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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 10, 1953

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 NO. 30
TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr, Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Mr, Lanning, Miss O'Rourke, Miss Fugler.
The matter of moving the marking room to the Cataloguing and
Acquisitions area has been further discussed in the Divisionsconcerned, and it
was agreed that floor space is probably now available but that it might become
crowded after a year or twoj shelving however, might prove a more real difficulty.
Mr, Harlow asked what the divisions most concerned would like to do. Miss
Jefferd said that she would like to try it, and Mr, Lanning and Miss Mercer
agreed, stipulating that the change not be made until after the new budget year,
April 1. It was tentatively agreed to try it as an experiment with the present
staff and equipment, beginning shortly after April 1, to see whether it will be
feasible with existing shelving and the new division of labor. Miss Lanning
remarked that it would be a boon to her to have the operations all in one place,
Mr, Harlow suggested laying out the floor plan on paper,
Mr, Harlow said that the President had given his approval to take on
an apprentice in the bindery, and arrangements are being made to have Mr, Fryer's
son join the staff shortly. It is expected that this additional help will
increase the annual output of the bindery about 1000 volumes,
Miss Smith has had a member of the Reference Division prepare a
preliminary index to the Minutes of the Division Heads meetings. It was agreed
that a two year period (to the end of the Academic year, August, 1953) would
be adopted for a bound volume of the Minutes, which would be identified by a
date on the spine.
Division Heads may be asked to check the index and make suggestions,
since the approach of each Division might be somewhat different. The Librarian
thought that Divisions would still need to continue each week to draw out
statements relating to policy or procedure which affect their work, since the
index would presumably not be duplicated for distribution until the volume is
As previously decided, a microfilm which is obtained by the Library
for a member of faculty in lieu of interlibrary loan is to be charged to the
department for which it is obtained if it costs more than $ 2.00. These items
are to be reported to the Librarian's Office, after the material is received,
and Miss Fugler will see that the proper charge is made. Miss Smith will provide
the Librarian with a statement of the amount involved in interlibrary loans for
the fiscal year ending March 31, 1953. -2-
The Librarian has been asked by faculty members whether there can be
a separate list of serials in the Library showing location of files, so that it
would not be becessary to search for titles in the public catalog. Miss Smith
said that she had wanted such a file at Reference for years, and Mr. Harlow
reported that one request had been to have it in the stacks. The cards in such
a file would not indicate library holdings, but only location (call numbers and
location of current issues). A visible file would be very expensive, and the
Librarian inquired whether a 3" x 5" card file might do, in which case two
copies might be made. Mr, Lanning estimated that seven drawers of cards would
be required. Uncatalogued material would not be includedj as binding progresses
and this material on floor one is absorbed these files will be taken care of,
A start could be made by copying the list of current titles in Serials, and
this elone would be of considerable help; it could be built up gradually by
adding other material. It should certainly include everything the Library
receives currently. New titles might be added.before cataloguing by using
temporary cards, Mr, Lanning suggested that cards refer to the exact location
of current issues (in Bio-Med., in a Department, Serials, or elsewhere).and not
just to Serials for more definite information. As it is, people are often sent
from one place to another for information which they could find for themselves
if location was indicated,
Miss Joan O'Rourke is Chairman of a B.C.L.A, Committee sponsoring the
Institute, which will be held on Saturday, March 21, in Library Room 852, Its
purpose is to draw the attention of people working in a non-professional position
in libraries, and of high school and university students to the possibilities
for them in professional library work* Speakers have been lined up to give short
talks on different types of libraries and library work and service, and there
will be an afternoon panel to point out the advantages of becoming a librarian.
A sandwich lunch will be provided in the library staff rooms by a group of
volunteers, supported by a small grant from B, C. L. A,
School libraries will be canvassed, and Mr, C, K, Morison, Superintendent of the Public Library Commission, is making the project known in Victoria.
There will probably be some people from Nanaimo, Richmond, Burnaby and the
Fraser Valley, An outline of the program will be distributed to the different
Divisions of the Library and a notice will appear in The Ubyssey. Miss O'Rourke
would like to know, by March 18, how many plan to attend, Mr, Harlow suggested
a display on the cork board, and probably the small one outside Reference will
be used. Miss Jefferd suggested that mention be made of the assistance offered
by scholarships and bursaries.
Before the last war Miss Smith made an attempt to get this kind of
material, but the war interfered and nothing has been accomplished, Mr, Harlow
thought that the President would be willing to assist in getting in touch with
the Consul and other persons who might help us, if we provide the information.
He has agreed to help us in this manner in our attempt to secure the non-
Parliamentary publications of Great Britain,
The meeting, adjourned at 11:40 a.m,


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