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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 7, 1958

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Array M       IN       U      T       E       S
April 7, "1958" No7~l72
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:     NH,   SR,   AMS,   RJL,   F1L,   EBM,  MAA,  MDEF.
The Bindery has recently acquired two new pieces of
equipment: a sander to remove the glue from spines for rebinding
(a substitute for trimming, thus preserving a wide inner margin)
and a machine constructed by Mr, Fryer and Percy Fryer, Junior,
which provides the pressure required to make "library corners"
(a substitute for hammering).
In answer to queries about bindery schedules it was
pointed out that the formal outline agreed upon by Mr, Lanning
and Mr. Fryer is expected to be followed unless revised well in
advance or on an emergency basis.  In the summer certain-types
of material, such as theses, abstracts and indexes, etc., take
precedence over normal binding and are so scheduled.  Some
problems arose last summer because current journal volumes needed
for research in the sciences were delayed by the special summer
binding schedule.
Miss Fugler
Miss Ethel Fugler left Friday, April 4, for a three
months stay in Europe, Mr. Harlow read a letter from Miss Fugler
thanking the Library Staff for the going-away party tendered her
on April 23.  "I had no idea," she said, "that the path of the
wayfarer could be strewn with so many comforts."
Library Budget, 1958-59.
Mr. Harlow reported upon the new budget which became
effective on April 1. Eight new positions have been added to the
establishment: Librarians-I in the Reference Division, Biomedical
Library, and Curriculum Laboratory; Library Assistants in the
Reference Division, the Circulation Division and the Cataloguing
Division; and Clerks-I in the Circulation Division and the
Cataloguing Division. Most of these will be added to the .
establishment on July 1. The Library Books and Magazines Fund
Is also significantly increased/from all sources (Library general
funds, Education, Law, Medicine, Non-University and binding) the
total will not be far short of $200,000. 7f
Stack Access
Mr. Harlow read a letter from a graduate student
pointing out that first and second 3.rear students were illegally
entering the stacks by using duplicate cards furnished by
third and. fourth year students.  The writer suggested that we
reinstate the system of retaining identification cards at the
stack control desk, but because of the number of people now
passing the stack portal, this plan is no longer workable. The
imposition of a fee for duplicate library cards would require
the approval of the Board of Governors. The use of the A.M.S. '
cards (which bear a photograph of the owner) was again proposed,
but these are not issued until some weeks after the beginning of
term and do not show the year in which the student is registered.
Both Library and A.F1,S, cards might be required. The whole matter
will be discussed again at a further meeting, and suggestions are
B.C.L.A. Conference
The 1958 Conference of the British Columbia Library
Association will be held at the University on May 10-12, and
since no informal social gathering is being planned it has been
suggested that a coffee party be sponsored by the U.B.C. Library.
Miss Mercer agreed to investigate whether such a party could be
given in the Women's Dormitory Lounge. Dr. Rothstein will look
into the possibility of arranging a tour of the campus for out-of-
town delegates.
Maps in Books
It is agreed thatmaps are not now normally to be
removed from books for preservation, Miss Smith stated that
Dean Gunning had written to the Geological Survey of Canada
requesting that duplicate copies of maps issued in its publications,
be sent to the Library for the Map Collection,
Collected Works of Non-Literary Authors
Dr. Rothstein asked how the Library is to catalogue and
classify collected works of non-literary authors. Are these to
be kept together or dispersed according to the individual subjects
covered.  It was suggested that if the set represented more than
a publisher's-series, i.e. if it were really a unit, it should be
kept together; otherwise the volumes would be more useful if
placed with the subjects to which they pertain.  If the Library
already has an adequate collected set of an author (e.g., Parkman),
then the case for dispersal can be made on other grounds. It was
agreed that no overall ruling can-be made but that ea^b case would
be best decided on its own merits, depending upon such fetors as
the unity of the set, the degree to which the author is stuc^ed
as a "subject" in his own right (e.g. Kant), et cetera. -3- p
Non-Credit Evening Courses
The Extension Department has issued a list of the non-
credit evening courses to be put on next term and has asked us to
suggest other courses which might be suitable.  It was agreed
that some "Book" courses might be desirable, and specific
suggestions are invited.
Mrs, Constance Devine, a student at the University of Washington
School of Librarianship, is doing "field work" in the University
Library, April 1-25.
Mr, Leonard Williams has been appointed as Stack Attendant, on
Flarch 28.
Miss Margot Hutton-Potts has been appointed to the position of
Clerk I in the Cataloguing Division, replacing Miss Vera Traff,
Miss Betty Frost is resigning from her Stenographer II position
in the Reference Division on April 26.
Mrs. Catherine Pellegrin is resigning from her Clerk I position
in the Acquisitions Division on April 30,
New Subscriptions
Computers and automation
Evergreen review
Excerpta medica. Abstracts of Soviet medicine.
Industrial arts and vocational education.
Passenger pigeon
■ The Kingbird
The Chat
Lustrum,  International Forschungsberichte aus Bereich des
klassischen Altertums.
Air pollution bibliography
Monographiae biologicae. (Supersedes Phys.iologia comparata
et oecologia)
Yearbook of ear, nose and throat maxillofacial surgery.
Yearbook of ophthalmalogy. .
Bromberg, Erik. A bibliography of theses and dissertations -
concerning the Pacific Northwest and Alaska: Supplement,
1949-1957 (reprinted from Oregon Historical Quarterly,
LIX, March, 1958)
Canada. Royal Commission on patents, copyright, trade-marks and
industrial designs.  Report on copyright. Ottawa,
Queen's printer, 1957»
U.S. Office of Education. Higher education planning and management
data, 1957-58, (Circular 517). Washington, G.P.O., 1958,


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