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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 29, 1960

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November 29, I960.  No. 228
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, JO'R, EBM, AB, JS, ML, MD, EC, IB, DP, GGT,
BSS, AMS, and HM.
Forest History Seminar
The Forest History Seminar was held on the U. B. C.
campus on November 22.  Sponsored by Mr. H. S. Foley
and Mr. George Gallaway of MacMillan, Bloedel and Powell
River Company, it began with a luncheon at the Faculty Club,
at which Mr. Willard Ireland, Provincial Librarian and Archivist,
spoke of the importance of ,preserving historical records of the
industry. The group met in the afternoon in the Division of
Special Collections, where a good many exhibits had been set
up from the Library's collections and from material loaned by
Mr. Wellburn of Duncan and some of the company offices. Dean
Allen of the Faculty of Forestry chaired the meeting and
speakers were Dr. Orchard, former Deputy Minister of Forests
and Chief Forester, Prof. J, Lawrence of Departments of English
and History, and Dr. R. Haig-Brown, professional writer.  The
President of the Forest History Society, Mr. W. Orell of Tacoma,
Wash, attended and afterwards wrote that it was the most successful of the seminars yet held.
Examinations papers
Examination papers for 1959/60 have been bound and
those for the first two years are in the College Library, those
for the 3rd and 4th being located on tables In the stacks on
level 3-
Royal Commission on Publications
The Royal Commission on publications held hearings on
the campus at the beginning of the week. Miss Smith attended
some of the hearings, including the one at which Mr. G. Woodcock
presented a brief on behalf of "Canadian Literature." It is
hoped that copies of the presentations and report can be
acquired for U.B.C; Dr. Lamb will get a copy for the National
Library, and we can perhaps secure a microfilm copy.
Location of Bibliographies
A committee has been appointed, with Miss Smith as
chairman, to study how best to show the location of materials
in the Z classification which were formerly in the Ridington
Room but" have now been divided among the subject divisions.
27 28
Such information will presumably eventually be recorded in the
public catalog, but this cannot be accomplished at once and
the number of items is too large for Inclusion in the "Location
Pile" at the Loan Desk. A number of suggestions were made but
a more complete report will come at a later meeting,  after
the committee has further opportunity for discussion.with
Mr. Turner and Mr. Bell.
Staff Room
The committee to look into the use of the new Staff
Room (Miss Mercer, Miss Dwyer and Mrs. Brearley) submitted
several recommendations.  It was proposed to provide coffee
for the "coffee breaks" (charging 5<ft  a cup) on an experimental
basis for a week to see what the true costs and possibilities
Christmas Hamper Fund
The staff will be asked to contribute again this year
to provide Christmas hampers for three old-age pensioners who
have been so remembered in this way for a number of years.
Miss Praser will provide details regarding the recipients
and a notice will be circulated to the divisions.
Pamphlet Covers
The Catalogue Division received a great many small
publications to be bound in pamphlet covers, and Mr. Turner
asked for some guidance regarding the use of pamphlet binders.
It was agreed in a preliminary way that they should not be used
for material which will receive heavy use, for rare material,
and normally not for material which is to be kept permanently
in the Library.  Some material which is required quickly can
be put in pamphlet covers temporarily until it can be bound.
The Catalogue Division will make a tentative list of categories
for which pam-binding can be used.
Chinese Librarian
Miss Tung King Ng, the new Chinese Librarian, is en
route to Vancouver aboard the liner Orcades and will arrive
about December 7 or 8.
Mrs. Joan Selby, Head of the Humanities Division, has
an article published in the current issue of Canadian Literature,
"The Transmutation of History", 29
Miss Annette M. Montgomery as Clerk I in the
Acquisitions Division on November 14.
Miss Marian G. Robinson as Library Assistant in the
Catalogue Division on November 14.
Mrs. Mary T. Ball as Clerk II in the Serials Division
on November 25.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.


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