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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 14, 1958

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January 14,   1958.       No.  167
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH,   SR,   AF1S,   MML,   RJL,   EBM,   MAA,   DF,   EF.
Delivery Service to New Arts Building
Campus delivery service from the Library to the new offices
in the Buchanan Building will be centralized in the Arts Stenographer's office.
1957 in Review
At this first meeting of the new year Fir. Harlow mentioned a
few of the major developments during the past twelve months:
the improvement in salaries and status of the professional staff;
the gift of $15,000 from Fir. Walter Koerner for books in the
humanities and social sciences; installation of the new book-
stacks; and the moving of the Biomedical Library into new quarters
in the Library.
Gift towards Addition to Library
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Koerner have given $375,000 towards
building an addition to the University Library building.  Presumably
the provincial government will match this, making $750,000, and
the Canada Council, it is hoped, will contribute an equal sum.
Mr. Harlow hopes that digging on the site will begin in October
or November of this year. A number of members of faculty have
expressed their satisfaction that money is being made available
for additional services such as an undergraduate library.
University Development Plan
Mr. Harlow showed the meeting the proposed new over-all plan
for the campus and pointed out the relationship of other buildings
to the Library.  He also displayed a sketch of the Library, showing the contemplated extension and future possibilities. The plan
for the College Library shows a large number of individual tables
which will provide privacy for studying; this arrangement can be
provided without using more space per student than does the
present scheme of seating at big tables. This library will be
located on the ground floor of the new wing; a science reading
room, with pertinent material in adjacent stacks, is planned for
one of the upper floors.  Stack accommodation will be added on the
east side of the present stack, since the East Mall will be relocated and the present road area will, become available for building. Replanning of the existing Library building will become
necessary when the new wing is put into use. C "5
Open House
Dr. Rothstein said "that there has been some delay in finding
out whether all the Arts departments will locate their displays in
the Library or not.  If they do so, it is hoped that all can be
arranged in the wings, leaving the main concourse free.
Mr. D. Edgar, the student in charge of this section of the program,
has seen Dr. Rothstein several times and is trying to get the matter
settled.  It was also suggested that the Ridington Room be used for
Library displays. The type and arrangement of the Library material
shown at last Open House were discussed; Fir. Harlow recommended that
microreproductions and maps be given space in the main room, and all
agreed that this should be done. Another suggestion was for a
display of photographs and other historical material showing the
development of the University Library.
Development Fund Campaign
Dr. .Rothstein and Fir. Bell are receiving contributions from
the Library staff.
Duplicate Exchange List
A duplicate exchange list, compiled by Mr. Johnson in the
Acquisitions Division, has been mimeographed and sent out. As the
result of re-organization and general tidying up, there has been
a great improvement in the appearance of Floor 2.
Ridington Room Balcony
A door has been installed at the foot of the stairs leading
from the balcony to the Ridington Room, making it possible now to
maintain quiet in the balcony. If it becomes necessary to lock the
door, the Reference staff will be given a list of students taking
courses in librarianship who are entitled to access to that area.
Ridington Room Index
An index to the material in the Ridington Room is now posted
in the room.
Richardson Century Fund
The first two volumes of the Canadian Encyclopedia, which is
being provided for Library use by the Richardson Century Fund, have
arrived and will be catalogued immediately for reference use.
Webster's Dictionary
A new Webster's Dictiona^ has been received and Fir. Fryer is
inserting into it pages of stiff kraft paper.  It is hoped that this
treatment will keep the volume in usable condition longer than is
normally the case. r a
Dr. H. R. MacMillan has sent to the Library a bound copy of an
eighteenth century map b^r Henry Popple showing the British
possessions in America.
Dr. and Firs. Thomas Ingledow have again this year contributed
$1000 for the acquisition of Canadiana for the Library.
The Men's Canadian Club has given, another $500 for Canadiana
which is being used chiefly to purchase older material.  A list of
titles obtained with the first grant of $500 was given to the Club
and its members have expressed great satisfaction with the use made
of the money.
