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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 1, 1952

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TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 1952, at 10 a.m.   I	
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Mr. Alan Fraser, Miss Fugler.
The minutes of the meeting of March 25 were amended as
follows: P. 3, par, 1, "...Miss Rolfe will have the responsibility
for the Circulation Division" instead of "... for operating the
Reserve Desk"; P. 3, par. 2, 1. 12, "Pink slips will be provided
for inventory notes", eliminating the rest of that sentence and
the entire sentence following,
Mr. Harlow particularly thanked Miss Mercer,
Miss Hearsey and Mr. Lanning for their extraordinary efforts in
clearing up invoices and orders for the year ended March 31, 1952,
He expressed the belief that the Library has a very promising
year ahead, provided that we can get able staff members to fill
the vacancies which are in prospect. More money for books,
a few added positions, and many new staff members provide a
challenging outlook for the coming year.
Miss Marguerite Stewart, a professional librarian,
joined the Library staff today, serving temporarily in
Mrs._Sumpton's position. Mrs. Locke Has resigned her position in
the Librarian's office in order to return to South Africa for
several months. Miss Jefferd very kindly offered to move one of
her people into Room B (Miss Higginbottom) to assist in holding
the fort there until a replacement can be found for Mrs. Locke.
Mrs. Waterman will transfer from the Catalogue Division to the
Serials Division to replace Mrs. Brooks when the latter leaves
during the summer.
Mr. Fryer is in Los Angeles this week, working in the
UCLA bindery, at Mr, Foley's invitation, to observe methods used
there. He will return to Vancouver on April 4, Mr. Harlow expects
that by this time next year, with new quarters, new equipment on
hand, and new methods of operation,, the production problems of
binding will be largely solved.  The staff was reminded that, in
order not to interrupt the streamlining of operations, requests
for material in the Bindery must be made to Mr. Lanning, not to
the Bindery.
The University has just received a grant of $7500 from
the Carnegie Corporation to buy library materials in the field of
French Canadiana, to be spent over a period of three years.
Dr. Tucker will supervise the acquisitions program, and after
checking the Library's present holdings, expects to go east during the summer to purchase material. Mr. Harlow has also
asked Mr. Rothstein's aid in purchasing during his visit to New
York this summer.  The present plan is to spend about half the
money on general material, covering the whole period of French
Canadian history, and the other half on the modern period,
1867 to date.  Some literature will be acquired, but most of the
present grant will be devoted to history, economics, sociology,
and related subjects. The original request included an item for
processing and cataloguing, but this was disallowed.  It is intended
to keep track of binding costs. Only rare items will go into
Howay-Reid, the remainder will be in the main stacks.
A distinctive bookplate will be provided.
It was noted, in passing, that copies of all bookplates
used in the Library should be preserved.
The request for a list of our materials in this field,
received last week, is being investigated, Mr. Harlow having asked
for further information about the need, intent, and scope of the
proposed project.
The Reference Division has rushed two exhibits into the
small display cases to promote the cause of quiet in the Library,
and "Quiet" signs have been prominently displayed in the main
entrance. The plan is to have students place small signs, reading
"COMMON COURTESY - QUIET" on the desks in the reading rooms, and to
display large signs, with copies of the Ubyssey editorial on the
subject, in strategic positions throughout the building.  Students
are to survey the reading rooms at 2 or 3 hour intervals and
replace signs which have disappeared. Miss Jay, of the Student-
Library Committee, is much interested in such a campaign, and it is.
hoped that having students distribute the signs will have a good
effect. A similar campaign should be undertaken at least twice,
and probably three times, next year.
The letter to staff and faculty asking for return of books
will be sent out by April 8. The Loan Desk staff are now addressing
envelopes in which the letters are to be mailed. As the returns come
in, Mr. Neale will take loads of books which he is unable to shelve
immediately, to the appropriate stack areas, to be shelved by the
extra people working in the stackroom during the first few days.
The problem of dealing with bound periodicals charged to departments
for the session was considered—the handling of heavy volumes, moving
them back and forth between departments and the Library, is hard on
the books. It was pointed out that if the departments and faculty
members are not required to return material to the Library
periodically, they assume ownership of it. After some discussion it
was agreed that the Librarian and Mr. Lanning would decide each case
on its merits. -3-
Miss Lanning submitted a brief outline of procedure
for Inventory, and minor changes in it were made. She said that
the instructions have been revised so often by Miss Mercer and
herself that she felt a new approach would be useful; Miss Jefferd
volunteered to tackle the revision.  It was agreed that written
instructions are valuable and that the inventory staff should
refer to them frequently. Miss Lanning will also give oral
instruction to those doing the work.
Mention was made of the problem of making personal
deliveries to departmental reading rooms (as compared with mail
and truck deliveries), and Mr. Harlow is not sure this service should
be given up. The matter will be given further consideration at
another time.
The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m<


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