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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 23, 1963

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—— ^~'      "T I      "
July 9, and July 23. 1963. No.
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest to the
University of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present on July 9:  MD, TKN, DE, RJL, MW, AC, RB, GD, GGT, EH, IB, JR,
Present on July 23:  EH, DF, JS, DS, AL, RJL, TKN, JO'R, RH, GD, BSS, AD,
Disposition of the Prebind Collection.
*'           ' i I     ■
A special meeting of the Division Heads was held to consider
the problem presented by the Library's rapidly growing Prebind Collection
(volumes in paper covers, .separately shelved, awaiting binding). In the
past few years this collection has been increasing by about 2,000 volumes
annually and presently numbers around 10,000 volumes. In view of
anticipated increases in book funds and the present qapacity of the
Bindery, there is little likelihood that these volumes can all be bound
in the next few years. Added considerations are the inconveniences
currently encountered in servicing the collection and the fact that many
of the volumes are in sufficiently good condition to circulate several
times without damage. Accordingly, it was decided to break up the
collection, sending those volumes capable of circulating directly to the
stacks, and the balance of the collection (about 2,000 volumes) to the
Bindery as rapidly as scheduling permits.
Annual Reports of Divisions for 1962/63.
Divisional annual reports for 1962/63 will be due in the
Librarian's Office not later than 1 September 1963,
Second Xerox Machine.
A second Xerox copying machine has been installed on the
second floor of the bookstacks, immediately below the present Xeroxing
area. It is anticipated that the new machine will eventually be
devoted largely to the Library's own copying; however, until such
time as a new policy is worked out, staff are asked to continue the
present arrangements.
University of B. C. Theses.
Second copies of all university theses have been moved to
the stacks. There are second copies of all theses submitted since
1946, and a scattering of theses submitted in earlier years. Location
cards will be made for those few theses which are not available for
consultation without departmental approval.  Seqond copies of theses
will circulate on a home-use basis. - 2 -   fjl
Chemistry and Physics Reading Rooms,
The library collections housed in the Physics and Chemistry
Reading Rooms consist, for the most part, of relatively small numbers
of periodicals and books, heavily used by the members of those Depart-r
ments.  These same materials, many of which are the only copies on
campus, are also needed upon occasion by faculty and students in allied
subject areas. The Chemistry and Physics Departments understandably
would like these materials not to circulate and to be present in their
Reading Rooms at all times; this procedure, quite as understandably, is
considered an inconvenience by those outside the Departments,
In an effort to make one copy serve where two are needed, the
Library is requesting that the following procedures be followed in the
use of materials in the Physics and Chemistry Reading Rooms by individuals
outside those departments:
1.) Whenever possible, students and faculty are requested
to use the materials in the Reading Rooms.
2.)  On Qccasiqns when this is not feasible, the individual
is asked to check the volume out and to take it
immediately to the Main Library where he will be
provided with a copy of the pages of interest to
him, free of charge. The volume will then be returned to the Physics or Chemistry Reading Rpom by
the Library.
Your co-operation in this arrangement which is, frankly,
experimental, will be much appreciated.
Mr. William S. Robb, Library Assistant in Social Sciences
Division, effective August 1, 1963.
Miss Elvira Bigendorf, Clerk I in Catalogue Division,
effective August 19, 1963.
Miss Judith Kemp, Secretary II in Spcial Sciences Diyision,
effective July 19, 1963


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