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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 16, 1962

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October 16,  1962.    No.277
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to the University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  AMS, GPD, JO'R, AL, EEM* J&, TKN, SR, EH, RJL, GGT
Prebindery Procedures
Miss Dobbin reported on the prebindery procedures
which she is recommending as a result of her survey of prebindery routines in consultation with Mr. Lanning, Mrs. Edmonds
and the divisions affected. The chief problems are three: the
length of time volumes are unavailable for circulation; the
length of time before binding slips are returned to the
originating divisions; and the difficulty of physically locating
volumes from the time they are sent for binding to the time
they are returned. The first problem has been reduced considerably by doubling the prebindery staff; it is suggested
that the second could be reduced by returning binding slips
directly to the originating division rather than circulating
them to all divisions. The third problem produced the major
change recommended: that the records for materials sent for
binding be kept in the prebindery (on the backs of the present
Instruction cards) rather than in the Serials Kardex. Copies
of Miss Dobbin's report were distributed and it will be dis*
cussed at the next meeting.
Remembrance Day
The University will be closed on November 12th,
since November 11th falls on a Sunday this year. Nonprofessional library staff members will work 29 hours during
the week of November 11th to 17th.
Security of Personal Belongings
It was reported that several permanent staff and
student assistants had lost mone& recently from purses left
in apparently safe places. It was generally agreed that this
constituted a problem, particularly in the public service
divisions, and it was suggested that lockers might be provided
for the use of library staff.
Miss Barbara J. Llndberg as Library Assistant in
Catalogue Division as or October ii>, 1962.


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