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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Aug 7, 1956

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Array /2k
August 7, 19567  No. 132
Reporting Division Heads Flee tings and Other Matters of Interest
to Universit3r of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, AMS, MFIL, RJL, EBM, MAA, EF.
Fir. Bell was invited to attend.
Dr. Rothstein was absent on holiday.
Policy regarding mending was discussed. Flaterial in
print will be replaced rather than rebound if the cost is comparable
The order for replacement will be made, and the volume in hand will
be repaired to make it usable until the new one is available.
If the material is not replaceable, it will be rebound in the
Librae bindery, and mending will be done only to keep the volume
in service (if necessary) until the end of term or until it can be
sent to the bindery; whatever mending is done will be of such a
nature that it will not interfere with rebinding.
Before repairs to a volume are made, it must be decided
whether the book is to be discarded or is a permanent copy.
Bell, Mr. Lanning and Miss Fiercer (in that
(2-^   U
Fliss Lanning or Mi. , .„ .  0	
order) will be responsible-for such decisions.
; t
The Library will continue to do pamphlet binding of
material as it comes into the Acquisitions Division.  The stapler
in the bindery is made available to Acquisitions regularly each
Friday for pamphlet work, and it can be used at other times by
Tucker and Fir. Bell will spend Thursday at the
Washington Library inspecting the mending operations
University of
there, and they were asked particular^ to note the following:
Flethods of pamphlet binding.
Use of plastic glue or cement in lieu of other binding,
durabilit3^ of such treatment.
Tipping in of pages, mending torn pages. What adhesives are
used, does mending oermit clear photographic reproduction
of text?
When back strip or covers of books are loose, what treatment
is given? J22
Treatment of crumpled pages, maps, etc.  Is anything done
about dictionaries, union lists, etc., where the thin
paper tends to curl and tear as the volumes are handled?
What kind of cloth is used for reinforcing paper backs,
(e.g., Flystik Tape, gummed cloth)v
Fir. Lanning stated that the bindery will schedule
1,000 rebinds and ls000 flush binds for the coming year.
Summer Session Stack Access
Fliss Lanning reported that the granting of stack access
to all students in Summer" Session has made little difference to the
work load at the Loan Desk. Many summer students are not here long
enough to become familiar with the arrangement of the stacks.
"Know Your Library"
The new edition, for 1956/57, is in the hands of the
Printing Dept, and will be available soon.  It will be distributed
to freshmen during the Library orientation program of the
Reference Division and, as before, kept at the public desks and the
two Lib rary entran c e s.
Curriculum Laboratory
ork on material from the Normal School is progressing.
It has been unpacked, and there is about twice as much of it as
the shelves can hold. Fliss Scott, with assistance from the Serials
and Loan Desk staff, is in -charge of the work.  Dr. Johnson from
the College of Education looked over the situation with Miss Fiercer,
Dr. Rothstein and Mr. Harlow, and they decided upon a policy of
selection, as outlined in the Appendix to these Minutes.  This will
apply to new additions to the Curriculum Laboratory as well as to
present holdings. Fir. Harlow emphasized that the Curriculum
Laboratory is not a departmental library, and that former Normal
School practice -does not necessarily have any bearing upon procedures of the new College of Education at the University.
Children's literature (in PZ4-PZ88, its own classification), periodicals, methodology, and lesson background material
at the adult level will go into the general stack.
Fir. Lanning has provided a list of education periodicals
now being received and those which have been requested by the
College of Education.  Current issues of certain titles will be
sent to the College of Education and some others will be kept in
the Curriculum Laboratory, the Library to make the final decision
upon College of Education requests.
Some obsolete material will be discarded, both from the
Normal School collection and the Library stack. /3&
Another 110 books have been returned, including 17 from
small collections and 14 from Reference.  Five new volumes are
missing from the Sedgewick Room this 3>-ear, and one from Howay-Reid
although the latter is believed to be in process elsewhere injthef
Library.  Three of the 47 missing from Sedgewickn"asTT"ye~ar~h1fve u"
been returned, the remainder have been withdrawn from the catalog.
Gift from Dr, H. R. MacFIillan
The latest gift from Dr. MacI'lillan comprises o charts by
Alexander Dalrymple of the Northwest Pacific coast. They are very
rare and seldom come into the market, and most of them have never
been published in other form.  They are a notable acquisition.
