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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 6, 1960

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September 6,  I960. No.    TZQ
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:    NH,  SR,  RJL,  FID,  JO'R,  EBM,  ML, AB,  EC,  DF,  GGT,
BSS,  BB,  JS.
Canadian Library Association
Mr. Harlow again stressed the value and importance of
membership in the national library association. Membership
forms will be available in the Librarian's Office.
"Know Your Library",
Printing of the new and greatly revised edition has been
completed, and copies should be ready for distribution by
September 12.
Personnel Establishment
Dr. Rothstein has prepared a list of the current personnel
establishment for each division and Division heads are asked to
discuss their staff situations with him, after which a new
staff roster will be issued.
Student Assistants
Division heads were also asked to prepare statements of
the number of hours of student assistance required for the
forthcoming Winter Session and to discuss these with Dr.
Rothstein. After the quota of hours for eacii division has
been determined, based upon available funds, Division heads
are to deal directly with Mr. Clark of the University Personnel
Office in selecting and securing the appointment of assistants.
Dr.Rothstein pointed out that Division heads need not necessarily accept candidates sent over by the Personnel Office,
and should interview them critically, but that in view of the
number of people to be hired, prolonged review was not feasible.
Student assistants may not ordinarily work more than ten hours
per week and should not normally be scheduled for periods of
less than two consecutive hours.
Book Shift
Fir. Bell reported that the shift of the main stack collection has now been completed. Materials from the "cage" and
the "pre-bindery" shelves are being moved, and the University
Archive (Room 750) will follow.  (The crew will finish work
this week.) Building
Mr. Harlow stated that we would move into the Science
Division as soon as lighting has been completed and the floors
washed and waxed, i.e., within a few days.
The remodeling of the former stack area of the Fine Arts
Room is now underway, to be completed by the beginning of term,
and the old Howay-Reid Room is being converted to office and
committee room use, to be occupied at about the same time.
Mr. Bell inquired about places to fill out call slips near
the new stack exits, and Mr. Harlow asked him to locate sites
for this purpose.
It was reported that the new "intercom" telephones (in
lieu of the present intercommunications system) were to be
installed but that the equipment is not yet here.
The new elevator in the South Wing will be available to
faculty and students for use in the stacks; some control will
be required to avoid entrance and exit from the College Library
by this means.  It will lead through a control to Special
Current Journal Distribution among Divisions
Mr. Lanning reported that the shift would begin with
Biomedicine, operating in this case from cards in the "subject
file" in the Serials Divisions. The shift of the other titles
will follow, working from A to Z through the alphabet. The
division will necessarily be somewhat arbitrary at the outset,
with heads reporting upon errors and omissions afterwards and
discussing these with Mr. Lanning and Mr. Harlow, Each division
is eventually to have its own visible file, giving titles of
journals held as well as those of special interest in other
divisions. When there is doubt about the location of a given
journal, the Serials Division will supply the information by
telephone, Mr. Turner pointed out that eventually the "library
has"cards in the Card Catalogue will give locations for all files.
Preparation of Serials for Binding
As was the case for the Reference Division, the subject
divisions will in due course be responsible for the selection
and collection of periodicals for binding. Mr, Lanning will
set up a new binding schedule, assigning monthly quotas for
each division.
Classification of Unbound Serials
Mr. Turner raised the question of whether unbound journals
should be classified when they are first received and cataloged
rather than waiting, as now, until the first volume has been .bound. This plan would eliminate changes on catalogue cards
but would raise other difficulties, such as suggesting to the
catalogue user that a bound file is on the stack shelf. A
decision will be made at the next meeting.
Routing of Journals
Many journals are now routed to Departments and the
question was raised whether these should go through the subject
divisions for scanning, presumably by one individual so that
their transmission would not be seriously delayed. Most issues
are now delivered to the Departments on a weekly schedule (and it
was questioned whether a twice-a-week service ought to be
adopted to ease delivery). No markable routing scheme was suggested and it will be discussed further.
New-Book Trucks
Flembers of subject divisions are interested in examining
the new books as they are cataloged, but a transit through all
of the divisions delay their delivery to the stacks. It was
decided that the routing schedule for new-book trucks would
be as follows: 1.  Librarian's Office.
2. Acquisitions (adjacent to the elevator for
three days).
3. To Loan Desk.
4. Reference books to be delivered by
Circulation Division to respective
subject divisions.
Card Catalogues for Subject Divisions
Fliss Fraser stated that the "short" cards supplied by the
Cataloging Division for the Biomedical divisional catalogue did
not provide enough information for bibliographical work, and
she indicated the need for full imprint and statement of edition.
Firs. Brearley believed that tracings are necessary, and Miss
Dwyer also asked for additional information. It was generally
agreed by the subject divisions that one full L.C. card was
required, and Mr. Turner suggested that a revision of the
present ordering formula be made, whereby an additional card
would be provided for the appropriate divisional catalogue.
This was approved.
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.


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