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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 9, 1953

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 No. 41
TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mir. Harlow, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer
Miss Alldritt, Mr, Lanning, Miss Fugler.        '
Mr. Harlow reminded the Division Heads that any discussions
of matters brought up at the weekly meetings are not to be interpreted as criticism of persons, but are examinations for the purpose
of discovering and making improvements in operations or conditions.'
The meetings are opportunities to air every question that may"arise,
and free discussion is desirable and essential to the purpose. It
was agreed that procedures may have developed in the course of time
which have never been generally discussed, and that they should be
examined not only as to their"intrinsic value but in relation to their
effect upon the total picture,
Mr, Harlow said that he had not overlooked this matter, and
will make arrangements for the tours as soon as possible.
A number of suggestions were received,, some of which seemed
to be pointed towards a reading public of more advanced students;
the object is to make the leaflet useful and informative in elementary
matters regarding library use for new students. All suggestions'are
welcome and will be considered before the final revision is made.
Mr. Lanning made brief comment upon the very fine sets of
publications of the Bannatyne and Maitland Societies which have been
received recently as a gift from Dr. H. R. MacMillan.  Three similar
societies flourished in'Great Britain during the"middle third of last
century, the Abbotsford, Bannatyne, and Maitland, all publishing"
papers on a variety of literary, historical, and allied subjects.  Of
the Maitland Society publications (75 vols, in all) the Library now
has all but about"17 numbers, and of the Bannatyne Society (120 vols,
in all) all but 7.  In a few cases the same papers were printed by
both Societies and appear in our sets in one or"the other,series.
Both sets in the MacMillan gift are in handsome, uniform, half-leather
binding, bearing beautiful book-plates. Mr, Lanning reported that the
Library does not have any of the*Abbotsford Society publications, and
that it is a set we might try to acquire." The MacMillan book-plate
will be put into'the newly-acquired "books, but to avoid pasting_over
the original one, the new plate may need to be tipped in above it.
Miss Mercer asked whether the new volumes were to be given
rare book treatment, and it was decided that this would mean too -2-
great a restriction of their use. However, they will be available
for use in the Library only, but Mr. Harlow emphasized that he did
not wish the "Library Use Only" stamp to be marked in them. He may
have a proper label printed with this information, for insertion.  It
may also be possible to use paper labels on the spines in order to
avoid marking the call number there. The exact treatment will be
decided upon by the Librarian and Acquisitions. Mr, Lanning pointed
out that there were only about 70 copies printed of some of the
volumes and that loss of any would be serious,
Incidental to the foregoing, the question of reference"books
being on the open shelves in the Ridington"Room was touched upon.
Some of them are practically irreplaceable, but they do have to be
readily available. The most important, the loss of which would be
crippling, should be kept behind the service desk. Miss Smith pointed
out that much of this kind of material is little used from day to day
and that it is not likely to disappear from the room.
Miss Mercer asked whether everything that is given 'rare
book* treatment"is to be in a special collection, not generally
accessible? Mr, Harlow said that that was a part of 'rare book1
treatment. It was remarked that no reference books had been treated
as 'rare' in the past. Rare books should be used only under
supervision, as are the Northwest books now, and if this is impossible,
then they should not be treated as rare books; if thejr are very expensive or rare they might be kept back of the desk, in the work room,
or in Miss Smith's office. The Reference Division may decide which
books are in these categories, and it will be up to them to treat the
books accordingly. Acquisitions and Reference will need to confer on
materials about which there is any doubt, and the Librarian would
also like to be consulted.
New books, paper binds, etc,gofrom Cataloguing (via the
Librarian's Office), with other catalogued materials, to the Loan
Desk, with slips in each saying "Bind",  They are put on "pre-bindery"
shelves in the Circulation workroom, and the book cards are filed in
the location file, indicating this. When they are to go to the
Bindery, Mr. Lanning pulls the cards, marks them "Bindery" and re-
files them. He puts binding instructions on a prepared form into the
volume, working from the shelf list, and the stacks when necessary.
Mr, Harlow asked whether Cataloguing might not provide sufficient
information to make this use of the shelf list unnecessary, and this
will be investigated.
The pre-bindery shelf for Z, M, and N will be at Reference,
since the books are in that Division; When book trucks leave the
Librarian's office for the Loan Desk, they go via Reference, where
reference material is pulled off. No cards for such material,
therefore, reach the Loan Desk, Mr. Lanning gets material from the
Reference pre-bindery when it is needed, and Miss Smith asked if he
could say how many books he wanted from Reference each month.  The
Bindery cannot plan such a schedule because of work done for Law, -3-
Mediclne, and other campus groups, and the Librarian recommended
that Reference put pink slips into material which should be given
priority. Miss Smith and Mr. Lanning agreed to follow this practice.
Pre-bindery material in the divisions should be available
for public use when needed; it should not be regarded as "in the
Bindery" until it passes the pre-bindery stage. But it should not
be loaned without University Library property marks visible in it.
The present bindery instructions slip is to be revised,
and at the top will be put "Reference", "Report to Reference",
"Report to Circulation", and a space will be left for "BMB" or "BMRR"
to be filled in by Acquisitions. The notation formerly put on the
inside back cover with the accession no, will now be made on the
bindery instructions. If Reference has notes to add regarding "
binding they can be put on the back of the bindery instructions.
Bindery instructions for material from Acquisitions which
goes to Reference for consideration before accessioning and
Cataloguing will be filled in as far as possible by Acquisitions, and
further Information, if necessary, will be added by Reference, The
Catalogue Division will add the call number to the bindery instructions.
When the material returns from the Bindery, either the
book itself should go to Reference, or the slip only when material
is sent directly to the stacks, so that Reference will know the
material is on the shelves and available. If the slip says "Ref"
it also indicates that a "spot" goes on the spine,
Miss Lanning showed copies of set 2 of the Totem which had
had a number of pictures cut out of them. It was decided that set 1
of this publication should go immediately into the archive, in Room
The material has been checked and all appeared to be in
good order, Mr, Harlow will go over the list of books kept there,
After discussion with Miss Lanning and Miss Smith and
correspondence with Law, Mr. Harlow said that a list of books and
serials listed as having been loaned to Law some'years ago should now
be transferred to the Law Library in our records.
The meeting adjourned at 12:40 noon.
Miss Alice Rutherford will, as of August 1, transfer from
Senior Librarian in Reference to First Assistant in the Serials
Division. -4- '	
Margaret Ann Fuller joined the Circulation Division as
Junior Clerk on June 4.


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