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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 2, 1960

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June 2,  I960. No.216
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, EBM, RJL, ML, DF, GD (for MAT), JO'R(for AMS)
Mr. Harlow showed clippings of a number of newspaper
reports regarding the Endowment Fund (ca. $3500) presented
by the Class of I960, the income to be used to purchase
research materials for the^Library. The plans regarding
the proposed library schoolt'^t U. B. C, described by
Fir. Harlow at the B.C.L.A. Conference, also received considerable publicity in the newspapers.
Mr. Greco, of Luxfer Ltd., is to return on June 6 to
supervise the installation of stacks. The book move is
expected to take place about two weeks later.
The remodeling of the Loan Desk area is nearly completed, and the Ridington Room changes are well underway.
The Humanities Reading Room will be ready to accomodate
readers by the beginning of the Summer Session, though it
will not function as a humanities division until the fall.
The tables for the Fine Arts Room will be delivered next
week, with the second wall to be removed at a later date.
Steel shelving is to be installed on Floors 1 and 2. The
remodelling of Floor 8 is almost finished. New doors will
be cut through in the technical processes area, to permit
the movement of book trucks from the Cataloguing Division
to the stacks, and in the Ridington Room, to provide access
between the work area and the office.
Dr. Rothstein asked whether shelving could be provided in the reading room on floor 3 of the stacks to
^accomodate the juvenile books (small "j" classification);
|about seven sections of shelves would be needed. He stated
\that^this arrangement would be much more satisfactory for
the students in the English 201 (Children's Literature)
course than the present location in the regular stacks.
2   '       i
I    ;
f   Paving of the approaches to the Library will begin
shortly; the concrete foundations for the large planting
areas have already been poured. Short Course for Regional Library Personnel
Dr. Rothstein reported that the one-week course for
the persons in charge of regional library branches ("custodians") appeared to be a great success. The eighteen
students heard lectures on a variety of subjects, including
reference service, book selection, library history, cataloging and classification ("a consumer's view"), and work
with children. They visited the University Library, the
Vancouver Public Library and the Oakridge Branch of the
V.P.L, They expressed great enthusiasm for the course and
for the courtesy of the many librarians at U.B.C. and at
the V.P.L, who gave their help. Miss Joan O'Rourke and
Firs. Anne Brearley deserve special thanks for their work
in conducting tours and in assembling the necessary books.
Dictionary of Canadian Biography: Fleeting with Dr. George
Dr. Rothstein described the meeting held at the
Vancouver Public Library on Flay 27 to enable members of the
B.C.L.A. to discuss with Dr. George Brown their participation in the great Canadian biographical dictionary that
Dr. Brown is editing. Miss Eleanor Mercer, chairman of
B.CL.A's Committee on the D.C.B., presided at the meeting.
Dr. Brown described the project itself and Miss Mercer
indicated how B.C.L.A. may assist in gathering data. A
preliminary bibliography of sources, compiled by Joan O'Rourke,
Irene MacAfee and Betty Walker, will serve as a guide to the
search for British Columbia nominees. Dr. Brown was most
enthusiastic about B.CL.A's participation and progress and
requested several hundred copies of the preliminary bibliography for use in his discussions with other provincial
library associations.
Mr. Harlow's Visits to Provincial Library Association
As president-elect of the Canadian Library Association,
Mr. Harlow attended the annual conferences of the Atlantic
Provinces Library Association, the Ontario Library Association,
and the Saskatchewan Library Association (Halifax, London
and Moose Jaw respectively).  In each case he spoke on C.L.A.'s
plans for a "program of inquiry into the present state of
library service in Canada." This will be C.L.A.'s chief
project for 1960-61.
Mr. Harlow also participated in numerous panel discussions, television shows and the like. He reported that
all three conferences were well attended and well organized. He noted the progress being made by the Institute of Professional Librarians in Ontario (now working toward incorporation as the governing body in relation to professional
standards and qualifications in Ontario, and commented on
a number of excellent meetings he attended, fpr example the
one at Moose Jaw in which trustees discussed their qualifications and place in the public library organization.
He was unable to attend the Alberta Library Association
Conference, but a tape recording of his talk was sent to the
A.L.A. meeting.
All the provincial associations expressed appreciation
for his visits.  It was apparently the first time that an
officer of the C.L.A. (other than the Executive Secretary)
has been able to attend these conferences, and this opportunity to promote the national program for libraries at the
local meetings was most profitable.
Miss Anne Smith is recuperating at home following
a short period of hospitalization caused by a fall.
The following re-appointments will be made on July 1, I960,
with final transfers to new duties becoming effective by
September (except as otherwise noted):
Fliss Joan O'Rourke, Head, Social Sciences Division.
Mrs. Anne Brearley, Head Science Division.
Mrs. Joan Selby, Head, Humanities Division.
Fir. Basil Stuart-Stubbs, Head, Special Collections
Mr. G. G. Turner, Head, Cataloging Division.
Miss Marion Searle, to the Sciences Division.
Miss Betty Vogel, to the Humanities Division.
Miss Maureen Wilson, to the Science Division.
Fliss Anna Leith to the Biomedical Library.
Miss Priscilla Scott, to the Acquisitions Division.
Mr. Geoffrey Selth, to the Cataloguing Division.
Firs. Emily Woodward will become Librarian I in the
Curriculum Laboratory.
New Professional Appointments
Miss Susan Anderson, as Librarian I in the Social
Sciences Division, on August 1.
Miss Margaret Ellen Beattie, as Librarian I in the
Social Sciences Division on August 15. Miss Lore Bewer, as Librarian I in the Cataloging
Division on September 1.
Miss Eleanor Cock, as Librarian I in the College
Library on September 1.
Miss Jane Kannawin, as Librarian I in the Humanities
Division on September 6.
Mr. Kenneth Mathewson, as Librarian I in the Cataloging
Division on July 18.
Miss Sylvia Minard, as Librarian I in the College  ;
Library on July 4,
Other Appointments
Mrs. Mary Bowker, as Library Assistant in the Acquisitions Division on June 1.
Mrs. E. Groves, as Clerk I in the Circulation Division
on June 1.
Miss Sharon Plows, as Library Assistant in the Cataloging
Division on May 16,
Mr. John Cummings, as Library Assistant in the Biomedical
Library, on June 13.
Mr. Howard B. Gerwing, as Library Assistant in the
Serials Division on June 13,
Miss Lorna Goosen, as Clerk I in the Cataloging
Division on June 13.
Fliss Marian Morrison as Clerk I in the Cataloging
Division on June 23.
Miss Audrey Cunningham as Clerk I in the Cataloging
Division on June 27.
Mrs. Marjorie Turner, Head, Cataloging Division.on
June 30.
Miss Audrey Kovacs, Library Assistant in Serials
Division on May 13.
Mrs. Ingrid Epp, as Library Assistant in the Circulation Division on April 30.
Mrs. Marie Hall, as Clerk I in the Circulation Division
on May 26.
Miss Pamela McLean, as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division on May 31.
Miss Wendy Davidson as Library Assistant in the
Biomedical Library on June 24. .
Mrs. Doris Peyman as Library Assistant in the Acquisitions Division on June 25.
Mrs. Rita Frederick as Clerk II in the Cataloging
Division on July 8.


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