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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 8, 1962

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May 8,   1962. No.  266
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: SR, IFB, RJL, GGT, AMS, AC (for BSS), Mti, AL-, NTK,
EH, EBM, DF, JS, and HM.
N.C.C.U.C. Survey
Mr. Edwin Williams of Harvard University Library
visited the University April 26-30 in connection with his
survey of Canadian university library holdings in the humanities and social sciences. He interviewed a number of faculty
members in these fields and examined the Library collections.
He expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of the faculty
and Library staff. He was impressed with our holdings compared to our size and foundthan strong In serials, bibliographies
and reference works. He had special commendation for Mr. Lanning
and his success in building up the periodical files.
Friends of the Library ,
A very successful meeting of the Friends of the Library
was held on Wednesday, April 4, in International House. At
this meeting Mr. Kenneth Caple, the president, announced the
Friends' intention to purchase for the Library the collection
of Burnsiana formed by the late Mr. A. M. Donaldson. This
gift will be made in honour of President and Mrs. N. A. M.
Mr. Prabhu Narayan Gour has expressed his appreciation
for the efforts of the Library staff, especialtyMiss Smith and
Dr. Rothstein, in making his visit to the University library
a great success.
Mr. August Fruge spent three days at the Library,
principally in discussion with faculty members regarding the
possible publication of their books. He also met with members
of the Publications Committee to advise them on the problems
connected with the establishment and operation of a university
Library Hours
Dr. Rothstein considered it rather unfortunate that
the Library building was closed for four days at Easter, just
in the middle of the examination period. He thought that
arrangements should be made (if this situation occurs again)
to keep at least the College Library open on Saturday and Monday.
56 57
Senate Library Committee
A meeting q£ the.Senate Library Committee was held
on May 2. The maitL^agenaa was the allocation of funds to
subject fields. With the increase of $30,000 in the budget
for books and magazines, every department received a substantial raise in its allocation. In view of the new
Graduate Studies Research Fund, the Committee supported the
recommendation that the Committee Fund be eliminated and the
money be transferred to Periodical Subscriptions.
Xerox Photocopier
The budget request for funds to rent a Xerox 914
photocopier (which would amount to $1500 per year) was not
granted. Dr. Rothstein now proposes to rent this machine with
money from the supplies and expense account and to provide
service on a self-supporting basis. Charges will probably
be at the rate of 15$  per exposure for faculty, students and
staff, and 25^ per exposure for others.
Conference on the Future of Library Education
Dr. Rothstein attended an invitational conference on
The Future of Library Education in Cleveland on April 25 - 28.
Approximately 100 librarians and faculty members discussed
future trends in library service and how library schools can
prepare students with the requisite qualifications for such
service. Dr. Rothstein acted as recorder for one seminar
and participated in a number of others. He brought greetings
from Mr. Neal Harlow to all the Library staff.
British Columbia Library Association
The annual conference of the British Columbia Library
Association will be held in Victoria on May 11-12. A
number of members of the Library staff will be attending.
Miss Doreen Fraser is to be installed as new President for
Publications of Faculty and Staff
The 1962 edition of the Publications of Faculty and
Staff has been issued. The preparation of this bibliography
calls for considerable effort and judgment and Miss Smith was
congratulated on the high standard of achievment. Dr. Rothstein
expressed his gratification at the number and quality of the
contributions by Library staff members listed therein.
Annual Return of Books
Notices have been sent to all members of the faculty
for the return of books for the Library inventory. The response has been fairly good but there is still a large number
of books outstanding. 58
Mrs. J. P. Fell, has donated $1000 to be applied to
the purchase of materials in Slavonic Studies.
A contribution of $400 has been made out of the
proceeds of Far East Week on the campus for the purchase of
books in the field of Asian Studies.
Medical Library
Miss Fraser reported that her committee had submitted
a brief on medical library services to the Royal Commission
on Health Services. Miss Beatrice Simon, Assistant Librarian
of McGill University, is to make a survey of medical libraries
in Canada.  She will be visiting U.B.C. probably at the end
of May or in July.
Library Instruction Experimental Project
Miss Smith reported on the proposed method of presenting material for library instruction next term. Mr. Orcutt
of the Department of University Extension has designed a projector for use In library instruction; it can be operated by
students on a "self-service" basis. The subject division
heads are preparing a film strip sequence for use with this
equipment. Mr. Orcutt will lend the Library his machine for
two weeks in the summer, and it will be tried out on the
Summer Session students. A new set of black and white
photographs has been taken and a script written; the rest
Is being done by Mr. Orcutt. The film strip will include
approximately 125 frames covering an introduction to the
College Library, a tour of the Library, and simple introductions
to the card catalogue and the periodical indexes. The Library
may apply for a grant from one of the foundations to develop
this technique if the summer's experiment warrants such action.
Staff Room
It has been noted that the Staff Room is being left
In a very untidy condition by people who use it for coffee
and lunch. Members of the staff who use the Staff Room are
requested to wash and put away their cups and dishes. and
leave the sink and counter clean.
It should be noted that student assistants are not
permitted to use the Staff Room at any time.
The Division Heads were asked to remind members of
their staffs that they are permitted one 15-minute coffee
break a day. This limitation is in accordance with University
personnel regulations. 59
"Know Your Library"
Most Division Heads feel that the style of "Know
Your Library" should be radically changed. Miss Smith was
asked to form a committee to gather ideas on the proposed
new content and format, which can be presenWto Dr. Ranz
for consideration.
School of Librarianship Field Work
Dr. Rothstein wished to have the opinion of the
Division Heads regarding the merits of the students' field
work programme.  Some thought that, as far as the subject
divisions were concerned, the student would benefit more if
the work was done during the session.  Once the students
leave, there is not a great deal of public service.  It was
also felt that the students should be given ample opportunity
for practice as well as observation. However, it is important
that any such practice work should be on the pr.fessional
Borrowing Privileges
All requests for special borrowing privileges,
authorization cards, etc. should be directed to the Loan
Division Head or First Assistant in order that borrowing
privileges can be granted on a uniform basis.
Decisions concerning the appropriate library card
and privileges for a borrower - except straight-forward
cases of faculty, visiting faculty and staff which are
acted upon on the Librarian's Office - should also be
referred to the Loan Division Head or First Assistant.
Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs has been awarded a grant
from the University Research Committee to supplement his
award from the Canada Council for travel to Eastern
university libraries this summer.
Miss Doreen Dowd, Librarian I, has been transferred
from the Catalogue Division to Humanities Division,as of
May 1.
Miss Priscilla Potter, as Library Assistant in the
Humanitles Division on May 1. 60
Miss Sonia Thomas, as Library Assistant in the
Serials Division on1 April 24.
Miss Lydia Lobach, as Clerk I in the College Library
on May 2.
Miss Betty Lou Zimmerman, as Clerk I in the Circulation Division on May i.
Miss Bonnie Bath, as Clerk I Circulation Division
on April~3D7
Miss Patricia Beattle, as Clerk I in the College
Library on May 9.
Miss Arlene Chase, as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on May 5.
Mr. Christopher Kirkoff, as Library Assistant in
the Circulation Division on May 26.
Mrs. M. Lynn Ledgerwood, as Library Assistant in the
Biomedical Library on May j>±.    '
Miss Nancy Young, as Clerk I in the Acquisitions
Division on May 31.    *
Mrs. Lorna King, as Clerk II in the Humanities
Division on May 3l.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon


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