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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 8, 1959

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July 8,  1959. No.  197
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, RJL, AMS, EBM, MAT, Bill Bell for F1L, no EF.
Everyone noted this was the first meeting held since Ethel Fugler's
departure, and there were strong expressions of regret at the loss
we shall feel because of her long, capable, and conscientious
service to the Library.
Building Progress
The Extension Library has been moved into its new
quarters in the north wing and the old lean-to has been pulled
down to make way for the new excavation, which has been well begun.
Award of Building Contract
The total proposal upon which tenders were asked was made
up of three parts: (I) the main wing with only three levels of
bookstacks completed, plus essential remodeling of the existing
building; (II) the remaining 5 bookstack levels; and (III) the
bookstack "well" (without floors or shelving) on the east side.
Tenders from 8 general contractors were received, with prices
remarkably close together.  After a formal opening in the presence
of representatives of contractors, Architects, and University,
the bids were analyzed by the Architects and the results
discussed with Mr. Hughes (Buildings and Grounds) and the Librarian,
then taken to Professor Deutsch (Chairman, Administrative Building
Committee) and the President. A special meeting of the Finance
Committee of the Board of Governors was called, where it was reported
that Proposal I could be erected within the funds available, but
that parts II and III would be much more economically built now in
connection with the main building than if postponed. The whole
project was subsequently approved, the award going to Grimwood
construction company, and a supplementary grant was made from the
building funds for the purpose (based upon an increase in the
original gift from Mr. Walter Koerner). -2-
The Building Outlook
Wo are therefore to have the new south wing, with four
floors of reading rooms and eight levels of bookstacks, and the
stack well (with eight potential levels but no immediate floors or
shelving), plus the planned alterations in the present building.
The contraot specifies completion of the wing by July I960 in
time for occupation by September.  Remodeling will, for the most
part, be done during the summer of I960, carried out or supervised
by Buildings and Grounds.  It will be necessary to face some known
and probao-.e emergencies during the period, including a temporary
shift of the processing divisions, moving the Curriculum Laboratory
into interim quarters until the new Education Building is completed,
and shifting some library materials to suit construction needs.
A good deal of rumbling will be heard until the cut stone on the
south fact of the buildinghas been removed.
University Building Program
!'ii.  extension of the Buchanan Building (eastward) will
probably be started in the fall, consisting of two new sections
similar to the south and east portions of the present building.
Tno Education Building will be erected at the corner of
University Boulevard and Center Flail, on the present football
practice field; construction should begin shortly (the Curriculum
Laboratory to be placed at its center).
The Faculty of Fledicine buildings should begin construction
in the fall in the area south and east of Wesbrook Building.
The proposed Fine Arts Building (two or three years in the
future) is to go in the main parking area across from the Buchanan
and Administration buildings.  The Art Gallery and Anthropology
museums are scheduled to be included.
Duplicate- Student Library Cards
After some persuasion, the Board of Governors has
approved a fee of $2.00 for the issuance of duplicate Library Cards
to students of the University.  It is hoped this will discourage
the existing illicit traffic in cards carrying the stack access
privilege. Oo
New Salary Scales
(To be  published as  soon as  the   Librarian's  Office   staff
has been brought  up to  strength.)     A complete overhaul of the
non-profeosional salary and  classification  schedules has been
made,   and  there have been marked increases  in the   salaries of
professional  staff as well.
"Know Your Library,   1959/60"
itevisions and comments are  requested  for the  new edition.
Special Bindings by Fir.   Fryer
17.   Fryer   (Sr.)   has  been asked by the  President to make
special leather bindings for copies of "Tuum Est"   (Professor Logan's
history  of the University)  and  "The  History of British Columbia"
(by Miss Morgaret Ormsby)   for presentation to  the  Queen during
her visi7   ~o the  University on July 15.
Catalog  of Chinese Collection
Dr.   Y.   T.  Wang,   Asian  Studies  Department,   has  prepared a
descriptive  catalog  of the more   important works  in our new Chinese
collection   (for the  Sung Yuan & Ming dynasties,   960-1644),  for
distribution to  interested persons and institutions.     It  is  70
pages long and  entirely in Chinese.
Sir Alexander Carr-Saunders   (formerly Director,   London
School of Economics)   and  Lady  Carr-Saunders.
Fir.   David Heron,  Associate  Librarian the Hoover Institution,
Stanford University.
Kiss Ada Green,   Librarian,  Memorial  University of ■■i;g+~-
Fir.   and Mrs.   Henry Drennan,   University of Washington
Library  (formerly PNLA Library Development  Project).
University of Washington Library
The resignation of Mr.   Harry Bauer,   Librarian of the
University of Washington,   has been announced.
New Staff
A list of those joining and leaving the staff will appear
in a later issue.


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