 day week. Two or three members of staff in the divisions will be
scheduled on a 5i day week, because the time-table cannot be
satisfactorily arranged otherwise.  It should be understood that the
arrangements are for operational reasons and are not discriminatory.
Persons working a 5g day week may be granted shopping time
of h  day a month. This leave is regarded by the University as a
privilege and not a right of employment, it is not cumulative, and
during the first year of service it is deducted from the sick leave
allowance. In the second and following years of service shopping time
(on a 5'i day week) may be granted without being deducted from sick
leave.  Arrangements for time off for whatever purpose, except
emergencies, must be made in advance, and Library service must be
given first consideration, although conscientious effort should be made
to meet the wishes of the individual concerned.
Sick leave for the first year of employment is 9 days,
thereafter 12 days, cumulating to 8 weeks. Persons requiring less
than J hour off for medical or other serious purposes will make up
the time by arrangement in advance with Division Heads. Longer times,
in units of hours or days, will be deducted from sick leave or
holiday schedule. The fifteen minute break for tea is a voluntary
and non-cumulative rest period and may not be offered in lieu of
time made up. Absence reports will be transmitted to the Librarian's
office by the Head of the Division concerned.
The annual vacation is 21 calendar days. By decision of
the Board of Governors, if a holiday occurs at the beginning or end
of the 21 day period it can be added to vacation time; if a holiday
occurs in the middle of the 21 day period it cannot be so added.
General regulations require that annual vacation be taken prior to
the end of August for the preceding year ending May 31. Because of
the Library's year-round operation, greater leniency is allowed to
its staff.  At the end of employment, in lieu of vacation, termination
pay is given at the rate of a day's pay for each month worked during
the current vacation year. Time off scheduled at Christmas, in addition to the
University holidays, will be deducted from the annual holiday period.
Miss Donis asked if the additional days could be taken without pay,
and not affect the annual vacation, but Mr. Harlow pointed out that
this would require application to the Board of Governors, and since
University employees in general are not entitled to extra holidays
at this time, he does not believe the Board should be approached with
such a request. Mr. Harlow asked Miss Donis to explain this situation
to the Staff Association. Miss Mercer pointed out that the Library
has more holiday at Christmas time than most American libraries and
more than the Vancouver Public Library.
It is reported that some people are taking more than the
15 minutes granted for the daily break period. Mr. Harlow agreed
that Division Heads should check any abuse of the break period, but
he also believes that the StaffAssociation should take notice of
this matter, that it is a matter of individual discipline and that
the library staff should enforce it among themselves.
The general rule regarding the University pension plan
is that it applies to faculty, librarians, and senior members of the
clerical staff over 30 years of age.  Persons under 30 years of age,
who intend to work continually for the University,, may make application
and each case will be given consideration.
The matter of staff members taking courses was dealt with.
Miss Smith said that the staff had been encouraged to take courses which
would add to their usefulness in their work in the Library.  Time
taken off for attending lectures, etc., was made up. Mr. Harlow said
he would encourage staff to take courses, even though they might not
bear directly upon the work of the Library, and particularly if they
led towards a degree. In general, a better informed or educated
person contributes more to the job. Mr. Harlow would^prefer to grant
time up to 3 hours a week for lectures, but he is not sure that this
can be managed at the present time.
The Librarian also said he would like to encourage members
of the staff to take part in professional library work by attending
conventions, reading and writing for professional and scholarly
journals.  He suggested that the program of displays in the University
Library is worth writing up. Miss Smith said she would like to see
such an article, illustrated with photographs.
The question of the rights of library personnel to borrow
periodicals was discussed briefly, and the Librarian expressed the
opinion that staff should be allowed to borrow material (after it has
been in the Library for a month) in the same way as faculty do.
If someone wants to see a certain periodical regularly, .he should
probably be allowed to have it over night even before that time.
Mr. Harlow also inquired about Staff Association subscriptions to
publications which might be especially desirable in the staff lounge.
There was a suggestion that one of the British publications, such as
The Economist ror The Spectator be either added to the present magazines
or substituted for one of them.
The Librarian asked whether full staff meetings were ever
held in the Library, and the reply was that, except for Staff
Association meetings, there were not.  The Divisions have their own 12
meetings when it is possible to do so. Mr. Harlow believes it is a
good plan to have all the staff sit down together and talk matters
over, and he asked about a convenient time for doing so.
Miss Smith said that in the Reference Division two meetings are held
each month, one in Library time and one in the staff's own time.
Mr. Lanning remarked that Serials occasionally has a staff meeting,
with,one person absent. Miss Lanning said it was extremely
difficult for all the Circulation staff to get together. Mr. Harlow
approved the Reference Division's method of having staff projects:
they are good for the individual as well as for Library service.
Mr. Lanning asked if the personnel regulations could be
published for the general information of staff, and Mr. Harlow replied
that he expected to have them mimeographed and distributed.
The matter of granting stack permits was considered.
The Library Committee has ruled that only graduate students should
have access to the stackroom.  In the first year of Medicine most of
the students are graduates, but a few are not. Mr. Harlow pointed
out that first year medical students are actually fourth year
students in the University and are probably not in any more need of
stack permits than many other groups of undergraduates.  He also
brought up the problem of controlling unlicensed access to the stacks
and said there was not much use in limiting stack permits if students
got in anyway via the stairwell doors.  He has gone into the matter
with Professor Young, Chairman of the University Committee on Fire
Prevention, and together they inspected the stackroom.  The fire
chief also made an inspection.  It is hoped to have the fire stairway
doors locked on both sides so that they can be opened only with a
key or, in an emergency, by a fire alarm lock.
Another problem under discussion is the collection of fines.
The method has not yet been settled, but, since the Library no
longer receives the revenue, it has been decided that the Accounting
office will send bills and make collections and the Library will
no longer have this responsibility.  Anyone wishing to pay a fine in
the Library will be referred to the Accounting office; no money
will be accepted here. Miss Lanning pointed out that certain
stamps have hitherto been provided out of fines money, and that
henceforth the Library Supplies and Expense account will have to
supply stamps.
Miss Mercer spoke of the Rental account, and expressed the
hope that this could continue in the present way. Otherwise there
will be considerable difficulty in carrying on the service.
As a final word, Mr. Harlow said he would like relations
between the Division Heads and their staffs not to be strictly on the
basis of employer and employee, but with the understanding that all
are employees of the University.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 Boon.


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