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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 24, 1951

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APRIL 24, 1951, at 10:00 a.m.
Present: Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Rendell,
Mr. Rothstein, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Mr. Rothstein reported that he was sorting duplicates
and would shortly have a list of books which could be sent to
Mount St. Vincent College Library.  The possibility of sending
periodicals and governments was considered and Mr. Lanning said
he had given the matter some preliminary thought. It was agreed
that periodicals might be useful, but that any government documents
the College might need could be more easily located closer at
hand. The CLA had provided some general information about the
Library, and it is not likely that government documents form an
important element in the collection.
The information that Mr. Neal Harlow is to be the
University's next Librarian is general on the campus. Miss Smith
said that she had been requested not to make it known because the
University administration did not wish the newspapers to get the
information before an official announcement was made by the Board
of Governors; but she and the other Division Heads all agreed that
the Library staff should know at once.  It was decided that the
staff be told and be requested not to broadcast the. information.
It appeared that the news of Mr. Rothstein's being
awarded a Carnegie Grant is also fairly general, although
Mr. Rothstein himself had requested that nothing be said until he
had received an acceptance from the University of Illinois, where
he hopes to take two years' work to complete his doctorate. This
news is of great interest to the Library staff and the meeting,
except Mr. Rothstein, thought it ought not to be suppressed any
longer. Warmest congratulations to Mr. Rothstein, and best wishes
for his success.
Miss Lanning asked whether, during the checking of the
Library in May, the books in the Nursing Department, Bacteriology,
and in the hands of faculty members, should all be called back to
the Library. Mr. Lanning did not like the' idea of having periodicals
moved back and forth, it was too hard on them. Miss Smith said
she understood that bound volumes of.periodicals, of which there
apparently are some in Nursing, wePe^to be sent to that department
because of the lack of fireproof quarters.  Dr. Dunlap had informed
Miss Mallory that this was so.  It appeared that no instructions
had reached Miss Lanning.  Miss Smith reminded the meeting that
the Library Committee required the return of all library material
once a year, and that the Library had no choice in the matter.
Miss Smith said she believed it would be wise to carry out the
instructions of the Library Committee and let the new Librarian
start with a clean sheet.  The question of departmental libraries
will have to be tackled by the new Librarian, but in the meantime
it will be better if the Library shows that it has carried out the Committee's regulations.  Mr. Rothstein agreed with this view—he
feels that the Library is obliged to leave a clear-cut situation
to the new Librarian.
Mr. Lanning asked if the Library could insist upon careful
handling of periodicals by the University truck drivers.  It was
doubtful whether explicit instructions had ever been given to the
truck driver in this matter, and Mr. Rothstein felt that if the men
were told clearly what was required they would carry out the Library's
request.  Mr. banning undertook to instruct the driver in what is
Miss Lanning reported that someone had been examining
the'freight shed'.  It appears that the President is anxious that the
portraits hung above the Circulation work area should be in full
view.  The Library has no.knowledge of what is planned.
The Circulation Desk will remain open on May 3 until
10 p.m. It was decided that there was no reason to have the Fine
Arts Room open on May 5 (Saturday) and that service could be given
from the Reference Desk if material in Fine Arts is needed.  The
Howay-Reid Room will be without staff from May 2 to June 1, and the
duty of looking after the few persons who may wish to use it will
be undertaken by the staff in Room B.
Miss Jefferd asked about cataloguing government documents,
and Miss Rendell replied that the Reference staff will provide the
history of changes in government departments to both the Catalogue
and Serials Divisions.  This work will go slowly because of a depleted
staff, but the Reference people will try not to delay the binding
and cataloguing. Mr. Lanning said the bindery has already started
on this job, but that it will proceed slowly so that there should
be no difficulty for the other divisions in keeping up.
For checking the books in the Library during May 7-9
everyone on the staff will be needed. Some persons will have to
spend part of each day at their desks, but otherwise full time will
be given to the task. Any books that are missing and will be
required for the fall session will have to be identified and ordered
immediately.  The Extension Library will probably not make a formal
check: Miss Stewart knows her book stock very well and knows if
anything is missing. No one else is involved in the Extension
Library because Miss Stewart does her own ordering. Miss Jefferd
will check the Law Library at the first opportunity.  Miss Lanning
remarked that one member of the Law faculty has had books belonging
to the main Library out for three years. If books are not returned
from Law when requested the Library will ask Mr. Kennedy to deal
with the matter. Miss Jefferd asked if Miss Lanning would
instruct the staff before the work starts, explaining what is required,
Miss Lanning said she would do so, and added that she would like to
have the names of all those who will be available full time for the
job so that she can assign definite areas to them.
Mr. Lanning reported that he had gone over the second
copies of old theses, selecting those which might be in demand and
taking them into the collection.  The others are to be discarded.
Dean Angus has approved of throwing out those in Economics, which form the larger part, because the work in them has been superseded.
The Loan Desk reports that there is no demand for this material.
Miss Rendell said that Reference could file them away, as they now do
the B.A. theses, but she did not believe there was much call for them.
Miss Smith agreed to throw them out, except those in Chemistry, which
she would like to have. Mr. Lanning said he had already asked the
Chemistry Department whether it would be interested in taking them.
Miss Smith said that the Chemistry Department had asked for the
Library's second copy of all Chemistry theses on permanent loan to
their department reading room and she had refused the request.  It would
appear strange now to offer them two. Miss Rendell agreed that it
would be embarrassing. Miss Smith reversed her decision about the
Economics theses and decided that the Reference- Division should take
in all second copies which would otherwise be discarded. Miss Jefferd
said she was willing to catalogue them, but they should be bound.
The expense of binding was high, and it was thought that this
expenditure would be out of all proportion to the use made of the
second copies. Mr. Lanning asked if the second copy could be placed
with the first copy on the shelves, most of them are in covers and
would stand up. Miss Rendell pointed out that the cumulative list of
Canadian theses will probably be published shortly, and that this may
create a demand for interlibrary loans. Miss Lanning suggested that
if there seems to be a great demand for any particular thesis it could
be bound. Mr. Rothstein thought there would probably not be twenty
requests in as many years, and that binding was an unjustifiable expense,
Miss Marr has advised Mr. Lanning that she is resigning from
her position to accept another in town. This will be a serious loss to
Serials, where Miss Marr has done excellent work.
Paper-bound books are now in the pre-bindery.  It was now
agreed that no time should be spent repairing books which can be
readily replaced.
Miss Smith spoke of the difficulties which have arisen
regarding seminar room keys.  Some students know where the keys are
kept and have been taking them and using the seminar rooms as private
studies. Henceforth the keys will be kept in Room B. Miss Lanning
said she would be glad to be relieved of this duty.
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.


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