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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 17, 1951

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APRIL 17, 1951, at 10:30 a.m.
Present: Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Mr. Lanning,
Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
Miss Smith announced that Mr. Rothstein had been awarded
a grant-in-aid by the Carnegie Corporation to permit him to spend
two years in further study towards his doctorate. Until an
official announcement has been made the information is to be
considered confidential; in the meantime, the staff situation
requires consideration. Everyone expressed pleasure and satisfaction that Mr. Rothstein's. application had been successful.
Miss Georgia Phelan, a graduate this year from McGill
Library School, has accepted a position as junior librarian in the
Library, commencing July 1.
A meeting of the Sedgewick Room Committee yesterday had
resulted in the settlement, as far as the Committee wishes, of the
list of titles to be ordered for the Sedgewick collection.  The
books will be ordered as soon as possible.  There will be very few
titles in sports and hobbies.  The books are not to be catalogued,
but the Catalogue Division will prepare an author file.
Miss Jefferd asked about taking inventory of Sedgewick
books and it was agreed that the accession number would suffice for
this purpose. Miss Smith suggested a single letter to classify the
books, which are to be mainly in four large, composite groups.
Within each group the books will not be arranged in any particular
order. It is expected that some of the books will be retired each
Miss Jefferd asked if new books would be displayed weekly
in the Sedgewick Room and Miss Smith said that was the plan. Miss
Jefferd remarked that it would be difficult to keep ah eye on them,
but Miss Lanning thought it would not be more difficult in the
Sedgewick Room than it is at the Loan Desk.  The books will have a
special bookplate, which Mr. Hunter Lewis is having designed for
the purpose. In addition, there will be a small gift plate which can
be placed below the Sedgewick plate to indicate a gift to the
Miss Lanning asked when the Sedgewick Room would be
opened and Miss Smith replied that she hoped it would be at the
beginning of Summer School. There are few special occasions for
Summer School, and more of the students in that session will have
known Dr. Sedgewick. It is not known what the University Administration' s plans are, but there is no mention of the Sedgewick Room
in connection with Spring Congregation.
Mr. Rothstein mentioned the desirability of the staff
knowing of anything of professional interest that comes into the
Library.  He has by accident come across several things and would
like to see the Library make a list of everything in the professional
field so that the staff may know what is available. Miss Jefferd said she would like to see such a list, but she would not want to
take on the extra work entailed in preparing it. Mr. Rothstein said
the list should be annotated. Mr. Lanning said it would demand a
great deal of work and Miss Smith agreed that it would require a lot
of time. Miss Smith said the Reference Division was the logical place
to have the work done, but she hesitated to add this further burden
to the Division's schedule. Miss Smith asked how many staff members
would be likely to use such a list, and it was agreed that not many
would do so. The list would have to be a selective one, and Miss Smith
said she would undertake to have it prepared by the Reference Division
if she thought the use would justify the expenditure of time and work.
It was agreed that the staff should be exposed to such information,
and that it would good for the Reference staff especially to know what
material of the kind is in the Library. The Division Heads agreed
to consider the matter and suggest what, if anything, should be done.
Miss Jefferd brought up the matter of having the Library
post notices of positions available in the Library so that staff who
are interested in the possibility of moving to another job within
the organization may have an opportunity to do so.  It was generally
agreed that, in theory, this was desirable.  It also appeared that,
in practice, a position is filled within the Library if a qualified
person is available. Only when present staff are unwilling or
unqualified to make advantageous changes does the Library administration look outside for staff.
Miss Lanning submitted a schedule of library hours for the
month of May.
Miss Smith suggested that Dr. & Mrs. Hawthorn, Miss MeCubbin
and Mr. Boux, who work in the library building, be invited to make
use of the Library staff quarters, and it was agreed that this should
be done. Miss Smith informed the meeting that the night watchman had
been requested to lock the staff quarters when he makes his first round
after 7 p.m. daily.  It is felt that staff do not make use of the
rooms after that time, and that this measure will prevent students
The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.


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