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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 25, 1962

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September 25,  1962.  ^No.  274
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  JR,SR, RJL, IB, GD (for GGT), AMS, JO'R, NTK, EBM,
Nature and Frequency of Division Heads Meetings
Division Heads reviewed the purposes which their
Meetings have served in recent years and considered the form
the Meetings might take in the future. Historically, the
meetings have been used variously for the formulation of library
policy, for announcements, and for general communication with
the Library staff. More elusively but perhaps more importantly,
the Meetings have served as a forum in which a climate of opinion
can be formed on major library problems and as a cohesive force
for holding the Library together at a time when most of us are
increasingly occupied with the problems of our own units.
The Division Heads agreed that, in general, the Meetings
have served well. Upon occasion discussions have wandered and
have dealt with matters either minor or of interest to but two
or three of the group. As a meeting of about fifteen individuals
with varying interests and responsibilities, this is understandable
and probably unavoidable. It was suggested that circulation of
an agenda prior to the meetings and more thorough home-work on
topics to be discussed might improve the meetings.  It was also
suggested that upon occasion part of the meeting be devoted to
an ordered consideration of major library activities, i.e.,
instruction in the use of the library, lending Regulations, ::
development of the collections, etc. Another proposal was that
we revive the periodic reports of Heads concerning the general
state of their Divisions.
Mr. Ranz announced that a Committee would be appointed
shortly to consider the foregoing proposals and to suggest a
framework for the organization of future meetings.
The Division Heads voted to continue the practice of
weekly meetings at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.
Accreditation Visit for School of Librarianship
Dr. Rothstein announced that on November 14-17 the
School of Librarianship will be visited by a team representing
the Committee on Accreditation of the American Library Association.
By agreement this Committee serves as the accrediting agency for
the Canadian Library Association. The members of the team are:
Dr, Leon Carnovsky, Professor, Graduate Library School, University
of Chicago, Chairman; Mr. John S. Richards, former director of
the Seattle Public Library and a Past-President of the American
Library Association; and Mr. John Archer, Legislative Librarian
and Provincial Archivist, Legislative Library of Saskatchewan. -4-
Promotion and Transfer
Mrs. Roswetha Nielsen to Clerk II position in
Dental Library, on October 1, 1962
Mr. John Martin Cummings as Librarian I in the
Dental Library, on October 1, 1962.
Miss Elizabeth Ann Campbell as Clerk I in Social
Sciences, on September 24, 1962.
Mrs. Elizabeth Stern as Clerk II in Humanities
Division, on October 1, 1962.
Miss Jill McGregor In Circulation Division, on
October 1, 1962.  '


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