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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 21, 1949

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March 21,.1949, at 10 a.m.
Present:  Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Mr. Lanning,
Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler (as Secretary).
/Mr. Lanning brought up the question of shelving the bound
volumes of the literary supplement of the London Times and the
Manchester Guardian.  Having them standing is very hard on the
binding.  It was agreed that they could be shelved flat as long
as the volumes were not piled more than two or three deep.  If
many volumes are placed on on top of another it becomes a very
difficult job to extract one low in the pile.  It was decided that
some re-arranging could be done and these items shelved lying
Miss Smith asked for a report of the meeting held by senior
staff members last Friday to discuss the discipline problem.
It was first of all ascertained that the insurance regulations did
not forbid smoking in the library building.  On the basis of
this, it was recommended that the lower entrance and hallway should
be converted into a smoking-room by removing the trophy case and
providing large, sand-filled ash receptacles, and benches.  This
will not be entirely satisfactory, because the noise and smoke
nuisance will continue; but it is hoped that such a move will serve
for the balance of the present term.  Smoking in the corridor leading past the men's basement towards the new wing will be permitted,
but every effort will be made to confine it to that area and not
to have it extend towards the Art Centre and Museum.  It would be
desirable to put a.stop to the student practice of sitting on the
steps leading to" the basement, and elsewhere ixi the building, but
it was felt that this was such a well-established habit that it
would be difficult to break it during the present term.  It is
hoped that the habit may be forestalled next session.
The conversion of the lower hallway to a smoking room can be
only temporary, because the proposed erection of a gramophone booth
on each side will make it unwise, if not impossible, to continue
the arrangement.  Mr. Rod Lindsay of the 1948 graduating class is
arranging to have sufficient funds deposited with the Bursar to
provide for the construction of the gramophone booths.  It is understood that the carpenter shop is so busy that it cannot commence
work on this project until summer,, so that the smoking-room
arrangement is feasible until then.
The suggestion was made that Miss Smith get in touch with
the President and other officers of the Alma Mater Society and
endeavour to enlist their cooperation in maintaining discipline.
She will also ask whether it is permissible for the Library to
confiscate the AMS card of a student breaking the rules.  It was
urged that the help of the Student Council be asked towards the
maintenance of discipline everywhere on the campus, as the problem
is campus-wide and not restricted to the Library.
Several Departments, among them English and Mathematics, had
promised to assist next year bjr giving their students special instruction regarding the purpose and proper use of the Library,
and it is felt that this will go far to alleviate the situation.
An attitude of pride and responsibility regarding the Library
should be encouraged among faculty and students, and in this effort
members of the librae staff are concerned.
The Loan Desk staff had reported recent occasions when
intoxicated students had come into the building in the evening and
created a disturbance.  The janitor had called on the night patrol
for assistance and the students had been sent out, only to return
and continue to be a nuisance.  Mr. Bagshaw, on being informed of the
matter, felt strongly that the staff ought not"to have to cope with
such occurrences.  He asked for a report in writing which he would
use to support a request for a proctor.  It had already been
suggested, at the meeting of senior staff members, that the proctor be
in attendance from 2 to 10 p.m., as the noise increases during the
afternoon and evening.
It was further recommended by the staff meeting that, after
providing as good facilities as possible in the basement, notices
informing the students of all regulations should be posted, and a
determined attempt made to enforce them.  A notice to staff members
should also be drawn up, pointing out that not onlj'- does the present
situation impose the usual obligations, but that it behoves all of
us to make a definite and persistent effort to enforce the regulations.
It was suggested that the notice to staff be sent round and initialled
by each member, so that all would be properly informed.  The people
at the service desks felt that they would be placed in a particularly
difficult position, but the situation is so serious that it calls
for the cooperation of everyone.  All of the undertakings on the part
of staff were based on the presence of a proctor, as it was felt that
without this the staff's efforts would amount to very little.  The
long corridors, where no supervision by staff is possible, were one
instance of difficulty.
