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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 28, 1953

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 NO. 37
TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr, Harlow,'Miss Jefferd; Miss Smith,'Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr, Lanning, Miss Fugler.
P. 1. 4: "Date Due Slips in BMB Books" should read "Date Due Slips in
BMB Serials," In the same paragraph, after "put into the book"
insert "at the BMB",
P..2- Second paragraph, 5th and second last lines: replace "carbon"
with "copy."
Mr, Harlow said that he was very much report
that at a School of Architecture dinner which was given recently
for the faculty and students of the School, Mrs, Sinclair was an
honored guest. This is evidence of good public service and of
cordial relations between the Library and one of the teaching
divisions of the University and is very satisfying, especially since
the Fine Arts Room and Firs, Sinclair's work there are' not officially
a part of Architecture nor exclusively"devoted to the School,  The
gesture reflects great credit upon Mrs, Sinclair for her concept of
library service, her ability to understand the needs of a special
group, and her success in combining knowledge and personality in
developing and carrying out a program which has had real significance
for the Library and the University as a whole,
Mrs. Fenner, Secretary in the School of Architecture, has
recently spent some hours in various departments of the Library in
order to'give her a more intimate acquaintance with the Library's
workings, problems, services, and aims, not only in relation to the
School, but to the whole University. It is believed that such
experience will assist greatly in developing an understanding of
the Library's problems and what it is trying to offer in service
and facilities to the teaching departments. The Librarian hopes
that all personnel in charge of departmental reading rooms will
eventually be given this opportunity.
There seems always to be a shortage of book trucks, and
occasionally two or three assigned to the Loan Desk are appropriated
by other Divisions. Trucks allotted to Circulation (and so marked)
should not be removed from that Division without express permission
from Mr, Neale, when the work of shelving will not be held up. Two
new trucks are to be ordered. -2-
'Miss Lanning submitted an outline of the procedure she is
following, and all seems to be going well. The shift of overcrowded
sections, made possible by the move of material into the new stack
area on floor 2, is under way,
The School of Nursing has asked"to have the files of
periodicals in their reading room checked, and it was agreed that
this would be done by Serials (with assistance from Circulation if
needed). It is less damaging to the heavy volumes to check them in
Nursing than to have them brought to the Library and sent back.
Files of Periodicals'ready for binding will be brought back to the
Library at that time, In regard to the books, it was decided that if
Nursing will reconsider its present holdings and return to the
Library those no longer needed, the others may remain and be checked
there, This will involve making a"short shelf list and pink cards
for the volumes to stay in Nursing, Mr, Harlow will write to the
School about the procedure to be followed. He feels that departmental
reading rooms must review their books annually and return to the
main Library those which are no longer in sufficient demand to
justify their retention,
When this was'set up, second copies of books in the Library
were sent to Psychology. Little has been returned, and since it is
difficult to ascertain the status and use of the collection, Mr.
Harlow will discuss with Dr.. MacKay its future operation.
Engineering has asked to have some uncatalogued books in
their reading room sent to'the Library and catalogued and Mr, Harlow
will see the Dean about it.  The collection to be checked this year
as a part of the inventory project.
All departmental reading rooms, except Law, will be
checked now. Law will probably be left until the Library can provide
a cataloguer to process the Departmental collections. Law took a
number of volumes from the main stacks when it was getting
established and Mr, Harlow will talk to Dean Curtis about the present
need for them there.
Miss Lanning pointed out that the cataloguers,,in dealing
with inventory results, need not make out detailed slips; all that
is required is: full name of author, short title, date of publication,1 complete call number,
The University regulations state that, in general, the
annual holiday is to be taken in one piece. There are instances
when it is to the convenience of the department and of the individual
to have a split vacation, and when these coincide, the Division -3-
Heads may so arrange matters. The holiday is not likely to be long
enough to provide a real change if it is split into too small
sections. It is also general University policy that holidays are to
be taken during June, July and August, but this is not possible
everywhere in the Library, because of Summer Session demands, and
Division Heads should make the best balance they can between the
wishes of the staff and the needs of the Division, paying"particular
attention to the essential requirements of Summer'Session, When the
divisional holiday time tables have been drawn up, they are to be
sent to the Librarian,
Students make heavy use of the bound volumes of examination
papers which are made available to them at the Loan Desk, but they
give"them shocking abuse. Because of the condition of the existing
sets, Mr. Harlow suggeststhat only the latest set of papers be made
available henceforth and that"they be bound into three'or four
volumes, with sturdier covers, to reduce wear and tear. The
Circulation Division will keep them at the Desk or on a table
immediately in front of it; It was suggested that students be
referred to the Book Store, where they may purchase papers while the
supply lasts. The supply was reported to be very limited, however,
and this was not thought to be a very practical procedure.
