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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 25, 1956

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September'25,  1956.    No.  138
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, AF1S, MML, RJL, EBM, F1AA, EF.
19.56-57 Registration
Registration for the Winter Session has been completed
and the total at the time of closing was about 7,200, though late
registrations are expected. Miss Lanning thanked the Reference
Division for staff assistance during the week when the Library desk
in the Armoury had to be manned.
Student Assistants
Student assistants are being supplied by the Personnel
Office, in good numbers and most of the requirements have been
filled. Division Heads must not exceed the number of hours
originally allocated for student help, for the present schedule
already exceeds the funds available.
Curriculum Laboratory
This collection is now in reasonably good order. Proper
signs should be supplied by the College of Education for the
direction of students, the card catalog cabinet should be removed,
and the magazine rack set in place. The charging procedure needs
to be explained to those who will be handling the material.
Mr. Harlow suggested that Dr. Rothstein should inform students and
faculty in the College of Education how the Curriculum Laboratory
will operate by writing an explanatory statement to Dr. Johnson.
Dr. Rothstein remarked that there is still a lot of "housework" to
be done before the operation can be considered established.
Mr. Fryer spoke to some members of the staff last Wednesday about mending, explaining processes and emphasizing that whatever mending is done is an emergency measure.  He suggested that
large volumes which are to have heavy use be sent to the Bindery
for recasing or reinforcing before going to the shelves* Most-
commercial binding is too fragile to stand up to continuing library
Miss Lanning wished to thank Fir. Fryer for the time and
attention he gave to the problem. )f
Asian Studies
Professor R. P. Dore is now on the campus, and the program
of Asian Studies will be expanded this year to include work in
Japanese. Professor Dore has visited the Library several times and
is sending in orders for material and he has also submitted a list
of Japanese serials to which he would like to have subscriptions
placed. While in Japan last yeaTt  he made preliminary arrangements
for an exchange of government publications, but we are going to have
some difficulty in finding suitable material for exchange purposes.
Mr. Harlow will write to the Japanese Ambassador in Ottawa for some
Duplicate Sets of Examination Papers
The Registrar's office recently sent to the Library a
number of volumes of old examination papers, most of which duplicate
the Archive set in the Library. Dr. Rothstein will ask Fir. Parnall
whether the surplus copies can be discarded.
Book Stack Doors
The new doors in the book stack have been provided with
locks and are now to be kept locked. The one door between Reference
and the main stacks on level 5 may be left unlocked during the
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. period if it is a serious inconvenience, but it
should be kept closed.
A visitor to the Library was the. Israeli Ambassador to
Canada, His Excellency Michael Comay, who was on the campus on Flonday
afternoon and spent a short time in the Library.
Miss Smith also had a visit from Dr. Robert Brawn of
Fiacdonald College, who came to the Library.
Dr. Leon Carnovsky of the Graduate Library School, University of Chicago, met the staff at tea last Friday and made a very
clear summary of present problems relating to library education.
About thirty-five members of staff attended.'
Library Education Committee
At a meeting on the previous evening of the Public Library
Commission's Committee on Library Education Dr. Rothstein presented
statistics pertaining to the supply of library personnel in the four
western provinces of Canada, and the apparent need over a" ten-year
period. There are now fewer trained librarians than there-are
positions, and if the present trend continues for another decade there
will be a drastic shortage of professional staff. Within that
period the four provinces alone should be able to employ about fifty
new librarians annually. Dr. Carnovsky, after critical examination
of the statistics, believes that the3/- make a case for the establishment of such a School in the west within the next few years.
Dr. Rothstein will prepare the material in written form for more
careful attention. IS
Book Stacks
The Board of Governors has approved the installation of
the new book stacks, the complete project as submitted by the
Librarian. The installation will probably commence in mid-December,
although preliminary work by the Department of Buildings and Grounds
may start at any time. There will therefore be some noise and some
confusion while construction goes on within the building.
Fir. Harlow outlined briefly some of the effects on various areas in
the Library. One of the major problems will be to provide Serials
service, since the present Serials reading room will become a
construction area. A number of possible arrangements were suggested:
placing a member of the Serials staff at a post at the Loan or
Reference desk; having a public outlet set up in Room 750; or transforming the space at the top of the present Serials stairway, above
the Loan Desk, into a temporary reading room. Fir. Lanning will
discuss them with his staff, and a fairly definite plan should be
presented at the next meeting.
The first operation will be to have Buildings and Grounds
remove the existing plywood wall between the bookstacks and the "well1
and move it back a foot or more into the stack area.
The matter of publicity for the project, in order to
inform the students and to secure their cooperation, was also
Reserve Book Room
Miss Alldritt noted the fact that when a book listed in
the catalog is in the Reserve Room a student does not find this out
until he goes to the Loan Desk and asks for it.  She asked whether a
sloping half-card ought to be inserted in front of the main entry
card in the public catalog to give notice to the student at this
point. In the brief discussion which followed it was stated that
this has been tried at other institutions but had not proved very
successful: if the book is sought by any other than the main entry
card the information is not there; the half-card does not get pulled
from the catalog promptly when the book goes back to the main stack.
Inquiries will be made before any action is taken.
Student Book Selection
The box at the Reference desk into which students may
drop suggestions for books to be purchased will be cleared regularly
by Reference, and the suggestions sent to the Librarian.  In the
lectures to the freshmen on library use attention will be- drawn to
the box and the students will be invited to make use of it.
Great Soviet Encyclopedia, v.1-39. 41.
Vols. 39 and 41 of this work have been received, but not
Vol. 40, which includes that part of the set in the proximity of
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 noon. 4
Firs.. Beate Wesemeyer joined the Acquisitions staff on Flonday,
and will have a week of two with Firs. Nancy Howell before-the latter
Fliss Pamela Flawhinney started work yesterday as Library Assistant at" the Loan Desk.
New Subscriptions:
Slavic and East-European studies
Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna.- Philosophisch-historische
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service. Field crops research branch. Bibliography of weed
investigations for January through December 1955*
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on building construction and maintenance. 1956.
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.  Public health
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Bibliography on industrialization in under-developed countries.
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science cooperation office, published by INSDOC physical
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Library Bulletin 3.1 (Sept., 1956), 63-74. The library profession
urgently needs more recruits—the author here gives detailed,
specific plans for getting them.
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(Sept. 1", 1956), 1813-19.
A strongly-worded letter by the Director of the Detroit
Public Library, in which he threatens to employ graduates of
non-accredited library schools if the present accrediting
regulations are not changed.
Carnovsky, Leon. Report on a Programme of Library Education in
Israel.  (Technical Assistance Special Reports $1). "Paris,
UNESCO, 1956.
Contains much interesting material on the purposes and
functions of library education which would have an important
bearing on the problems of establishing a library school at


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