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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 3, 1962

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 M  I  N  U  T  E  S
 ■ l",lp"""  ■■    .■— ■Hi-mi—■>—«■——■■ , m„ im^,.,,
April 3, 1962. Ho. 265
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: SR,. RJL, IB,- GGT, JO'R, AMS, BSS, NTK, DF, MD, EBM,
JS, EH, AL, and HM.
N.C.C.U.C. Survey
Mr. Edwin Williams, who is conducting the survey of
Canadian university library resources sponsored by the National
Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges, will be at
U.B.C. April 26-30. Questionnaires have been circulated to
faculty members and Mr. Williams will interview faculty and
Library staff members. Mr. Lanning has checked our holdings
against a list of serials which Mr. Williams sent and this has
already been returned.
Institute of Professional Librarians of Ontario
Dr. Rothstein had a successful trip to Toronto to chair
the conference on personnel held by the Institute of Professional
Librarians. He noted that great interest was shown by all members
attending. The discussions were held in the impressive new
Education Centre of the City of Toronto.
School of Librarianship
The trip to Victoria by the students and faculty of
the School of Librarianship was very well organized and a great
deal was accomplished in the one day. Visits were made to the
Provincial Library and Archives, Public Library Commission,
Victoria Public Library and Victoria College Library.
National Research Council
■'■■  »'■'■ ■»' ■" '!■"■'■  ■■' IP ■)■■!■■ «■■■« I ■ «■■■!■ ■■■I.l-I.ll II .■
Dr. Rothstein has been appointed to the Advisory
Committee on Scientific Information of the National Research
Council for a three year term.
Dr. Rothstein has received word of the 1962/63 budget
allocations for the University Library.  Book funds have been
increased substantially (by over $50,000) and there are also
increases in the allocations for supplies, equipment and student
assistance. Seven new staff positions have been approved—
two librarians, two library assistants and three clerks.
53 54
Mr. Prabhu Narayan Gour, director of the State
Library of feihar, India, will be arriving on campus on April 3.
He has been awarded a grant under the Colombo Plan to enable
him to survey Canadian libraries. He will spend two weeks at
U.B.C, two weeks at the Vancouver Public Library, then to
Victoria with the Public Library Commission and then to the
Fraser Valley Regional Library. Subsequently, he will go on
to Regina and Winnipeg and will be in Ottawa for the CLA
Mr. August Fruge, Director of the University of
California Press, will be visiting U.B.C. April 4-6 to interview
faculty members with respect to publication of their books.
Friends of the Library
A meeting of the Friends of the Library will be held
on Wednesday, April 4, at International House in honour of
President and Mrs. MacKenzie. Mr. Stuart-Stubbs will arrange
for an exhibition of books from the Library for the occasion.
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs and Miss.Leith conducted interviews
at the Personnel Office with students who will be graduating this
year and who are interested in library assistant positions in the
Library after graduation. Several applications have been submitted.
Summer Session
The grant to the Library for Summer Session assistance
has been increased this year and it will enable us to hire more
student help for the summer.
Student Assistants
Employment of student assistants will end on April 30.
As they will probably all have left the campus before their
final payroll cheque and their severance cheque are made out,
Division Heads were asked to obtain their forwarding addresses
and show them on the Severance Notices,
Library Building
The Library will remain open until 11 p.m. from
April 2-10 to provide extra study space for students prior to
examinations. No service will be given after 10:00 p.m.
The Information Desk service will terminate April 3.
The last day for service in the Staff Room will be
April 27. 55
Display of New Books
Professor J. Biely has written objecting to the new
divisional arrangement for displaying new books.  In future,
the books will be sent to the divisions and, at the end of a
week, will be brought back together for display on the "New
Book Shelves" at the Loan Desk stack entry.
School of Librarianship Field Work
Several students of the School of Librarianship have
been assigned to the University Library for their field work
during the period April 24 to May 9. This will be in the form
of a "cadet programme" by which the student will be assigned to
a specific division and accompany a senior librarian through
all phases of his job.  If time permits, the student may be
assigned to another division also.
Inter-Llbrary Loan
An extra $650 has been allocated for postage for books
procured through Inter-Library Loan. Therefore, no charge will
be made to departments on campus for this service. It will also
not be necessary to have I.L.L. request forms signed by heads of
departments.  It will be sufficient if the form is signed by a
full-time teaching member of the University faculty.
Canada Council Award for Mr. Stuart-Stubbs
Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs has been awarded a Canada
Council grant to enable him to travel to libraries in Eastern
Canada and the United States to examine rare books, maps and
special collections, and to collect materials for a study of the
early cartography of Canada. He will be away during July and
Mrs. Patricia Dew, as Clerk II in the Acquisitions
Division on March 19.
Mrs. Florence Weinberg, as Library Assistant in the
Catalogue Division on April 30.
Mrs. D. Chute, as Clerk I In the Catalogue Division
on April 27*;;
Mr. W. Kurmey, as Librarian I in the Circulation
Division on April 'd'(.
Miss Andree Ingram, as Library Assistant in the
Humanities Division on April 30.
Mrs.Elizabeth Williams, as Library Assistant in
the Humanities Division oh April 30
Miss Anne M. Brown, as Clerk I in the College Library
on May 3.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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