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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Aug 19, 1952

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 No. 14 ~
TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning,
Miss Mackenzie, Miss Fugler.
The proof has been typed on the verityper by the Extension staff and
awaits checking by Mr. Harlow.
The lounge has been repainted, and while the color is a little brighter
than the Librarian planned before his holiday absence, it is a change from the
former cold gray and is fresh and cheerful, Mr, Harlow suggests that suitable
pictures be found to tie the color to the existing furnishings and that possibly
new draperies might be obtained. The lower entrance to the building has also
been painted, and small areas elsewhere are to be touched up before term
The Librarian is expecting final proofs from Bob Reid tomorrow, and
the order for new bookplates will be forwarded immediately. The University crest
will be a wood block design, one which can be used also on other printed items,
such as the faculty identification card to be issued at the beginning of the
coming term.
The Librarian reminded the Division Heads that he would have to
prepare his annual report in October at the latest, and he requested the Heads
to submit their annual reports to him by the end of September, In reply to a
question regarding the contents of such reports, Mr, Harlow said that they should
follow last year's form with emphasis on statistics to support statements made.
He reouested as much statistical information as possible, with interpretation
of its significance, and with particular note of changes.
The Division Heads were asked to report to Mr.Harlow the members of
their staffs who were planning to attend PNLA next month. Some interest was
expressed in the Personnel Institute to be conducted on the 10th and 11th
September, and Mr. Harlow asked what value such an Institute was likely to have
for the staff. Those who had attended earlier sessions of the same kind felt
that they were very useful, and this one has been designed to attract both staff
and administrators. (Mr. Harlow later ascertained that the Institute would not
be held).
Miss Mercer asked about the evening courses in Accountancy which are
to be given at the University in relation to the proposed provision of Library
service to the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Mr. Harlow replied that -2-
the integration of library service with the UBC Department of Commerce and the
Institute has not yet been officially approved by the Institute. It will not
affect the program of evening courses.
Mr, Lanning has asked if facilities can be provided for receiving
newspapers and other material after 5 o'clock or closing hours. There was
general agreement that a slot in the delivery door would take care of newspaper-
deliveries, but not for the return of books. At present the latter are often
shoved under the iron gates or are even tossed over the top. Mr. Harlow is
anxious to discourage the use of the delivery door for the return of books or
for any use except that of receiving parcels. The newspaper slot will be provided in the delivery door, and further consideration will be given to a return
slot near the front entrance.
After some consideration of the present handling of supplies it was
decided that the old marking room should become the Supply Room and that access
to it will be only through the Librarian's office. In spite of
regulate the use of the old bindery room, seme supplies are disappearing.
A definite policy is to be followed in deciding whether to mend,
rebind, or replace a book. Some material will be mended for immediate use
because it is not worth binding. Some items that should be rebound but which
are in immediate need will be mended as a temporary expedient until they can go
into the bindery. Books which can not be replaced or are worth the expense of
binding will be rebound. A sample of "flush" binding of a paper bound play was
sho'Ti to the meeting; this had been quickly and inexpensively bound and had had
the merest fraction of the margins removed in the trimming. This treatment will
be useful for certain material that is not worth the cost of regular binding,
and samples will be placed in the Reserve Book Room for a use test. The
difficulty of dealing with music scores and parts was mentioned. Scores for
chamber music and small orchestras can be bound, with the parts included in
pockets on the inside covers. It is not likely that the Library will need to
deal with full symphonic orchestrations for some time to come.
As an aspect of maintenance of library equipment, Mr. Harlow requests
that typewriters be covered at the end of the day. Covers will be provided when
missing. The dust of electric erasers is also very damaging to the machines,
and it was pointed out that erasing should be done so that the dust particles
do not fall into the.machine. Cards should be removed from typewriters for
machine erasing, and should be well dusted before re-insertion. Small hand
erasers with brush attached are to be used for minor erasing jobs; the dust from
such erasers should be kept out of the machines as far as possible but it is
much coaser and therefore less damaging to the typewriters.
Metal caps have been obtained and will be fitted over the ends of
pencils to be chained to the service desks in an effort to keep pencils always
available. At present a great many disappear, creating inconvenience and being
hard on the pencil supply.
Miss Jefferd requested a truck and low chair designed for filing at the -3-
public catalogue, a highly desirable item which will need a specific budget
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
We regret that Miss Margaret Mackenzie will leave the Library as of
September 13, after four years of service on the staff.
Miss Eleanor Cock, Miss Mavis Cramb, and Miss Myra Clowes are leaving
to attend Library School in eastern Canada in the coming term. Mrs. Sue Manchester
has resigned from her position in the Serials Division to take a teaching post in
New Personnel
Mr. Walter Raff will join the Library staff on September 2 as Junior
Librarian (L-l) in the Catalogue Division.
Mr. Albert Spratt and Mr. William Taggart will begin on September 2 as
Junior Librarians (L-l) in Reference.
Miss Cecily Girvan will commence work in the Serials Division as Library
Assistant, Miss Betty Colley in Acquisitions as Library Assistant, and Miss Joyce
Buchanan in Circulation as Library Assistant, on September 2. The clerical staff
will be augmented by Miss Josephine Chamberlain, Clerk 1, and Miss Esther Zipursl<y
and Mrs. Frances Gloux, Junior Clerks, in the Circulation Division, and Miss
Jocelyn Spence,Junior Clerk in Acquisitions.
Mr, Jim Colmer is expected to join the staff of the Bindery on the same


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