It was decided that Fliss Mercer would keep a cumulative record of
Dr. MacMillan's gifts.
Dr. Carnovsky
Dr. Leon Carnovsky of the Universit3'- of Chicago Graduate
Library School, who visited Vancouver recently, will come again in
September, when the Librarian hopes to have him meet and talk to
the Library staff.
Stack Bids
to several manufacturers to
the Library.  Tenders have
complete installation, the
August, with completion of the
Invitations have been sent
bid on the installation of stacks in
been asked on two proposals, one the
other a part, and the deadline is 31
installation by 15 Flarch, 1957-  The "well"'will be stacked, either
partially or wholly, depending upon the cost and amount of money
available.  In either case it is expected that Serials will move
to level 5, establishing a central serials record adjacent to the
Loan Desk, and that the Bio-FIedical Reading Room will be transferred to level 6.
Fir. Harlow asked
do odd jobs be referred to
directly to Mr, FicCallum.
Summer Session Theatre
that all requests to
his office first and
have the janitor
not be given
Fliss Mary Ellen Bab cock, formerly a member of the Circulation Division, has taken the course in theatre in Summer School
and is appearing as Sister Sagrario in "The Cradle Song" and has a
minor role in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." 4
Cxtra-Ftural Registration
Miss Lanning submitted a proposal to discontinue the
borrower's card for extra-mural readers.  It would reduce the
amount of work in keeping the record, but would not provide a
record of the number of books out to a borrower.  It was agreed to
adopt the plan. Extra-mural readers should as far as possible be
handled like other borrowers.
New Chief Librarian for Toronto Public. Library>
Following the death of Dr. Sanderson, Fir. Hanry C.
Campbell has been appointed Chief Librarian of the Toronto Public
Library, according to a report in The Vancouver Sun.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.
Firs. Fiargaret Barnes resigned from the Bio-Medical staff on
31 July. Mrs, Marguerite Ford will leave the Bio-Medical Library
at. the end oTT"August and Fliss. Patricia Tankard will leave the
Acquisitions Division at the same time.
Fir. Richard Sepjiton has joined the Acquisitions Division as
Library Assistant".
New Subscriptions:
Monat^scjirift fiir ohrenheilkunde und laryngo-rhinologie.
Wiener archiv" ftlr psyc"hblo""gi"e, psychiatrie und neurolog'i
Zeitschrift ftlr slawistik.
Deutsche hydrographische"zeitschrift. Erganzungshaft.
Arctic.Institute of America.  Special publications.
Acta tropica.
Helyetica ehirurgica acta.
Physical" society of "Japan.  Journal.
Deutsche zeitschrift ftir neryeliHelTkunde.
Deutsche zeitschri_ft__fiar"7erdauungs-und "stoffwechsel-
Zeitschrift ._fur urologi e.
Index zur geschichte der medizin^ natunfissenschaft und
Nuclear science and engineering.
Vox romanica.
African studies. /S2.
Ardea. V.11-26, 1922-37
Vox romanica. V.9-14, 1946-55.
Sewanee review. V.l-52, 1392-1944.
Shakespeare-iahrbuch, V.l-89, 1865-1953.
Goethe-geselischa'ft.  Sehriften. V.l-54 & Beilage I,
Dr. Rothstein, like other columnists are now and then,
is on holiday. APPENDIX
Decision of August 3, 1956: Dr. Johnson, Fir. Harlow,
Dr, Rothstein, Fir. Lanning,
Miss Fiercer
Dictionaries (1 British, 1 American)
Encyclopedias (Juvenile
Adult: 1 British, 1 American)
Textbooks    (Keep 40 copies on shelves, store any extras;
possibly in labeled boxes on Floor 2, possibly
in locked cupboards in Education classrooms)
Supplementary texts (as above)
Periodicals  (Lesson helps only)
Books       (Background lesson-help material, if juvenile or
school in tone)
Dictionaries  (Adult, extra to those retained)
Encyclopedias (  "     "   "  "      "
Periodicals  (Adult, background material or academic)
Children's literature  (All to stacks, including Tom Swift)
Lesson background books, adult.
Tentatively discard
Obsolete background material
Serials to prepare a list of education journals received.
College of Education to mark this list:
a:  Of interest to faculty.
Current issue to College of Education,
rest filed at Serials
b: Of interest to Education students
Current issue to Curriculum Laboratory,
rest filed at Serials.


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