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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 13, 1954

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THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1954, at 2:30 p.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Miss Fiercer,
Miss O'Rourke, Miss Alldritt, Mr. Lanning, Fliss Fugler.
Miss Mercer reported that 4 new books have arrived for
this collection.  She and Mr. Rothstein expect to have a report oi
the operation of the rental service ready for next meeting.
Mr. Rothstein summarized the history of discussions
regarding the Library's responsibilities, indicating that it was
recognized that the Library?- should collect and maintain records ae
it does other library material, and also recognizing the difficult
of doing so.  Mr. Harlow said that the Library will continue to
handle records but that it will not buy them for class-room use.
Miss O'Rourke stated that the Library will collect the
federal statutes of Australia and New Zealand and that the Law
Library will collect the state statutes.
Miss Lanning reported that the departmental collections
have been checked except in Physics and Agriculture and that these
will be done when a member of the Serials staff is available to
assist.  She has not received a report on the Reference situation
or from Reserve. , On the whole, faculty have been returning books
fairly well. Biology & Botany report 17 volumes missing, about
the same as last year. Miss Lanning hopes to make a more complete
report at next meeting. y
Miss Lanning asked if she should call in books loaned to
individuals for the term and Mr. Harlow said a note should be sent
requesting return. If the books are needed they may be charged ou-
again immediately.
Mr. Harlow is very much concerned about the use of the
Library telephones for private inter-exchange and long-distance
calls.  If there is abuse, the Library may have to pay for telephone service as a specific item.  All private, non-local calls
are to be charged to the individual's home telephone number and
this information should be given to the operator when the call is
placed.  In order to avoid difficulty such calls should be placed
at the pay telephone. -2- /6*
If a shipment arrives at the Library with some material
for the Library and some for the Museum or Art Gallery, onl^r one
bill for the whole amount is sent to the Purchasing Agent, and ofte
the shipment is signed for by Library staff which would apparently
indicate that it was Library material.  The problem of determining
the proper account for the charges has been left to the Acquisition
Division of the Librarjr and the Purchasing Agent, but without a
clear demarcation of responsibility. Miss Fiercer said that
difficulties do arise and that she has been trying to devise a mean
of overcoming them. Mr. Harlow suggested that someone who knew mor
than Mr. Wong about what would be library material in a mixed shipment should be called at the time the shipment arrives, but it was
pointed out that delivery men can not wait for several minutes whil>
another person is summoned to look at the parcels, and that very
often only one member of the library staff would know about a shipment. Fliss Fiercer said that Acquisitions can keep a file of
delivery slips, although they have so little information on them
that they are not always a help.  It was agreed that Fliss Mercer
and Mr, Rothstein should consider the problem and try to arrive at
a solution.
Three copies of the supplement to this publication will
be purchased: for Catalogue-Acquisitions, Reference, and Serials.
Books have been disappearing from the trucks and shelves
before they have been completely processed. Mr. Harlow said that
no book should be taken without the borrower leaving a record in
its place on the truck or shelf, that no book should be kept longer
than overnight, and that it must be returned without fail the next
morning. When these conditions are not observed, serious losses
and delays result.  It was recommended that when a book is taken
from the processing departments the cards and a slip signed by the
borrower should be left with Miss Mercer or Miss Alldritt.
Mr. Harlow said that Library staff-should not take books in process
and pass them on from person to person, since this keeps the books
out of the processing departments for weeks at a time. He emphasize-
that the location of the books must be known at all times, and if
staff are not taking those that are disappearing an investigation
must be made to find out what is happening to them. An occasional
request from a faculty member for a book in process is met by
plating the volume and keeping the book card with the name of the
borrower and date of the loan in the process file.
The value of embossing every book, except rare ones, is
questionable. The ostensible purpose is to safeguard against loss,
but the identification of books as library property is supplied by
the book-plates, catalogue numbers, etc.  The general opinion was
that the time spent on embossing is not justified by its occasional
usefulness and embossing will be discontinued. _3- 7e>y
The R.C.M.P. are assisting in the recovery of some
Library books from a former student who has been apprehended for
When Mr. Rothstein visited the Library of this Universit
he noticed a great pile of material, including probably 200 volume
of Congressional Series and another 800 of Executive Department
papers.  U, B. C. may have the lot for the cost of packing and
shipping, about $250.  The exact contents would not be known.
Request has also been made for University of Iowa publications.
The value of the material to this Library was considered and it wa;
decided that Iowa would be asked to send the Congressional Series
and the University of Iowa publications. Miss O'Rourke said that
she doubted the usefulness of the Executive Department material
and it was decided not to ask for it.
A large shipment of material has arrived and the
Librarian has acknowledged its receipt to the State Library of
This subject has been reviewed by the Librarian and
Mr. Rothstein with the Finance Committee and with the Accountant
and Registrar.  The Library submitted a proposal for a code of
incentives and penalties, which Mr, Rothstein reviewed. For prompt
payment a discount will be granted, for delay after the second
notice is sent a surcharge will be imposed, and if there is still
no response a letter will be sent to the delinquent asking him to
see the Librarian and advising him of cancellation of library
privileges.  Students with unpaid fines will not be allowed to
re-register.  Those graduating will not be held up in their
graduation, but their names will be listed by the Accountant and
supplied to the Registrar, who will not provide transcripts or
other University service to the delinquents.  The system has been
tried at Dartmouth with apparent success. A blacklist of students
whose privileges have been cancelled will be kept at the Loan Desk.
Mr. Harlow wishes to display the Sansom library for a
couple of months or so where it can be viewed by the President.
The old bindery is largely occupied by Chinese books, but as this
material is bound it will require less space. One or two other
possible locations were mentioned. Mr. Harlow asked why there is
half a row in the Reference stacks unshelved, and it appears that
Mr, Neale is making up and putting in the shelves as time permits.
If the newspapers could be removed from floor 5, shelving would be
available!there. Fliss O'Rourke pointed out that floor 4 stacks
are more accessible than those on 5, and Mr. Harlow said that
probably a door should be put in on 4 to shut off the Reference -4-
stack area.  There are also shelves occupied by old university
calendars, and it was suggested that other Canadian universities b
asked if they want copies and that when these wants have been
supplied the excess be discarded. Miss O'Rourke will review the
calendar situation. Mr. Rothstein will try to line up whatever
shelving is available and a decision will be made re  location of
the Sansom collection.
Difficulties arise occasionally because books are loaned
to persons whose borrowing privileges are limited or cancelled,
and the Librarian said that no book should be loaned to a person
who cannot present credentials.  Normally, a library card for the
1953/54 session will serve through Summer Session, 1954.
Mr. Harlow will be absent from the Library from Friday, .
Flay 14, through Monday, May 24.
Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fiercer, Fliss O'Rourke, Miss Alldritt
and several other librarians plan to attend the conference at
Chilliwack on May 16 and 17; Mr. Harlow will be unable to do so.
The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


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