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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Dec 23, 1958

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December 23, 1958.  No~~l8"7
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAT, DF, EF.
Provincial Archives Branch
The recommendation that a branch of the Provincial
Archives be established in the new addition to the University Library has been presented to the Provincial Government and approved in
Annual Report
The Librarian's annual report is now being sent to the
off-campus mailing list.  Of the 499 copies printed there will not
be enough for each member of the staff to have one, but a number
will be available for reading, and Mr. Harlow hopes that all members
will take the opportunity to review it.
fir. Harlow asked that when Division Heads are preparing
material for their annual reports in the future they read the
Librarian's report for the previous year and provide the kind of
information which is included from year to year relating to their
Divisions. Data should be presented in as comparable a form as
possible.  In general he requires a summary of the year's work,
and a statement relating to the outlook for the coming year, supported as far as possible by statistical and other data. All statements should be well substantiated ("Don't say it if you can't prove
it or give good reasons why you believe it"), Evaluation is more
important than miscellaneous information (the latter to be
organized and presented in appendices). Make report clear in
regard to Report or Fiscal year so that there is no confusion.
Emphasize what is most important.
Dr. Rothstein emphasized that statistics and lists should
be furnished in the style used in the report, and that figures
be checked to assure accuracy. The report year is the academic
year, September through August, but anything that bears directly
upon the fiscal year should be reported on that basis.
Professional Staff Meeting
There was a very good attendance at the professional staff
meeting on Tuesdajr evening last week, and Fir. Harlow remarked that
he believes it is very worth while for this group to get together. -2-
"Temporary" Appointment
In reference to discussions at the staff meeting, it was
noted that the meaning of "temporary" in reference to appointment
of a Librarian-I is not clear to the staff. Fir. Harlow explained
that it is used in somewhat the same sense for Librarian-I as it is
for Instructor as a faculty rank. It normally means a period of
three years before promotion to Librarian-II, and that promotion
depends upon experience and proven qualifications for advancement
(and to some extent upon the number of Librarian-II positions
available). The University Library must pay careful attention to
the caliber of the professional staff who are promoted if a staff
of sufficiently high competence and academic standing is to be
developed. The University expects a high standard of personal
qualifications and of performance to match our expectations for
salaries and status.
Some comment was made in regard to the amount of library
processing which could be committed to routine. While many aspects
of the work can not be carried out as routine, the Library must
increasingly develop these regular operations in order to cope with
the processing and servicing load. The problem of routine work is
likely to be monotony, and this must be guarded against or taken
into account in planning and supervision.
Errata in Journals
Fliss Fraser asked whether journals were collated for
errata before binding. Mr. Lanning said that usually lists of
errata are provided in the front or back of an issue, with a summary at the end of the volume, and these are given the normal
treatment. Otherwise no special attention is given by Serials or
the Bindery to them. Miss Fraser said that in many science publications the errata appear throughout the issues and that they
can not be adequately dealt with except by meticulous collation.
In Medicine, for example, it is very important indeed to have the
error and its correction together. Mr. Lanning and Miss Fraser
were asked to discuss the matter and to report at a later meeting.
"College Library" Books
Mrs. Turner outlined the proposed treatment of books
which are now arriving for the College Library. The^r will nearly
all be second copies of titles now in the Library and will be given
copy numbers in their own sequence and put into the main stack.
The call number will be written inside the back cover and on the
book card with "Coll." prefixed,  "College" will be stamped on
either the book pocket or date slip for easy recognition. The call
number, without the "Coll." prefix, will be lettered on the spine.
As books arrive, L.C. cards will be ordered or cards will be typed
and filed ready for use. in the College Library in the wing. -3-
There was discussion whether a main entry card for each title would
be placed in the main catalogue, without a call number but with
"College Library" stamped on it, or whether entries would be
provided there only for unique items in the College collection.
It was also suggested that the existing card in the catalogue be
stamped "Also in College Library" instead of adding a separate card.
It was tentatively agreed that the College Library books would be
processed as received and shelved until the wing is open in the
general bookstack. Dr. Rothstein was asked to take up the cataloguing problems further with Mrs. Turner.
The Librarian wished everyone a Happy Christmas.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
Mrs. Hazel Harrod has resigned from her Library Assistant
position in the Serials Division.


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