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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 12, 1961

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September I'd,   lybi.  No.  f252
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:     SR,  RJL,   BSS,   GGT,  AMS,   NTK,   DF,  EBM,   JS,   AL,  ML,   IB,
MD,   JO'R,   and HM.
Plan of the Library
The ozalid copies of the plan of the Library,
prepared by Miss Dwyer, have been distributed to the divisions.
A copy will be posted in each of the new entrances. The
master copy has been retained and more copies can be made if
Department of Buildings and Grounds
The new bin for use with the night return chute
will be delivered this week. A lock is to be installed on the
chute so that it can only be used after hours. The Buildings
and Grounds Department has been asked to install some type of
latch to hold open the aluminum doors at the two new entrances.
"Know Your Library"
The new edition of "Know Your Library" is now
available for distribution. The new type face is felt to be
a distinct improvement. There have been no radical changes
in the content of the presentation but next year a major
revision should probably be made.
University Librarian
Dr. Rothstein reported that the present Interregnum,
with himself serving as Acting University Librarian, will continue for the next few months. Mr. Stuart-Stubbs has been asked
to assist Dr. Rothstein in some administrative duties during
this period.
Dr. Rothstein will be in the Librarian's Office
during the morning and Division Heads can see him there, preferably between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  In the afternoons
he will be in the School of Librarianship but will be glad to
talk with Division Heads there if any urgent problems should
Catalogue Division
Mr. Turner announced that the Library had passed
another milestone: its 500,000th volume was catalogued in July. The Catalogue Division is also working on a special classification
for university archival material and the re-classification of
material in the Commonwealth literature field.
In the A-L section of the collection, 1049 volumes
were found to be missing, mostly from the smaller campus libraries.
Some of the missing volumes have since turned up.
Times Book Shop Exhibition
The catalogue of the recent exhibition of
Canadian books held in London by the Times Book Shop has been
received by the Library. The University of British Columbia Library
was the largest contributor of books for the literature section.
The books have now been returned safely,
Bulwer Collection
Mrs. Henry Bulwer has given the Library her late
husband's fine collection of books, consisting mostly of works
in the fields of English and classical literature published
in the l8th and early 19th-century. The collection also
includes valuable books on science and exploration. The collection, some 1500 volumes in all, was packed by the staff of
the Special Collections Division, under the supervision of
Miss Mercer and Mr. Stuart-Stubbs. Mrs. Bulwer also presented
to the University several bookcases and a large armolre carved
from the wood of an old church in Norfolk.
Coffee Breaks
The staff room will be In operation again for
the winter session when help is obtained through the Personnel
office. A notice will be circulated as to the date this service
will begin and it is expected that all members of the staff
will take their coffee breaks in the staff room.  Staff members
are reminded not to bring food and drink into their working area.
According to University Personnel regulations
members of the regular permanent staff are entitled to one
15-minute coffee break per day.
Annual Report
Dr. Rothstein requested that Division Heads submit
their annual reports as soon as possible. These should contain,
in addition to the usual material, a brief summary of the highlights,
problems and accomplishments of the year. The summaries may be
published in the Report. 7
Reserving Tables in the Stacks
Some tables can be reserved for faculty and for
reading periodicals In the stack areas. Signs will be made and
put on such tables.  Mr. Bell asked that he be given any requests for signs to be printed by Mr. Williams. On Thursday
between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. instruction will be given to clerks
from the divisions on the use of the templates.
Name Tags
Some divisionsheads believe that name tags would
be a good means of identification for persons on duty at the
public desks.  If these are desired, division heads may have
them made.
Divisional Report - No. 5j Biomedical Library.and Biomedical
Branch Library, by Miss Fraser
In a period of staff shortages and rapid turnover
in personnel, the entire year has been a make-do operation.
Almost all our attention has been concentrated on our public
service responsibilities, with little time available for tasks
"behind the scene".
Biomedical Branch Library Programme
Financial support is supplied by the B. C. Cancer
Institute, the three B. C. Department of Health services on the
mainland, and the Vancouver General Hospital, on a matching
basis with the Faculty of Medicine.
The Branch serves about 1800 patrons. These include
students of the various courses being given at the Hospital,
(nursing, laboratory technology, orthoptics and postgraduate),
U.B.C. medical students, the full-time staff of the various
institutions, internes, residents, and attending staff doctors
of the Vancouver General Hospital.  Courtesy service is extended
to the visiting staff and a good deal of advisory work is done
for the Greater Vancouver Health League and the Metropolitan
Health Committee.
Statistics for 1960/6I: Attendance 29,937; desk
and reference queries 14,931; telephone calls 9,704; circulation
(external) 17,732.
Biomedical Library Programme
Our undergraduate activities include regular work
with the lst-2nd year medical students and senior students in
the Biological Sciences, as well as a number of special projects
for Nursing, Pharmacy, College of Education, Physical Education,
Bacteriology, Psychology.  In graduate studies, the chief demand 8
comes from the Ph.D. programmes of our basic science departments
and the postgraduate research fellows.
Recent developments have markedly increased our
work. We are building collections for five new departments
(psychiatry, history of medicine and science, continuing
medical education, rehabilitation, the Cancer Research
Institute) and are working out a programme of cooperation with
the B. C. Provincial Medical Library Service. We also have
underway the planning of the new Biomedical Library, which may
be ready by September 1963.
Many features of our service load are perhaps
peculiar to the Biomedical Library. Among these are the
necessity for working with two library committees and for
compiling three different annual reports; a large-scale gifts
and exchange programme; the maintenance of a Fellowship File
and Medical Film File; the publication of a regular accessions
list and a list of Current Series; and the insertion of errata
notices in journals.
Desk and reference queries have increased 575$
and telephone queries have increased 425$ since 1956/57.
Not surprisingly, we have a staffing problem. We
carry on our extensive programme with only three professional
librarians to cover work in two libraries. The state of our
housekeeping is perforce well below standard, and the government publications badly need more attention. There are many
things, planned for years, which are unaccomplished. We still
retain our goal of trying to provide first-class medical
library service. But, as several visiting librarians have
recently pointed out, we shall have to have a distinct improvement in facilities in order to do so.
Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs, Head, Division of Special
Collections, to Librarian tv, on September 1, 1961
Miss Anne Brown, as Clerk I in the College Library,
on September 18, l'96'l
Miss Ruth I. Davidson, as Library Assistant in
the College Library on September 11, 1961.
Mrs. Cornelia Hornosty, as Clerk I in the
Catalogue Division on September 12., 1961
Mrs. Pamela McArthur, as Library Assistant in the
Division of Special Collections on September 13, 1961.
Miss Kristine Robertson, as Clerk I In the College
Library on September 16, 196I.	


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