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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 3, 1959

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 Fi  I  N  U  T  E  S
Flarch 3, 1959.   No. 191
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH,   SR,  AMS,  MML,   RJL,  EBM,  GG,   DF,   EF.
Fir.  Turner represented the  Catalogue Division in
Mrs.  Turner's absence.
Miss Eleanor Stevens
Fliss Eleanor Stevens, who retired recently as Head of
the Oregon State Library, died on February 25. The new Librarian
is Miss Eloise Ebert.
Chinese Collection
The official name of the Chinese collection is P'u Pan.
The area on level 7 in the Library where it is stored has been
closed off, and Dr. Rothstein and Dr. Wang are arranging for the
assistance of Chinese students to help Dr. Wang check the
British Book Exchange
The Library has been participating in a British Book
Centre exchange scheme and material is beginning to come in.
In the U. S. Book Exchange procedure, duplicates are actually
shipped to the Exchange, whereas the British exchange prepares and
circulates lists based upon information from the participating
libraries. Requests for material are sent to the Centre and are
transmitted by them to the libraries offering the items.
The service costs £8 per year for the lists by airmail, and the
participating library must supply lists of its duplicates. So far,
a very good proportion of the material we have requested has been
received and the books listed seem to be of a better caliber than
those offered by the U. S. Book Exchange. We may also list our
wants. Fir. Harlow asked that a record be kept of the cost and
receipts from the service.
University of Toronto Library Changes its Classification Scheme
The Librarian of the University of Toronto, Mr. Blackburn, has sent Mr. Harlow a copy of the letter which advises the
faculty 6f the plan to adopt the Library of Congress classification
scheme. The inauguration of author and subject catalogues, into
which the new cards will be filed, and the maintenance for a
period of years of the existing card catalogue (also to be divided
into author and subject sections) is part of the new scheme.
It is expected that new additions will be classified by the L. C.
scheme beginning at once, so that books will be shelved both under -2-
the old and new classifications.
Provincial Medical Library Service
On February 28 a conference was held by the College of
Physicians and Surgeons to bring together as many doctors from
various parts of the province as possible to discuss a proposal to
inaugurate a province-wide medical library service. A number of
articles have already appeared in medical journals for the information of doctors, since their interest must be assured before the
College is willing to ask them to support it financially. About 25
doctors and an equal number of librarians attended, and Mr. Ireland,
of the Provincial Library, Fliss Fraser, and Mr. Harlow were among
the speakers. The main questions asked are how much will the service
cost and what precisely will it provide, both difficult to answer
in detail. Excerpts from Miss Fraser's report on medical libraries
in British Columbia, which formed part of the PNLA Library Survey
Project, were distributed at the conference.
Library Career Day
Only three students turned up for the "Librarianship as a
Career" meeting yesterday, although.the exhibits in the Library
themselves attracted many students. The Ubyssey did not publicize
it, and it is not known how much of the information sent to campus
organizations was distributed. There is some doubt about the appeal
of the film used, but Dr. Rothstein felt that on the whole it is
reasonably good. A suggestion was made that the Library obtain next
year from the Personnel Office a list of the students (some 30 this
year) who indicate they are interested in librarianship as a career
and send personal invitations to them to attend a coffee party to
discuss the career possibilities.
Student Library Committee
A special committee of the Alma Mater Society has presented
a brief, dated February 23, to the Student Library Committee suggesting means to improve study conditions in the Library. Mr. Harlow
read excerpts from the brief, copies of which have been sent to
members of the Senate Library Committee. They propose joint action
by students, faculty. Library, and University administration to
encourage student self-discipline and respect in relation to the use
of Library facilities.
Academic Symposium
As a member of a panel at the academic symposium held in
Parksville last week-end, Mr. Harlow took the opportunity to put
before the students the matter of student responsibility in relation
to the University. The panel discussed some differences in "structure" between UBC and British and United States universities, and
Fir. Harlow chose for his presentation student responsibility, the
relationship of budget to the University academic program, and the
advantages and disadvantages of size. -3-
Library Hours During Pre-Examination Period
The problems of staffing the Library if it is to remain
open until 11 p.m. during the first two weeks of April were
discussed. The arrangement of time tables to provide responsible
staff and the problem of bus transportation at the later hour were
two of the matters discussed. Mr. Harlow asked the Division Heads
to think about these problems and make suggestions; a decision must
be made shortly.
Mr. Harlow reminded Division Heads again that keys in the
Divisions muat be kept secure from use by unauthorized persons.
A stack key turned up in the  Librarian's office recently without
any clue to where it  came  from or Who was responsible for itt
Miss Traff
Miss Vera Traff has returned to work, having made a good
recovery from her injuries.  During her absence the Librarian's
office was particularly indebted to the Serials and Catalogue
Divisions for assistance from Fliss Stoochnoff, Miss Creemer, and
Mrs. Marguet.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
Firs. Joanne Doolan has been appointed to a temporary position
at the Loan Desk, replacing Firs. Kuipers during the latter's leave.
Firs. • Norene Brackett, who has been a member of the staff since
September, 1^51, is resigning from her position as Stenographer II
in the Extension Library on March 31.
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