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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Aug 25, 1964

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 Y ft 22
University of British Columbia Library u "J
August 25, 1964.    No. 307
Shelving for the Main Library will be delivered later than anticipated, with
the result that the schedule attached to minutes 302 will be changed.    Attempts
are being made to speed up delivery of the  shelves.    Even if these attempts
are successful, delays of a week to a month are expected in various places.
The book move will not be completed until early in October.
Books will be moved to the Woodward Library beginning August 31st.    it is
hoped that the book move can be completed in a week, and that limited service
can be provided in time for the beginning of the Faculty of Medicine term.
The building will probably not be completed until later in September.
Staff Travel Committee
The committee reports that there is still a small amount of money in the fund.
Applications are in order, and will be dealt with  on a   'first™come,  first-
served' basis until the fund is exhausted.    Application forms are available in
the office; when completed they should be given to Gerry Dobbin,  committee
Change of address
Miss Doreen Fraser has sent us her new address and we pass this on for the
information of all the staff members.
Miss M.  D. E,  Fraser
#34,.MacLean Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Professional staff will start winter hours (3li  hours per week) on September
21st„ Clerical staff will remain on the 36 l/4 hours as before,
School of Librarianship
Dr. Rothstein reported on the School of Librarianship stating that the School
will begin its fourth Session on September 9th, I964, with the first class
meeting at 9»30 a.m. Fifty-four students are expected. The major job on
Wednesday is to introduce - as much as is possible under the circumstances -
the university library to the students. There will be five tours beginning at
IsOO p.m. each tour leaving on the half hour with a faculty member in charge.
Heads of divisions were asked to be on hand to explain changes or special
arrangements or to designate a staff member to help out with each group. All
heads of divisions, administrative staff and office staff were cordially
invited to a coffee party on Thursday, September 10th at 3*30 p.m. to meet the
students. The party would be held in the Faculty Lounge and Hall of the School
of Librarianship. On Friday, September 10th the students were to have a tour
Continued , 5%
- 2
of the Vancouver Public Library, Lectures were to begin officially on
Monday, September 14th at 8?30 a,m, Mr. Bell had kindly arranged to have the
door of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division open at that time. Dr.
Rothstein expressed his thanks to the staff of the university library for
their continued interest in and support of the School.
The University Library will be open and will provide full services beginning
September 21st during the following hourss
Monday to Friday - 8s00 a.m. to lOsOO p.m.
Saturday       - SsOO a.m. to 5*00 p.m.
The College Library will be opens
Monday to Friday - St00 a.m. to 12s00 midnight
Saturday       - 8s00 a.m. to 5^00 p.m.
Sunday - ls30 p.m. to 5%30  p.m.
The Woodward Library wiU be open;
Monday to Friday - 8sG0 a.m. to 12s00 midnight
Saturday       - SsOO a.m. to 5§00 p.m.
Sunday - ls30 p.m. to 5*30 p.m.
The Curriculum Laboratory will be opens
Monday to Friday - SsOO a.m. to lOsOO p.m0
Saturday        -> 8s00 a.m. to 5?00 p.m.
The Asian Studies Library will be opens
Monday to Friday - 8s45 a.m. to 5?00 p.m. - 7s00 p.m. to 9s00 p.m.
Saturday       - 8t45 a.m. to 12s00 noon
Appointments t
Miss Lorraine Llntner, Library Assistant in Government Documents, September
8, 1964.
Miss Linda Putnam, Clerk I in Serials, September 14, 1964.
Miss Lorraine Simpson. Clerk I in Woodward Library, August 24, 1964.
Miss Irene Whittingham, transferred to Clerk II in Extension Library,
September 8, 1964.
Mr. Gerald Walker, Library Assistant in Cataloguing, August 24, 1964.
Mrs. Georgina Clarke, Clerk III in Acquisitions, September 1, 1964<>
Mjss Sandra Skog, Clerk I in Circulation, September 1, 1964.
Continued . . „ 7
Appointments Cont.
Mrs. Dorothy James, Clerk I in Circulation, September 14, 1964.
Miss Lynne Kuznetsov, Clerk I in Circulation, September 14, 1964.
Mjss Marjorie Howell, Library Assistant in Circulation, September 1, 1964.
Miss Elaine Holmes, Clerk I in Circulation, September 14, 1964.
Mrs. Jeannette Fish, Library Assistant in Law Library, Sept either .14, I964.
Mr. James Cunningham, Library Assistant in Serials, October 1, I964.
Mrs. W„ P. Burrough, Library Assistant in Serials,- September 14, 1964.
Miss Sharon Stratford, Library Assistant in Serials, September 7, 1964.
Miss Diane Greenall, Library Assistant in Social Sciences, August 31* 1964.
Mjss Jean Poy, Library Assistant in Social Sciences, September 14, 1964*.
Mjss Betty Deeth, Clerk I in Catalogue, October 1, 1964,
Resignations s
Mjss Marilyn Seto. Library Assistant in College Library, August 14, 1964=.
Miss Lynne Braga, Clerk I in Circulation, September 11, 1964.
Mjss Shanon-Daie Hart., Clerk I in Circulation^ August 28, 1964.
Miss Jane Chang, Clerk I in Asian Studies, August 25, 1964.
Mrs. Lillian MacDonald,, Clerk II in Circulation, September 30, 1964.
Mrs. Ena Gaensbauer, Librarian II in Science, September 30, 1964o
Clerk I In College Library,  effective September 15, 1964.
Clerk I in Asian Studies Library, effective September 16, 1964.
Clerk I in Circulation Division, effective October 1, I964.
Clerk I in Catalogue Division,  effective September 7, 1964»


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