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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 28, 1954

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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1954, at 10 a.m.
Present:  Mr, Harlow, Miss Lanning, ,Mis;!S:Fiercer, Miss Alldritt,
Miss O'Rdurke, Mr, Lanning, Miss Fugler,- -
Mr, Rothstein has suggested the following members of'
the Library Staff Book Selection Committee» Under his chairmanship:' Fir, Hennessey, Fliss Liggins, Miss Hall, Miss Lougheed,
Firs. Armitage.  This Committee is to act as a funnel through
which suggestions may be made by all members of5the library
staff. It will have a small fund of its own to spend, but it
should make recommendations for purchases in all fields. In
addition, the Reference Division has a vook selection committee
of. its own.,
There is also to be a Display Committee composed of
Miss O'Rourke (chairman). Miss Dearing, and Mrs. Alston, Mr*
>jSvHar±ew asked if Hiss Besler/Would eventually take part in this
"work as Mrs. Wilson had done, and Miss O'Rourke said that she
would like to haveher do so, Mr. Harlow believes, it a good
plan to have a committee of staff to deal with displays, upon
whom the person chiefly responsible for them can call.  It was
noted that Miss Nishimura had done very effective work, on one
of the current displays, and Mr. Harlow said he would like to
know of others who might have ability and interest in this
The Personnel Committee will include the following,
under the chairmanship of Fir, Rothstein: Mr. Steckl or Mr. Owens,
Mrs. Giuriato, Miss Wood, representing the several categories
of employees. One of the projects of the Committee will be to
prepare a staff manual, Mr, Harlow emphasized that it will not
be a merely nominal group, and it will have other problems to
The first Exchange lists have arrived. They are to
go first to Mr, Hennessey, thence to Reference, Serials and the
Librarian's Office, being reviewed and handed on quickly. In
making selections from the list, staff are asked not to recommend
anything which we would not ordinarily purchase; the cost of
books from the list will be $1,00 per volume plus postage and
processing costs. If anything on the list seems to be of
interest to Miss Lanning for replacement, Fir. Hennesse}?- will
send the list to her. If items wanted are initialed by those
making the selection it will be sufficient, Mr. Harlow asked
Mr, Hennessey to keep count of how many items we  receive out
of those we request, in order to judge how useful the service
may be. (2) 7
Starting on November 1, and continuing to Nov, 22,
one or two first year English classes a day will come to the
Library (Room 852), to be given instruction in the use of Library
facilities and to be started on their "Freshman English project."
In order to avoid crowds at the service desks, the periodical
indexes will be in the small room opposite the Reference work
room, near the catalogue, and the bound periodicals to be used kept at the Loan Desk. Mimeographed assignment sheets
and copies of "Know Your Library" will be provided for the
The new forms are being printed; they will be in
quadruplicate with snap-out carbons, the first form to be sent
immediately to the student, the remaining three to the Accountant.  Fines will be charged only after a book is three days
overdue, and bills will be rendered on the 1st and 15th of each
month. Bills will be mailed in window envelopes to save the
time of addressing.  The carbons will be printed in red ink
"Second Notice," "Last Notice," "Accountant's Copy,1? and if •
payment is not made in response to the "Last Notice," the Accountant will send, this copy to the Library to have the person's
name added to the blacklist at"the Loan Desk.  As soon as this
information has been taken off, the "Accountant's Copy" will be
returned to him, this operation to be performed overnight and
the copy returned to the Accountant the next morning at 9 o'clock.
Persons on the blacklist will be requested to come to the Librarian's Office, and library service is to be withheld until
fines are paid,
Students in the second from the last year of their
degree course may have stack access this session, Mr, Harlow
feels that not enough third year students know about it and he
suggestes a notice in the "Ubyssey" to inform them. Unless full
use is made of the privilege, the Library will not know how
heavy the traffic is, and since this is an experimental period,'
it is advisable to have full information for the Library Committee.
Exit locks have been installed on the two doors that
lead to the roof of the building, one on floor 8 and the other
in the Main Reading Room, chiefly to a void having persons on
the roof during events in the Stadium. A good deal of damage
has been done to this roof through unauthorized access in past
years. (3)
It is being wondered whether particularly good and
experienced student assistants might be offered a higher rate
of pay than the average receives, Mr. Harlow pointed out that
higher pay would mean fewer hours for the divisions because the
budget is not elastic. Particularly able students are of course
much more useful and productive and might well be worth the
time sacrificed, Mr,;Harlow will discuss the possibilities
with the Director of Personnel, It might be that a classification of "Student Assistant II" might be set up,
Mr. Lanning said that at the beginning of each month
the Bindery will take about 100 paper backs or repairs.  This
does not provide for all needed repairs, but it is a step towards catching up. Some new books have arrived in need of repair, and it was decided that such volumes should also be
handled by the Bindery, preferably before the books go on the
In general, staff should use the individual switches
in stack areas, not turn whole sections off at the panel,
Since the "No Smoking" rule has proved unenforceable
in these rooms, ash tra3^s will be provided on the tables"on an
experimental basis in the hope of keeping the. rooms tidy,
Miss Lanning reported that some faculty members have
not returned books for the annual inventory, Mr. Harlow asked
for a list of names and items involved,
Extra-mural readers writing M#A, theses are requesting
bound journals, and Miss Lanning asked what loan period, if any,
should be granted.  Such borrowers are not on the campus and it
is difficult to control material loaned to them.  Some of them,
also, have kept interlibrary loans over time, in spite of repeated requests that they be returned. Extra-mural borrowers
are not charged fines, but Mr. Harlow said that bills for'fines
should be sent to them henceforth. After some discussion, it'was
agreed that loans of periodicals, for overnight or a few days,
should be made by Miss Lanning and Mr. Bell to such readers at
their discretion. The granting of the loan and the time limit
are to be based up on their knowledge and judgment of the
borrower's dependability and need. (4)
At present a paper back goes through Acquisitions for
binding without any property mark being placed upon it. It was
decided to rubber stamp "UBC LIBRARY" on the inside of the front
cover where it can be covered by a book-plate if the cover is
retained in binding,
Some bound volumes contain material which because of
changes in departmental organization or for other reasons,
should be bound separately. Miss Alldritt said that difficulties
in cataloguing this.kind of material causes delay in her
Division, Mr, Harlow recommended that the catalogue card indicate the manner in which the material Is bound rather than
have the volume broken up and rebound.
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m,
Miss Phyllis Russell joined the Reference staff as
Junior Librarian on September 27, and Miss, Carol Hall and Firs.
Mary Blakstad started work as Library Assistants in the Circulation Division earlier in the month,
Mrs. Beate Wesemeyer has been appointed to a Clerk
1 position in the Catalogue Division, and Mr."D'Arcy Bartlett
has succeeded Fir. Philip Crouse as Flail Clerk,
It was announced that Firs. Joyce Flakovkin will leave
the staff at the end of October and"that her position of Library
Assistant would therefore be left vacant. There was great
regret expressed at the prospect of Firs. Flakovkin's resignation.


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