Copies of the Regulations for students and Instructions for
staff are attached hereto.  A copy of that for the students is to
be placed in each carrel and also on a large sign in the main
entrance.  The question of enforcement is vital, and it has been
decided that an offending student should be turned over to the
proctor in the first instance, and that he will, in cases of extreme
kinds, turn the student over to Miss Smith.
At the present time not more than two or three persons a day
try to use the Floor 2 exit, and it appears that the chief offenders
in leaving the door unlocked are staff members.  A suggestion was
made that the staff be assigned regular inspection turns in the
stacks, but it was agreed during discussion that there were not
enough staff on duty at night to permit this.  It was, however,
agreed that the stacks were a good place to start checking up.
It was noted that Mrs. Arnott had been doing an excellent job of
checking up on students found eating in carrels.  The staff at the
Loan Desk will check on the fire escape doors as they pass through
the stacks from time to time, and Miss Stewart will continue to check
the door on Floor 2.  Mr. Lanning has been keeping a lookout at the
main delivery door and report's very few people passing that way.
Miss Smith called attention to the brass plate which has been
provided for the picture of the late John Ridington.  It gives only the name of the artist and the date of the picture, and it was agreed
that the identification of the subject should be added.  This
identification will be provided and used in conjunction with the
Miss Smith stated her conviction that the library staff, though
not members of any committees in ALA, would have to make arrangements
for the ALA conference to be held on the campus in August. Miss Smith
has been trying to arrange for about 20 chesterfield suites to be
used in converting the Ridington Room into a lounge for the delegates,
as planned.  Miss Jefferd was asked to head a committee to obtain
and arrange flowers.  She hopes to be able to put a small bouquet in
each hut in the camps as a welcoming gesture to incoming visitors.
Further suggestions were asked for.  Miss Lanning said she knew very
little of what the present plans were.  It was decided that the
minutes of the meeting held with Mr. Robinson, Mr. Boroughs, and
others regarding plans for ALA should be posted on the staff notice
board for the general information of the librarians.
Miss Lanning reports that very few students now turn up to do
a turn at'the stackroom cleaning, and no one could offer any suggestions except a further appeal to the Employment Office.  It is not
likely that, with examinations so near, students will be available to
finish the job.
Mr. Rothstein asked if the appointment of a Dean of the Medical
School, announced last week, meant that the appropriation for
medical books would go through, and the reply was that it almost
certainly would.  He also asked whether any information regarding
the appointment of a librarian was available, and Miss Smith replied
that she had no information on this point at all.
Mr. Rothstein informed the Department Heads that Mrs. Shirley
Rowley's mother had died on Sunday, and that Mrs. Rowley would be.
absent from work for a few days.
Miss Smith asked if anyone knew anything about the big gramophone which is in Room 852, but no information was available.
Mr. Lee's office will be asked to move it back to Brock North. THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
1. Students are asked to refrain from smoking anywhere in the
building except in the lower entrance and hallway.
2. Students are asked to refrain from unnecessary talking in
the reading-rooms, stacks and carrels, and hallways on the
main floor.
3. Students are asked not to eat food of any description in any
part of the library building except the cloak-rooms.
4. Students are asked not to leave their coats and other
possessions lying around, but are requested to keep such
belongings with them.
Anne M. Smith
Acting Librarian.
The present discipline situation in the Library is so serious
that it becomes necessary for all of us to make a definite and
persistent effort to enforce order.  The regulations which apply to
students are being posted in the carrels and in the stacks, and they
have been printed on a large poster which is displayed in the main
entrance.  A proctor has been engaged, to be on duty from 2 to 10 p.m,
Monday to Friday, and from 12 noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday.
The University Administration has made it clear that it is the
duty of the Library staff to enforce discipline. Will each of you,
therefore, undertake the following:
1. Draw the regulations to the attention of students who are not
observing them.  In the event of such caution being ignored,
turn the student over to the proctor..
2. Check on smoking and eating in the carrels and stacks whenever
you have occasion to walk through the stackroom.
3. Check on student use of the fire escape doors leading into the
Anne M. Smith
Acting Librarian.


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