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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 14, 1964

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 University of British Columbia Library
July 14, 1964. No. 305
Welcome to Mr, Robert Hamilton who joined the Library staff on July
1, 1964.
P.N.L.A, Meeting
The P.N.LsA. Conference will be held in Glacier National Park, Montana,
September 3-5* Dr= S* Rothstein, who is President this year, pointed
out that it would take several days to get there by plane, and
recommends that those attending make the trip by train or car.
The Library budget for 1965/66 must be prepared by the first week of
September,. Divisions are asked to submit requests for new staff
positions and for major items of equipment by August 7th5
Staff Travel Committee <
Professional staff are reminded that all applications for fall grants
from the staff travel fund should be in the hands of the Committee
chairman, Gerry Dobbin, by August 15th. Forms are available in the
Librarian's Office.
Location File        '
After discussion of the alternatives, it was decided that a card should
be filed in the public location file for each title housed in the
Woodward Library.
Acquisitions and Serials •
These Divisions are due to move to temporary quarters during the week
of July 13th. It is to be hoped that the move is made with as little
inconvenience as possible to all concerned.
Library Administration
Mr* Stubbs observed that the Administration staff had been reduced in
number from 5 to 3* Until the position of Supervisor of Technical
Services has been filled Mr. Stubbs will act in that capacity* Mr.
Hamilton will act not only as Supervisor of Collections but also as
coordinator of Reference Services. Mr* Bell will continue to have full
responsibility for Personnel, finances and building and equipment and
will act as Librarian in the absence of Mr. Stubbs*
The following appeared in the Library Staff Information Bulletin of
the University of Alberta, Edmonton Campus:
Continued..,... At a recent meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors
the appointment was made of Mr. G. G. Turner to the Library staff as an
Assistant Librarian. Mr. Turner takes up his post on August 1st.
Curriculum Laboratory
Although the use of our reading rooms for study purposes has been less
than anticipated, general circulation of books and pictures has been
three times as great as for the same period in July 1963. Browsing
use of our collections by students in Education 490 and 491 is heavy?;
Miss Mustard echoes Miss Cook's statement of a year ago that she "could
not have carried on the Library Science Education 390 course without the
Curriculum Laboratory collection". As well as increased awareness of
our pictures, there are more requests of us for demonstrations to regular
summer session classes. And short courses, such as the TV workshop, use
our collections.
Library Operation During Summer Session
The summer session students are using the library in the afternoon rather
than in the morning. Parts of the collection have been moved because of
reconstruction!; this has caused considerable inconvenience.
Mrs. Hanna Kaye. Library Assistant in Acquisitions, July 2, 1964.
Miss Eleanor Scarletto Clerk I in Cataloguing, July 20, 1964.
Miss Judith Williams,, Library Assistant in Acquisitions, July 2, 1964.
Miss Elfriede Richter, Library Assistant in Serials, July 2, 1964.
Mr. Sui Cheong Siu, Clerk I in Acquisitions, July 2, 1964.
Mrs. Hildegarde Spaulding. Clerk IJ in Biomedical Library, July 2, 1964.
Mrs. Josette Glattli, Clerk I, Cataloguing, July 2, 1964.
Miss Susan Keevil, Librarian I in Special Collections, July 2, 1964.
Mr. John Cull, Stack Attendant, Circulation, July 15, 1964.
Miss Elizabeth Wisdom. Library Assistant in Circulation, July 7, 1964.
Continued	 - .3
Mrs,. Ann Gillanders, Clerk II in Cataloguing, July 20, 1964.
Miss Shanon Hart, Clerk I in Circulation, July 20, 1964.
Mrs. Anne Wine, Library Assistant, Fine Arts Division, August 31, 1964.
Mr. Graham Elliston, Librarian!, Catalogue Division, August; 31,. 1964.
Miss Lesley CoWgill, Clerk I, Circulation! Division, August 7, 1964.
Miss Laurie Adamovich, Clerk I, Circulation Division, August 14, 1964.
Mrs. Robyn Fishery Librarian, Catalogue Division, July 31, 1964.
Miss Gloria Hinds:, Library "Assistant1:, Circulation Division, August 21,. 1964.


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