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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 24, 1959

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March 24, 1959-  No. 192
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAT, DF, IB, EF.
Mr. Bell attended by special request to discuss inventory,
Library Hours, March 31 - April 17
During the pre-examination period, March 31 - April 17, the
Concourse and Bookstacks will remain open until 11 p.m. for
study purposes. No books will be charged out after 9:45 p.m.,
and all other Divisions will close as usual at 10 p.m.
This schedule is being tried at the suggestion of some members of the faculty and student body on an experimental basis.
Thomas Murray
Fir. Harlow exhibited a photograph of Thomas Flurray, former
owner of the Flurray Collection of Canadiana, taken about 10 years
before he died, and said to be a good likeness.
Bell and Baird
"The English Novel 1578-1956, A Check List of 20th Century
Criticisms of English Literature," compiled by Mr. Bill Bell and
Fir. Don Baird, has just been published in an attractive volume by
Alan Swallow, Denver. The Librarian congratulated the authors upon
the publication and noted that Mr. Bell is also business manager of
a new University journal, "Canadian Literature, a Quarterly of
Criticism and Review," the first number of which is to appear in
September, 1959. Mr. George Woodcock is editor.
Personal Orders for Books
Beginning April 1, 1959, payment of bills for books purchased by Library staff through the Acquisitions Divisions must be
made by cheque and before delivery of the books to the staff member.
Cheques are to be made to the University of British Columbia for
the exact amount of the order as indicated by Miss Mercer.
A regular inventory was carried out last year, although
the final checking was not finished until the end of August.
Miss Lanning recommended that this year the collections represented -2-
by "short shelf lists" (e.g., departmental reading room collections,
the Reserve Book Room and Reference collections), be checked first
as usual and the main collection then be subjected to a careful shelf
reading, with inventory being taken only of selected sections.
Summer Session, staff holidays, and the growth of the collections
make it almost impossible to carry out a full annual inventory.
Mr. Bell suggested a continuing inventory which would be completed
about every four or five years and remarked that the Stack Attendant
should be able to spend more time in supervision and in shelf reading
rather than in shelving books. The Librarian agreed that some parts
of the collection might be left for several years but that others
probably need to be checked more frequently. He asked Fliss Lanning,
Dr. Rothstein and Mr. Bell to get together and make a proposal concerning inventory and shelf reading procedures.
Catalogue Backlog Disappears
Mrs. Turner announced that, except for material specifically
waiting for L.C. catalogue cards, and for books just received, the
three to four thousand volumes which have for a number of years
constituted an irreducible minimum have disappeared, and she gave
Fliss Chamberlain great credit for it.
Cataloguing before Publication
The experimental printing of catalogue entries in the back
of new books has about completed its one-year trial period, and its
usefulness is now being studied.  Books have been catalogued by the
Library of Congress from proof copies provided by publishers, and the
project has been sponsored by the Council on Library Resources.
Mr. Harlow asked Mrs. Turner to reply to the inquiry just received,
offering her comments and suggestions.
Current Fiscal Year Ending
Mr. Harlow noted that the 1958/59 fiscal year ends Flarch 31
with the Library having overspent some funds, particularly that for
student assistance. "Books and Magazines" appears to be coming out
fairly close to the budgeted amount, for which he congratulated the
Acquisitions and Serials Divisions. There is of course a very substantial backlog of orders waiting to be placed on April 3, the date
on which we expect to be notified about the 1959/60 budget.
UBC's Statistical Position
Fir. Harlow gave figures indicating the rank of the Library
in relation to book funds, size of collection, and rate of growth,
compared with the 42 library members of the Association of Research
Libraries. For size of collection we still remain off the scale at
the bottom, but for the amount of funds spent for books, periodicals
and binding we would rank 29th, for volumes added in 1957/58, 30th,
and for size of library staff 28th. -3-
Library Building
Tenders for constructing the south wing are scheduled to
be let on April 29, and bids are to be in by May 20, for submission
to the Board of Governors on May 25.  Construction should begin on
June 1. Mr. Helbig of Luxfer Ltd., suppliers of Snead stacks, has
been on the campus recently working with the architects prior to
submitting a bid for that part of the job.
Two-way turnstiles will be installed to control traffic
in the Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities divisions. The College Library, new Upper Division, and the Reserve Book collection
will have only exit controls. There will be no turnstile in the
Fine Arts section, but a narrow entry will permit effective control.
The Department of Special Collections will have a controlled door
to the main stack portal, and persons will not normally be admitted
to the rare book stacks. Mr. Harlow mentioned some of the problems
of turnstile operation, involving both mechanical and electrical
New Equipment for Bindery
A new power operated book rounder, purchased from the
manufacturer in Switzerland, has been received in the Bindery. This
machine will eliminate the need to round books by hand and will
speed up the binding process very considerably. An all-steel board
shears is also on order from Chicago and is expected to arrive this
Mr. Harlow wondered whether new staff members would be
interested in a tour of the Bindery after the end of the spring
U. S. Book Exchange
The Acquisitions Division has shipped 28 crates of books
to the U. S. Book Exchange. The cost of shipment is high, and
Fir. Harlow has asked Fliss Mercer to keep track of costs and receipts
in order that a decision can be made in regard to continuing this
New Geography
The Natural Resources Conference of British Columbia is
planning the publication of a popular geography of the province,
to be published as a companion volume to the Centennial Anthology
and Dr. Ormsby's History of British Columbia.  Dr. Roderick Haig-
Brown will write the text and Fir. Harlow is a member of the committee responsible for printing and publishing. The book will be profusely illustrated.
Sopron Anniversary
The Sopron Division of the University Faculty of Forestry
(formerly the Sopron School of Forestry, migrated here from Hungary
two years ago) celebrated its 150th anniversary last week with ceremonies and entertainment in Brock Hall. -4-
Easter Week-end
The Library will be closed during the long week-end,
Friday March 27 through Flonday March. 30, in observance of Easter.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
Mrs. Lois Livesey is resigning from her Library Assistant
position in the Biomedical Library on April 25, 1959.
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