Professor Ward of the Department of History in the University
of Sydney, who has been visiting libraries in Great Britain and the
United States on a Carnegie Grant, spent a short time in the UBC    t
Library last week.  The University of Sydney is building a new
Library and Professor Ward, as a member of the Library Committee
there, is much interested in building plans.
Librarian's Annual Trip to Eastern Canada and the United States
Mr.. Harlow will leave on Thursday, January 16, for Flontreal
where he will take part in a panel discussion in the Documentation
Institute to be held at FlcGill University.  He is to consider the
intellectual aspects of documentation, while Mr. Douglas Lochhesd
will deal with the administrative aspects; there will also be representatives speaking for government and for business and industry.
Fir. Harlow hopes that the present confusion regarding "documentation"
may be somewhat clarified by the discussion.
The Librarian will visit the Library Schools at McGill University and the University of Toronto to interview students who may be
interested in working in British Columbia, and will go on to
Chicago for the Midwinter Conference of the American Library Association.  In Cleveland he will meet Fir. Hughes, Superintendent of
Buildings and Grounds, and Mr. Hickman, representing the architects,
and together they will visit library buildings at Western Reserve
University, Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan State in
East Lansing, the new undergraduate library at the University of
Michigan, the University of Minnesota Library in Minneapolis, and
the libraries of University of Idaho in Moscow and Washington State
College in Pullman. Before meeting Mr. Harlow, Mr. Hughes and
Mr. Hickman will visit libraries at the University of Saskatchewan,
probably the University of Flanitoba, the Lamont Library at Harvard
and the library of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Mr. Harlow is anxious that they see some of the best and newest
library buildings before beginning work on the addition at UBC.
The Librarian will return to Vancouver on February 11. -4-
New Fledical Building
Plans are under way for the reading room in the proposed new
Medical Building to be erected on the campus.  The architect has
discussed them with Fliss Fraser, and a number of changes have been
made in the original plans.
British Columbia Resources Atlas
A recent issue of the Geographical Review contains a review of
the B. C Resources Atlas compiled by Dr. Chapman and Dr. Turner.
The review describes the Atlas as one of the finest of its kind ever
Vancouver Institute
Mr. Harlow drew attention to the spring program of the Vancouver Institute, listing some very interesting talks.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
Firs. Beate Wesemeyer from her position in the Acquisitions
Division, to be effective on January 31;
Fliss Sharon Cliffe from her position as Clerk I in the Circulation Division, effective February 25;
Mr. Bruce Hurt from his position as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division, to take effect on January 31.
Firs. Nancy Dinnes to the position of Clerk II in Acquisitions,
replacing Firs. Wesemeyer;
Firs. Irma Hemstock to the position of Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division, replacing Mr. Hurt.
Mrs. Avis Worthington has joined the Loan Desk staff on a temporary appointment as Library Assistant to replace Fliss Cotterell
who has been transferred to the Acquisitions Division.
Fliss Evelyn Hearsey has accepted a temporary appointment in the
Reference Division.
Mr. George Imeson is still on the sick list and since the date
of his return is uncertain, Fir. J. Cox has been employed as Stack
Attendant on a temporary basis. 56
Bible, English.  The Holy Bible, reprinted according to the
authorized version, loll.  London, 192 4-27, Nonesuch Press.
The Luttrell Psalter... plates,..from the Additional Manuscript
42130 in the British Museum...  London, 19.32.
Enciclooedia de scienze politiche, economiche e sociale.
Bologna, C Zuffi, 1956-
Encyclopedie francaise.  Paris, 1935-
Bayle, Pierre.  An historical and critical dictionary; translated into English.. London, 1710.
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor.  Poems by S. T. Coleridge.  2nd ed.
To which are now added poems by Charles Lamb and Charles Lloyd.
Bristol, 1797.
Fischer, Kuno.  Geschichte der neuern Philosophie.  Heidelberg,
Wasson, Valentina Pavlovna. Flushrooms, Russia and history, by
Valentina Pavlovna Wasson and R. Gordon Wasson.  New York, Pantheon,
Cape Town, University of.  Report on Publications and Research in
the University 1953-195 5.
UNESCO.  Education Abstracts. Encyclopaedias and dictionaries of
education. Vol. IX, no. 9, Nov. 1957.


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