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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 22, 1958

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May 22,  1958 No.  175
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, ML, MDEF, MAA, EBM, RJL.
Gifts and Bequests
The Spring list of **6ifts, Grants, and Bequests" contains
some omissions and mistakes with reference to gifts of funds to
the Library, and Miss Fiercer is asked to prepare an accurate list
for the Fall publication.
Grants from the Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation
The Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation has awarded the
following grants to the University for library purposes:
$1000 for the support of Ph.D, studies in English language
and literature,
|2000 for Chinese materials,
|2000 for Japanese materials.
$1000 for the Law Library,
Statistical Review of the Fiscal Year 1957-58
Final figures indicate that the Library Books and
Magazines Fund for 1957-58 has been overspent by about $600,
Miss Mercer and Miss Alldritt are to submit data on expenditures
and books catalogued for the next meeting.
Grant from the Canada Council for the New Library Wing
The Canada Council has written to the President incicating
its approval, in principle, of a grant of $750,000 for the new
Library wing. Final award of funds will be contingent on approval
of the building plans and receipt of matching funds.
Miss Lanning reported that 330 second notices for recall
of books were sent out on Flay 12, A number of books have since been
returned. Four people still have out more than twenty'volumes.
University Scholarship Awards
Among awards recently announced Melva Dwyer has won a
$500 scholarship for graduate work in French Canadian studies
(a Carnegie Corporation grant). -2-
Canadian Library Association
Dr, Rothstein has been elected for a three year term on
the Council of the Canadian Library Association. The other newly-
elected Councillors are Douglas Lochhead and Effie Astbury.
British Columbia Library Association
Dr. Rothstein has been elected Vice-President of the
BCLA and Priscilla Scott a Councillor.
Mr, Harlow has received a letter from the British Columbia
Library Association expressing thanks to the University Library staff
and especially to the University Library Ladies Auxiliary for their1
help in the Conference arrangements, (The Ladies Auxiliary is '
composed of Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Roland Lanning, Mrs. Stuart-Stubbs,
Mrs. Rothstein, and Mrs. Harlow.)
A post-mortem analysis of Conference arrangements indicated
some division of feeling on whether or not meetings at the University
were preferable to those at resorts. The following suggestions were
made for the improvement of Conference arrangements;
a) Thursday and Friday dates are better than weekends (because
arrangements are easier to make, costs of services would be
less and Monday morning meetings could be avoided).
b) "Book meetings", such as the panel discussions on the
Centennial Anthology and Historical Writing in B.C., are well
liked, At least one such should be scheduled for each
c) Advance registration should be conducted on the C.L.A, plan,
with all necessary tickets etc, mailed to participants.
d) It is important to plan social gatherings (such as the coffee
party), and it might be better to hold sessions in one place
(e.g.j Brock Hall) and provide a convenient lounge also
(e.g., the Mildred Borck Room) for informal use.  The very
satisfactory notice of the new Buchanan Building auditorium
was noted.
Duplicate Copies of Government Publications
Miss Smith stated that present policy is to retain
1) all copies of pre-1919 B, C. documents
2) 5 copies of post-1919 B. C. documents
3) all copies of pre-1919 Candaian documents
4) 3 copies of post-1919 Canadian documents
5) 1 copy of all other documents.
Mr, Harlow stated that, in view of the need for additional
stack copies and the limitations of sapce in the Document Room, it
might be desirable to bind and catalogue additional copies of many
government publications. Mr, Lanning questioned the desirability of
additional binding and cataloguing costs for government publications
and pointed out that many important journals such as the Queen's
Quarterly, were not duplicated. Miss Mercer and Dr, Rothstein
felt that the growth of enrollment inevitably meant the necessity
for a good deal of duplication, of all types of materials* It was
then decided that Miss Smith should survey the need for duplicate
copies of government publications and prepare a report, with
recommendations. -3- !
Meeting of National Research Council Committee on Scientific
Information (June 12-13)
Mr. Harlow is to attend the two-day conference on
scientific information sponsored by the National Research Council
Advisory Committee on Scientific Information, The agenda of the
meeting in Ottawa will cover the following points:
"The Associate Committee on Scientific Information will be
concerned with all aspects of the collection, organization
and dissemination of scientific information. The emphasis
would be on information for-scientists rather than for the
public. Among other things, the Committee would discuss:
(1) the functions of a national science library.
(2) the availablility of foreign scientific literature
(3) the operation of scientific liaison offices.
(4) the operation of a technical information service for
(5) the availability of unclassified reports sponsored by
military or other government agencies.
(6) Canadian participation in international meetings on
scientific information.
(7) abstracting and related services.
(8) research in the field of scientific information."
A discussion of these points brought out a wide divergence
of views but it was felt that careful definition of terms would be
a necessary preliminary to settlement of the issues. As a preliminary
basis for further discussion at subsequent meetings, the following
functions of a national science library were proposed:
a) to form a comprehensive collection of scientific literature,
particularly those serials not now held in Canadian libraries;
and to include interests wider than N.R.C's own areas of
b) to provide an expert reference service, including the
preparation of bibliographies, translations and abstracts
and the provision of photographic copies,
c) to serve as a locating and/or lending agency for inter-
library loans,
d) to serve as a clearing house for exchanges
e) to provide an information service on scientific activities
such as scientific meetings, foundation grants etc,
f) to maintain a union catalogue of scientific serials and to
publish union lists.
g) to publish abstracts of scientific work in fields of
specifically Canadian interest, e.g. Canadian forest
technology, mining etc.
h) perhaps to establish or to designate regional libraries
to serve as scientific information agencies across Canada
and to assist in their development. 9d
-4- l
Miss Christine Baker- has been appointed as Clerk I in the
Circulation Division, with effect on June 2, She replaces Margaret
Miss Lynn Al lardy eg has been appointed as Clerk I in the Reference
Division, on May l3.  She replaces Flerle Handkamer.
Miss Edith Campbell has been appointed as Library Assistant in the
Reference Division, on May 20.  She replaces Lois Sperling.
Mrs. Alexandra Esselman has been appointed as Clerk II in the
Acquisitions Division, on May 20, She replaces Mrs, Nancy Dinnes,
Mrs, Rita Frederick has been appointed as Clerk I in the Cataloguing
Division, on May 20.  She replaces Margot Hutton-Potts.
Professional Reading
The May, 1958 issue of Feliciter contains several articles
of unusual interest: A list of the scholarships and bursaries
available to library school students; the findings of the Canadian
Royal Commission on Copyright; and a summary of the B. C Public
Library Commission's study: "Training Professional Librarians for
Western Canada."


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