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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 27, 1955

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September 27,  1955.    No.  103
Reporting Division Head Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest to
University of British Columbia Library staff.
At Heads Fleeting:  NH,   SR,  MML,   AMS,  RJL,  EBM,  FIA,  EF.
Miss Lanning reported that the 45 folding chairs which
Buildings and Grounds had agreed to send to the Library have not
yet arrived.
Draft specifications for the new installation of steel
book stacks for the "well" have been forwarded to Luxfer's representative (Fir. L. E. Helbig),with copies to the President and Purchasing
Agent of the University. When Fir. Helbig returns them with comment
and suggestions, the final specifications will be drawn up and, with
the President's approval, a call for tenders will be made. The
Librarian will post a copy for staff information.
The Publications office of the AMS has given to the
Library its partial back files of the Totem and Ubyssey, with other
material, some of real interest to the LTBrary.
Dr. Lewis Robinson, Chairman of the Geography Department,
wishes to have the new stenographer-librarian of his department
(Firs, Strathers) spend a week in the main Library, as her predecessor,
Mrs, Boon, had done. Miss Smith was asked to make the necessarjr
arrangements with Dr. Robinson, and the Library Division Heads.
This seems to be a very practical and desirable service for the
Library to offer.
Our statistics have been reported to the Association of
College and Reference Libraries at their request, presumably for
inclusion in their annual summary of statistics of American
libraries, which hitherto have been limited to libraries in the United
States. The official figure for the number of volumes in the UBC
Library is 304,000. A copy of the report is available in the
■librarian's office for any staff member who may care to see it. //
Fir. Harlow reported that last weekend he spent three
hours making a test run on the copying equipment acquired for the
Library some time ago. Economical operation will require a person
with some experience in doing photographic work. Reproduction is
by a photographic process, and the paper used is expensive, so
that an unskilled operator would make the copies quitetcostly,
more expensive than having photostats made (which are $.30 a print).
Some arrangement for regular use of the facilities will, however,
be worked out shortly.
Several persons have asked for permission to take a course
while working in the Library. The policy covering this matter is as
Normally, permission to take courses during working hours
will not be given to a staff member during the first year of employment in the Library.  Consideration will be given to requests from
those whose performance in the Library is satisfactory and whose
ability to carry such an extra load justifies special consideration.
Requests from persons nearing the end of work toward a degree will
also receive sympathetic treatment. All such applications must
first be made to the Division Head concerned, who must decide
whether the person is an adequate employee and whether the division
can spare the time of the staff member from his regular duties.
If the Division Head approves the application it will be sent to the
Librarian, who will consider whether the importance of the proposed
course seems to justify the dislocation of the time table involved.
In general, the Library should be interested in having the staff
continue their education insofar as it seems to be leading somewhere
and the necessary arrangements can be made.
The Bindery has an assigned space on Level 1 for storing
its material, and this should not be encroached upon. Fir. Harlow
asks that packing cases and other material not be allowed to
obstruct this area. He also asked that Fir. Lanning work with
Fir. Wilson and arrange for moving out the miscellaneous pieces of
wood, shelving, etc. which are stacked in a corner of Level 1.
A crew from Buildings and Grounds will be engaged if help is
The L. C. Information Bulletin of August 22 contained a
yery good review of Dr. Rothstein's' thesis, published recently as
ACRL Monograph No, 14. It pointed out that it is "the first full-
length book published by the ACRL and is a happy choice for such
distinction." 3 /2~
Stack permits are now being granted to 2nd year Commerce
students, who are in their third year in the Faculty of Arts, and
have the same, need as other third year Arts students. Third year
Architecture students also have stack access.
Fir. Gray from the Rockefeller Foundation will visit the
University on October 11 and 12, presumably in relation to the
Slavonic Studies grant, and will probably be taken on a tour of the
Library. Dr. Sobell has asked Dr. Rothstein to prepare a statement
of the use made of the Rockefeller funds which have been spent on
library materials, and Acquisitions and Serials will be asked
to assist with information. All the uncatalogued Slavic material
should be brought to Cataloguing shelves by that time, if possible,
including the microprint sets.
Fir. Albert Boni of the Readex Flicroprint Corporation will
visit the University on Friday (September 30). He has been very
generous to the Library in making special arrangements for us to
secure the British Sessional Papers, the Russian Archives, etc.
Mr. Boni is one of the noted names in American publishing, having
instigated the well known "Modern Library" series and issued the once
common "Boni Books." He developed the microprint process, reader,
and publishing program and began to issue the "Sessional Papers"
before World War II.  He is noxv chiefly engaged in microprint
publishing; and UBC, like many research libraries, now has millions
of pages of material reproduced in this form.
Miss Alldritt mentioned difficulties in cataloguing microprint material: the entries are not always those of the Library of
Congress, the material is difficult to check, and it is hard to
ascertain whether a set is complete. Tables of contents will
eventually be issued for the large sets, and the Reference Division
now uses the regular document guides to the Sessional Papers, but
this is only a partial solution to the difficulty. The matter may
be discussed with Mr. Boni.
Western Folklore, v. 1-13, 1942-54.
Radiologica clinica. v. 1-22, June 1932-November 1953.
Practica oto-rhino-laryngologica. v. 1-15, 1931-1952/53.
Sunset, the Pacific Fionthly. v. 16-34, Nov. 1905-June 1915
v. 58-61, Jan. 1927-Dec. 1928
The meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.
Firs.  Patricia Bowker    (Library Assistant), has joined the
Catalogue Division.


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