It was pointed out by the Librarian that when books come
from the Bindery they are not entirely dry and firm and will not be
so for several weeks. Rough handling is particularly ruinous at '
this time, and heavy volumes should be stood upright or laid flat,
never allowed to"stand on'the front edge or spine, nor allowed to
lean at an angle. Gentle, considerate handling will prevent warping
or damage and contribute much to the longevity of the handsome and
essentially durable volumes being produced by the Bindery staff,
A "stylus" is being tried out in marking operations, but
the model in hand gets too hot to hold after a few minutes of use.
Miss Mercer said that it is actually a leather-tooling tool and that
she is to make inquiries of Mr, Walter Lanning, who uses a stylus
and finds it thoroughly satisfactory,
It is thought that some new staff members who have not
visited the Bindery would"like to do so in order to see how the work
is carried on there, Mr, Harlow is always reluctant to interrupt
the operations unnecessarily, but he will be glad to arrange tours
if staff members are actually interested. Any such persons should
notify Division Heads of their interest,
Acquisitions has withdrawn for cancellation all the cards
for orders over two years old and is compiling a list of the out- 4
standing orders for the last two years. A form letter, notifying
dealers of cancellations, is to be drawn up.  Serials had almost
no orders more than two years old, and those still in the file
are for materials as yet unpublished.
The Acquisitions Division is also compiling a list of
material purchased out of B. C. Packers Fund.
This year's committee has not functioned very well, and
the Librarian will write to Mr. Feltham, the new AMS President,
suggesting some activities for next year.
This discussion was continued from last week, at which
time Miss Lanning proposed doing away with the 1-month loan for
books and making the normal loan period 2 weeks.  There will still
be 1-week and 1-day loans for special material.  The 1-month
period has not reduced the number of fines as expected and may
actually militate against prompt return, since it gives borrowers
time to forget that the book is in their possession.  During
Summer Session, the usual loan period of 1 week will continue.
The suggestion that books be made due on only two days
of the week was also reviewed.  People may be more likely to remember that they have to return books on a certain day of the week
if there are only two days to remember.  The work at the Loan Desk
will be much heavier on such days and lighter on the others, but
Miss Lanning can plan accordingly. It was found that the date
stamp for month loans is now only changed twice a week, which is
in effect the system proposed. Mr. Harlow said that a definite
decision would need to be made soon so that the procedure can be
publicized in the fall issue of :!Know Your Library." It was
subsequently decided that, beginning the 1st of September, all
books loaned for periods longer than a day should be returnable on
Tuesday or Friday.  After further consideration it was agreed to
experiment with the same procedure during Summer Session.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 noon.
Miss Melva Dwyer, a graduate of the University of Toronto
Library School this year, will join the Reference staff as Junior
Librarian on July 1. Miss Dwyer is a former U.B.C. student, with
a good background in the Fine Arts, and she may prove to be a
replacement for Mrs. Sinclair in the Fine Arts Room.
On May 1, Mrs. Christine Holland will join the Catalogue
Division as Clerk 1 to replace Firs. Snyder, who .Will go to Circulation as a Library Assistant. Mrs. R. J. Aspinall has accepted the position of Clerk '.
in the Reference Division, to commence on May 11.
Miss Eleanor Cock and Mrs. Glycia Kubelka will be on
the staff of the Library temporarily during the summer.
Miss Ruth McColman has resigned from her position of
Junior Clerk in the Circulation Division, to be effective 31 May.
She will accompany her family to Edmonton.


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